30 Stunning DIY Clock Ideas to Get Everyone’s Attention

Life often gives such a lot of fun once you have several cool DIY clock ideas to undertake.

While most of the people acquire usual, everyday clocks that can prevent them from running late to school, works, or other appointments, you probably want to own something more personal.

Luckily, this article covers a bunch of DIY clock projects to get inspired. You have a range of different materials to work with, such as paper, metal, needlecraft, or even discarded objects.

DIY Half-Globe Clock



Who doesn’t want to have a clock displaying the world? This striking, practical decor is the answer.

For instance, this half-globe showcasing the Northern hemisphere can be one of the most creative wall clock ideas. A history teacher or hodophile might find it exciting.

Since you will have two half-part of the globe, creating the clock in pairs must be a good choice, too.

Custom Record Clock



This is one of the best DIY clock ideas that make an excellent housewarming gift.

If there is a friend or family member who has just moved to a new place, consider creating this lovely clock as a thoughtful present.

Firstly, customize the idea based on the receiver’s preferences and favorite colors. Thus, your gift will become the right addition to their new home or apartment.

While the record clock may appear vintage, personalizing the color lets you display it in another style.

DIY Play-Doh Lid Clock



Do you want to invite your little one as a DIY buddy? This easy handmade clock idea can make a good starting point.

For this purpose, your kids can create this fun clock easily under your guidance. They can use colorful play-doh lids and simple cardboard to do so.

Having finished with the adornment, you can help the kids picking the style of the numbers. Then, work with the heart of the clock for the rest.

Moreover, doing this project can help you introduce a mechanical project or how a clock works as well.

DIY Pumpkin Clock



Display your appreciation toward this year’s harvesting season by turning a bright orange pumpkin into a useful clock.

While you can simply install the clock mechanism on the pumpkin, carving the produce in any design will be highly appreciated.

Furthermore, you can even incorporate a lighting fixture to the pumpkin clock so that it can double as a table lamp at night.

It will be a super unique addition to your room and something intriguing to start a fresh conversation.

Upcycled Bicycle Wheel Clock



You will not find this industrial looking clock in any store out there, but making one at home is quite possible.

With an old bicycle wheel and clock machine, you can get this eye-catching decoration for your home look.

Besides, this clock is not only eco-friendly, but also ideal for a family or living room.

It’s quite simple to create one. First, you should work with a wrench to undo the wheel hub and take the axel out. Afterward, prepare the numbers for the clock as well.

DIY Potato Clock



While it seems pretty difficult to create, this one of the DIY clock ideas can be a rewarding project for your family.

More interestingly, you can skip the use of a battery since the potatoes are capable to work without it.

Aside from being such wonderful DIY clock ideas, however, it makes a great assignment for a school science class as well.

Indeed, creating this potato clock with teens also allows them to have a fun, educational toy at home.

DIY Clock Ideas for Kid’s Room



Your kid’s bedroom deserves a cute clock reflecting his or her character and preference.

The good news is you can take it as an opportunity to conduct a fun family project with your kids or teens at home. Surely, you have to supervise them.

To illustrate, utilize simple plastic beads to make a contemporary art style clock. It will be a bright and colorful decor that everyone loves.

DIY Push Pin Clock



If the previous idea seems too much for your kids, this DIY pin clock is probably of interest. On the whole, it only uses some simple materials, including a piece of pallet board and colorful pins.

The handmade wall clock ideas emphasize the lively colors of the pins. It definitely makes the project sounds perfect for kids.

The materials are available in craft stores, but you can also find them around the house. For instance, use either map or push pin and a piece of softwood to make it.

Make sure the size of the wood measure at least 3 cm in depth. Finally, for the clock mechanism, recycling the old one is quite possible, too.

DIY Clock Ideas with Steampunk Style



Do you want to include the trend of steampunk in your home decor? Try to create this clock for boosting the vibe.

Visit a local thrift store to find some antique bike parts. Afterward, arrange them into an eye-catching clock like this.

Consider picking some with different sizes and designs to make your DIY clock ideas even more stand out.

DIY Gear Clock



Instead of bike parts, you can take advantage of unused gears to make an exceptional clock.

This one of the DIY clock ideas will be suitable for those who need to emphasize an industrial style in their decor. It works to bring steampunk flair as well in your living space.

You can pair a high-quality microcontroller as the heart of the clock with a crystal oscillator to keep a track of time more accurately.

Meanwhile, to give the gears a more finished look, you can opt for painting them in metallic or wood-like colors.

Children’s Activities Clock



Your little ones will appreciate this one of handy DIY clock ideas the most due to the showcased activities.

The clock allows your kids to know when to do particular activities throughout the day. Besides, it will be a fun family project on the weekend.

In order to let your kids write and erase some notes on the clock, consider creating this decorative item from a piece of a whiteboard.

While the activities and notes are written with an erasable board maker, you can paint the clock numbers with a permanent one.

Repurposed Clock from an Old Door



Surprise your guest by incorporating this extraordinary old door clock in your living space.

This is one of the most eye-catching DIY clock ideas that will welcome lots of compliments and become a hot topic to talk about.

In fact, this project will not break your bank, especially if you already acquire an unused door from the previous home improvement project.

DIY Knitting Scarf Clock



If you love to knit and want to create something more than a knitted scarf, try this one of the DIY clock ideas.

First, use a glue gun to attach the knit on cardboard. Later on, install the clock mechanism in the middle.

In case you want a clock that is more industrious than simply showing what the time is, attempt to create one that can also knit rather than made from knitted material.

These kinds of DIY clock ideas will perfectly work as a decorative in your living room. On the other hand, it will also knit a scarf throughout the year.

Recycled Rotary Phone Clock



Do you still have that antique rotary phone at home? Instead of throwing it away, enjoy the item as an old-fashioned clock today.

First, you need to disassemble the rotary phone. Second, install the clock mechanism on the dialing part. Then, assemble the telephone again as it used to.

After that, you can hang it as a kind of wall clock design ideas.

Little Tea Tin Desk Clock



Aren’t you interested in an eco-friendly clock? Then, why don’t create one out of your favorite items, so it is possible to enjoy it longer?

As an illustration, this little desk clock is made of a beautiful tea tin. You can always replicate the idea at home and display it as part of your home décor.

To begin with, pick any tea tin you like or one that you find intentionally in the kitchen. Thus, there is no need to repaint the container to show its original beauty.

DIY Silverware Clock



Here is another one of DIY clock ideas you can make to decorate your dining room or kitchen.

Made of colorful silverware, this clock is enough to give an interesting pop of color to your space.

You can also execute this one of DIY clock ideas with any other types of dining utensils, so it is possible to always admire them anytime.

Stunning DIY Chrysanthemum Clock



Don’t know what to do with those unused plastic spoons in your kitchen cabinet? Here’s the great way to turn them into something stunning and useful.

To begin with, paint the plastic spoons in whatever way you like. Then, arrange them around an old clock.

Afterward, make sure to pick a color that suits your whole interior design to paint the spoons. Don’t forget to repaint the border of the old clock to match its new adornment as well.

Finally, hang it on the living room. Voila! Your guests may not recognize that this chrysanthemum clock is out of plastic spoons.

DIY Wooden Clock Ideas



If you want to bring a touch of nature into your home, this wooden clock makes a perfect option.

You just need to find a pretty slice of tree trunk. Later on, install the clock motor in the middle of the subject. Afterward, simply do stenciled or hand-painted the numbers in black or your favorite color.

For a more distinct look, you can take note to the above DIY clock ideas where the numbers are made from nails.

Rope Clock



Do you want to send a personalized gift to someone who sails or loves outdoor activities? Creating this one of DIY clock ideas can be a good choice.

It is pretty easy to make since you just need to bind the rope to form a round shape. Use heavy-duty glue to make sure the thread won’t be loose easily.

Thus, this clock makes a good addition to your summer or vacation house as well.

Hexagon DIY Clock



Most quilters would be happy to make this bright and colorful clock.

Generally, you can use fat quarter as the main material. Both sewers and quilters won’t need to find it anywhere else since they typically need the tool for trying new fabric.

With this DIY project, you will have a colorful, patterned clock that no one else has. For this purpose, use your creativity to personalize the idea for the most unique piece.

Sunburst Wall Clock



Those who are interested in art deco style should try to create this one of DIY clock ideas.

Made of bicycle spokes, this handmade clock lends artsy style to your family or living room. Don’t forget to trim some of the materials to replicate the sunburst perfectly.

In addition, if you want to bring a pop of vibrancy to the design, feel free to spray paint the spokes as well as the edging in bold colors.

Dirt Bike Sprocket Clock



Here is another one of the DIY clock ideas to try if you want to introduce industrial flair into your room.

You can take advantage of a dirt bike or other gadget to make this wonderful piece of decor.

Visit nearby thrift stores to get the bike parts and local crafty shops to purchase the clock mechanism in a budget-friendly cost.

DIY Book Clock



It is probably one the easiest DIY clock ideas to try, considering that everyone has at least one book at home.

As an illustration, this project makes use of an old hardcover book as the house of the clock. Thus, it looks perfect for any bookworm out there.

Simply find a book with your favorite hardcover to make this decor. You can easily find one on thrift store if currently there is no suitable object to use at home.

Domino Clock with a Rustic Flair



Your game room deserves an exceptional clock that looks as cool as this one. Made from wood and domino, the piece appears beautiful in any room.

You can repurpose an old-fashioned tray to make the house. Also, take advantage unused domino for the numbers.

Finally, in order to put the dominos onto the tray, secure them with nails instead of simply using glue gun.

DIY Clock Ideas with Favorite Photographs



Enjoy your favorite photos in a more unique way by turning it into a part of your DIY wall clock. Just pick twelve photographs and use them to indicate each hour of the day.

It is pretty easy to find this DIY wall clock tutorial on the internet, so you should not find any difficulty in preparing and making the project.

Moreover, this idea allows you to display your favorite quote about time and family as well.

Cool Bike Clock DIY



While there are various DIY clock ideas that recycle unused bike parts, this one is particularly cool. Besides, you can get all the materials in the garage or nearby thrift stores.

Feel free to select and design the numbers for the clock as well as the entire plan of the clock face.

Since it can be a pretty complicated project compared to other bike clock ideas, you may like to invite other family members to make the piece together.

Hard-Drive Clock



Emphasize your love to tech by creating this catchy DIY clock. This idea is particularly perfect if you still save an outdated hard drive at home.

It makes a great present for an IT lover. Similarly, this clock can be a good addition to your industrial style bedroom.

While the store-bought version is available on the market, you can consider creating the clock yourself on a weekend.

DIY Word Clock



This is another DIY clock ideas that every tech lover will admire. While other projects work with numbers, you can use words to tell the time here.

You can always get the complete DIY clock kit and tutorial on the internet. However, as a quick review, most versions will require PCB file download to work.

Different from other ideas above, it also requires you to program a microcontroller to make the clock as it is supposed to be.

Finally, once it’s done, feel free to hang it as a wall clock or stand it on the table. You can either keep the piece with frame or frameless, too.

Beautiful Embroidery Clock



Those who love needlecrafts should try this lovely embroidery clock. Its unique and vintage appearance will work in any décor style.

Indeed, you don’t need to embroider the fabric yourself if not possible. A piece of embroidered place mat will make a good alternative, too.

The case is from a hoop while the face is a combination of embroidery piece and neutral-colored fabric.

DIY Wooden Gear Clock



Last but not least, this very unique clock idea is ideal for you who love to do a woodworking project.

Instead of the usual metal gear, this DIY clock is made from wood in different shade of colors. Its earthy looking will easily fit in any home style.

Therefore, as the time to pick your favorite DIY clock ideas is coming, keep in mind that you can’t go wrong with any choice made. Good luck.

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