24 Ingenious Diaper Storage Ideas for Your Baby Needs [UPDATED]

Some diaper storage ideas will be very helpful to find the ideal way to store and organize it well. Therefore, it is one of the most exciting processes in designing a nursery.

In order to design a beautiful set-up, there is no need to spend a lot of money. Indeed, you can have all the things neatly with a simple wall shelf.

It is important to know about the needed layout of the nursery room. The storage should be placed right beside the changing station. So, it would be very easy to reach for a new one.

If you are using cloth diapers, you can organize them by color. Meanwhile, for those who are using the disposable ones, they can separate the nighttime and daytime in different parts of the storage.

Moreover, there are a lot of various ideas you can get inspired with. Think about the organization and decoration of the nursery.

On this page, we have gathered 24 diaper storage designs to help you out. There are three categories that divide the ideas.

1. A Framed Pegboard with Steel Crate Shelves



This diaper shelf storage is quite interesting. Having a pegboard combined with a metal crate provides an industrial vibe to the nursery room.

As you can see, the disposable diapers look well-organized. The crate makes a great holder for them. Also, the rustic frame is what defines this diaper storage idea.

In addition, the pegboard background allows you to hang other things which are probably being the decorative items.

2. Metal Crates with Railing



This picture is another crates diaper storage idea. It seems to be an ideal container to keep the baby’s stuff next to the changing station.

There are metal crates that connect with the railing. You can choose to have all the containers filled with various stuff. Then, the rest of the diaper supply will be in the drawers.

3. Simple Open Box Shelf as Diaper Storage Ideas



As you can see, all the shelves are filled with diapers. For an extra supply, there is a lot more space right in the cabinet.

It is such a simple idea. The two elements need to work together to provide a good amount of supply for the baby.

Furthermore, right below the shelf, you can see a string of cloth diapers. It is both decorative and functional. However, if you think this item looks too crowded, get rid of it.

4. Double Box Shelf



It is a simple shelf to be attached to the wall over the changing table. Besides being storage, you have to consider it as part of your nursery decoration.

So, displaying a few dolls on top of each box would add interest to the storage. For a personal touch, you may add a photograph of the baby. Thus, it becomes a special part of the nursery for her.

5. Storage Crates on The Door



This example is a great way to store all the things in the nursery. It is open but hidden. Thus, when you close the door in the room, you can see all the crates with the supply next to the changing table.

This door vertical storage allows you to let the wall be used for decoration. Then, all cluttered things would be hidden at the back of your door.

There are 6 containers for all the necessities. Whereas, three crates at the bottom are in quite a large size to accommodate a lot of supply of diapers.

6. Large Dresser with Drawers



Drawers are the effective closed storage for a changing station. Therefore, all supplies can stay inside the cabinet unsightly.

So, you can leave the decoration of the wall to the wallpaper. In this nursery, a changing station stand in a special space.,

It is like a walk-in closet for babies. There is a shelf on the top of the space and a few things to display. Also, a short pole to hang some clothes seems to be necessary too.

Further, there are 8 drawers in that dresser. Above it, there’s a changing pad to make use of the countertop.

7. Changing Station Cabinet Diaper Storage Idea



This is a changing station that comes out of a cabinet. As you can see, this folding furniture has a surface you can use. After using, fold it back up and hide them inside.

Well, it is such a clever design for a nursery cabinet. This changing table has some fabric crates that make a perfect storage solution for the supply.

The matching pattern makes the station look more and more interesting. Also, it belongs to one of the nursery diaper storage ideas.

8. Vintage Changing Table Furniture



This table furniture looks like it is designed specifically for changing stations. Thus, with that pad on top, the counter is ready to handle the babies.

There are three open storage spaces right below the counter to accommodate some products inside the baskets.

At the bottom, there are two big drawers to provide a lot more storage for any supply you need. However, you should not take the wall space anymore with this furniture.

9. Tall Cabinet with Shelves Full of Diapers



This nursery furniture seems to be the perfect one for the room. You can fill the entire shelf with all baby’s fabric things.

If you have a supply of cloth diapers, then It is a must-have cabinet. Besides, the tall design of this furniture is very useful to store a great amount of supply.

As you can see, this storage cabinet has three doors that allow you to hideaway the stacked diapers. The upper part of this furniture has a glass door which lets you display a few items.

10. Wood Changing Table with Stairs



When the baby becomes very active, the stairs would be a helpful addition to the changing station. Therefore, the babies would enjoy reaching up the pad on top to get the treatment.

Apart from the wall shelves, the table offers a bunch of other shelves with containers. It is a perfect spot for extra storage.

If you look at the stairs closely, you will know that each step is a drawer. Those hidden storages would be very useful to add more supply for the baby.

11. Diaper Station on Wheels



Are you interested in portability? There you go. This one would make a perfect diaper station right by the table. Indeed, this portable element is actually a repurposed kitchen cart.

Painting it with a soft blue color would really match the theme for the nursery room. Furthermore, these portable containers can be a perfect storage area for all the needs in changing a diaper.

You can arrange all of them neatly. The color coordination is quite necessary to embrace the decorative charm of this area.

Moreover, this cart has enough amount of storage that you can move any place you want. During the diaper-changing process, the mom can access the supply easily.

12 Changing Table Essentials in Wicker Baskets



If you do not want to waste another space on the wall or floor, you may have it right beside the changing pad. The ease of access is the biggest point of this idea.

Likewise, it is as easy as it looks. You need to buy a couple of baskets to arrange some diapers and other necessities in it. Place it right on the table, just where you need it to be.

Additionally, make sure you have them all tidy and attractive. These wicker baskets become a sweet storage solution temporarily.

For more supply, you may need to keep it inside the cabinet below the tabletop.

13. Hanging Wooden Crates Painted in Gray

Wood Crate Slats Divided 6 White Wash - Walmart.com - Walmart.com


Check out this diaper storage idea. It is another clever solution to store all the supplies needed in the nursery. These hanging crates provide a lot of containers.

It gives you the freedom to put anything in any store you want. Therefore, set it according to the frequency of using the stuff. For example, you can put the most used items right in the lower crates.

As you can see, the combination of ropes and crates brings out such a significant rustic vibe in the space.

This hanging diaper storage idea is a great choice when the nursery theme embraces the style.

Hang the storage idea right beside the changing station. So, the ease of access would become more useful.

14. Diaper Storage Idea with Drawer Organization



It is one of the practical modern storage ideas for a nursery. When the changing table has a large drawer, make an organization like this get everything neat and tidy.

The diaper supply would be in place and easily accessible. Therefore, it is placed right below the changing pad. You can also put some other goods related to the diaper-changing process.

However, it is not something that decorates the space. That is because everything is hidden inside the drawer.

If you aim to display all the baby stuff near the changing station, this is not a good idea for you. The rest of the ingenious diaper storage ideas on this page would help you out.

15. Tall Cloth Diaper Storage Ideas



As you can see, there’s tall storage placed right beside the changing station. Indeed, it is a part of the space. The shelves become a nice space to keep all the cloth diapers.

That kind of diapers would make perfect decor for space. That is because they are available in various colors. Then, you can play with the coordination to give a colorful look to the station.

Store the cloth diapers in various colors for a more decorative appearance. For the disposable ones, you can have some woven containers under the table.

Moreover, there are four shelves with wicker baskets. Also, store some towels and hide away the rest of the necessities inside the containers.

16. Hanging Storage Bins For Nursery



Take a look at this gorgeous diaper storage idea. This set of hanging nursery baskets would be a perfect thing to keep all the baby’s supplies in one place.

Hang it right on the wall above the changing table. Thus, you will have them ready at any time you want.

The design is simple and functional. The pattern design of the fabric is quite attractive for a nice decor to the wall. Also, it is available in three colors that you can purchase on Amazon.

Additionally, the size of the basket is quite large to accommodate a lot of diapers supply and other things needed.

17. Changing Table with Pink Removable Baskets



It is another idea about baskets. This type of container seems to be the most practical storage ideas. Therefore, there are various designs that would be suitable for any theme.

In this case, the removable baskets are in a pink pattern which matches the room color scheme. Besides, the changing table itself has a wooden structure.

It is very sturdy and featured a top changing pad with soft foam that would comfort the baby. Therefore, the shelf design allows you to have a well-organized storage idea.

This is an item that you can find online. It comes with a decent price that will not hurt the budget.

18. Metal Cart for Diaper Supplies



It is another interesting option for diaper storage idea if you are looking for something with great portability. Thus, this portable cart has wheels that allow you to move it anywhere you want.

Place it next to the changing table for easy access. Also, there is a time when you need the diapers and you are not anywhere near the changing station.

Meanwhile, the diaper needs to be changed as soon as possible. You can just roll the cart anywhere you want.

19. Baby Vertical Organizer for Diaper



It is such a clever idea to keep all the baby essentials nearby. This product comes with functional features.

Then, there is a special storage space to keep all the diapers in one place right in the middle.

It would keep them neat and the ease of access. On both sides of the center storage, there are some other containers for towels, tissues, baby powder, and other things.

Attaching the storage to the changing station is an easy job. Further, there are three ultra-strong, buckled straps. You can hang it on anywhere like crops, doors, and more.

Hence, this practical organizer would keep everything neat and organized. All the useful features would make the diaper-changing process smoother and faster.

20. IKEA Dresser as Diaper Storage



It is one of the IKEA nursery hacks that you need to take a look at. For a sleek design, this has to be the winner. A serene white color and some brown leather pulls are in line with the color scheme.

Put a changing pad right above the dresser and fill the drawers with all the baby stuff, especially the essentials for the diaper-changing process.

Indeed, this IKEA diaper storage idea is the type of furniture that you can easily choose as a storage idea. There is no doubt it makes a great element for the changing table space you have.

21. White Changing Table with Gold Trim



Check out this lovely nursery room. It has a changing station that matches the decoration. Wherefore, that what makes this scene looks fabulous.

In this nursery, there are four different diaper storage ideas, woven baskets, metal containers, removable fabric boxes, and drawers.

In a limited space, you can make all of them useful. The white cabinet with gold trim makes a great changing table.

You can separate all the different supplies. The diapers can be inside the drawers or right under the tabletop.

Also, this nursery has astonishing decoration on the wall. The gold polka-dots pattern with cool alphabet art on the wall makes the nursery more stylish

22. Farmhouse Diaper Storage Ideas



For good-looking farmhouse ideas for changing stations, this one would be a great recommendation.

The changing table is special in itself.

Furthermore, the outer is covered with a mirror that offers a unique look to the entire space.

Take a look at that wall storage for diapers. The small metal container has a nice farmhouse style that gives the right vibe to the wall.

Besides, there is a smaller container right beside the diaper storage. Both of them are hooked on a wall-mounted rail. The item adds a bit of an industrial vibe to the station.

There are only some of the diapers in the wall storage. The rest of the supplies are hidden right inside the drawers. It is such classy furniture for a nursery.

23. Pegboard Diaper Storage in Modern Blue Nursery



This idea is different from the first one on this page. In this case, the changing station is in modern style. The blue scheme in this nursery looks so soft and bright.

Adding a gray pegboard like this one will surely add a new life to the wall. It also dims the brightness a little bit.

The gray shade of the board is a darker one. That makes a perfect base for more stuff. As you can see, the owner hooks two metal containers to it.

It is a perfect storage space for some disposable diapers. Right above it, you can see the containers used for other products. It is a simple and easy idea that also brings style to the wall decor.

24. Ladder Storage for Diaper Display



This idea is recommended for you who use a cloth diaper. It is a unique way to display and store collections.

Therefore, people would love this practical idea. It is simple and practical. Also, it does not cost a lot of budgets.


Whether you use a cloth diaper or disposable ones, it is important to get the right diaper storage ideas for the nursery in your house.


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