Designing Wall Shelves for Kids Room to Save the Space [UPDATED]

The wall shelves for kids room is one of the best ideas in interior decoration. Apart from having aesthetic value, this furniture will also help you to save space.

However, choosing wall shelves for kids room is sometimes a little tricky. You have to consider many aspects, for example, the suitability of the design with the conditions and needs of your little one.

The furniture should also attract attention and be easily accessible. Thus, the kids shelves in the room are not only decorations but also support the learning process.

Despite the many criteria to meet, you do not need to worry. The following are some design recommendations for wall shelves for kids rooms you can apply for your little ones.

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Books are one of the most effective learning media for children. Thus, it is important to teach them how to read and get insight. Of course, each age level requires different materials.

However, new problems will arise when there are too many children’s reading books. In order not to be scattered, you may need a simple, space-saving, but attractive storage area as a decoration.

Wide-Flat Bookshelves

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In addition to presenting books that suit the child’s needs and age, you must also display them attractively. Besides, the location must be affordable and easy to see.

Wide-flat bookshelves seem to be an option. Its size provides space to store lots of books for children.

These bookshelves are also flat designed and not too thick. In this case, you should store the items sideways. It allows children to see more books.

With this storage system, wide-flat furniture becomes the best wall shelves for kids rooms. Try to display the book with the most attractive cover so that they are interested to open it.

Use the Spice Racks

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There are many ideas about wall shelves for kids rooms that you can take from various sources. Sometimes you can even take a simple idea to present a different scene.

One interesting design is to use spice-rack wall mounted shelves. You can place them in a tier on the walls of the nursery and then place the books there.

To make it look better, you can choose a bright color according to your baby’s favorite. Do not forget to add eye-catching decoration to enliven your little one’s room.

Basket Wall Shelves for Kids Room

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Designing kids shelves must be creative to provide a fun space for children. One simple thing to do is to use an eye-catching design.

If the regular shelves start to look boring, you can even use unique materials like baskets. To save space, of course, you can stick it on the wall.

Install several baskets according to the needs of the baby. You can also provide some decorations so that this feature becomes interesting wall shelves for kids rooms.

How to Put Children’s Toys

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Apart from books, toys are also important for children. Not only to accompany them to play, but these objects can also help hone motor skills, ways of thinking, and so on.

Since each toy has a different function, you may need a lot. Therefore, it needs a proper storage system so that these objects do not fall apart.

There are many IKEA floating shelves that you can use for your child’s room. However, you can also make it yourself. Here are some ideas to steal.

Regular Shelving Unit

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Some people like normal things. It also applies to how they choose furniture. If you agree with this, then use regular wall shelves for kids room. Grab it from the store if you are interested.

Most shelving units sold in stores are box-shaped. However, you can choose a variety of attractive designs and colors for your baby’s room.

Despite its standard design, you can still provide decorations to beautify the wall shelves for kids rooms. Choose bright colors to give a cheerful impression and make your kids excited.

Making Use of Bricks

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Children love toys so much that they sometimes fill the room. If not properly regulated, they are scattered everywhere. Messy conditions are not a fun thing.

Therefore, it does need a precise strategy to make children’s toys look organized in their place. One of them is using bricks as a place to stick toys. This method is suitable for storing LEGOs.

The bricks are framed in such a way as to display children’s toys. You can also use this method to display children’s work with bricks.

Playing with Shapes

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Apart from regular wall shelves for kids rooms as discussed above, you can also use other shapes. Many creative designs will make a children’s room look more fun.

One of the children’s bedroom shelving ideas that are quite popular is the birdhouse design. This store uses a simple shape but is quite artistic. You can put some toys in it.

A birdhouse is a common wall shelves for girl room. The cute shape is usually sweet enough as a place to store dolls.

Besides, many parents add decorations in the form of lights or other knick-knacks. It will make the room more colorful.

Unfortunately, a single birdhouse usually does not have a large storage capacity. However, you can use more than one and make it a cute decoration in a child’s room.

Of course, the birdhouse design is not the only wall shelves for kids room that you can choose. Try checking online stores, and your kids find a variety of attractive models.

Making shelves yourself is also a good idea. Besides being able to take advantage of used items, you can also adjust to the conditions of the room.

Magnet Materials

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Besides the design above, the wall shelves for kids room model that is no less cool is to use magnets. This storage is perfect for storing various toys with metal elements in them.

Magnet-based storage usually has a simple design. You need to attach a magnetic rod to the wall. After that, you can stick various items on the surface.

Generally, this method is popular as the keys storing system. But now you can also apply it as an alternative to wall shelves for kids room.

Playful Nursery Shelves

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Since children love everything flashy, a playful design would be a good idea. Apart from playing with shapes, you can also explore with colors and decorations.

Some parents place colorful lights to make a festive look. But some also use toys, both homemade and store-bought.

Children also need to learn about shapes, so the placement of motifs and pictures will help the learning process. You can also place lots of decorative toys so that they feel at home in the room.

Put Them in the Pockets

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Apart from regular wall shelves for kids room as discussed above, you can also use other shapes. Many creative designs will make a children’s room look more fun.

One of the children’s bedroom shelving ideas that are quite popular is the birdhouse design. This store uses a simple shape but is quite artistic. You can put some toys in it.

A birdhouse is a common wall shelves for girl room. The cute shape is sweet enough as a place to store dolls. Besides, many parents add decorations in the form of lights or other knick-knacks.

Wall Shelves for Little-Girl Room

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Many things to consider when it comes to designing wall shelves for kids room. Boys and girls have different tastes and needs, so you may need to implement a little strategy.

It will not be difficult to do if you understand what the child wants and needs. Here are some suggestions for designing wall shelves for girl room.

Many Pastel Colors

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Girls’ room is synonymous with something beautiful and adorable. In fact, it’s all about color choices. Pastel tones like dusty pink, lavender, peach, and others will be the best choices.

You can also apply this when designing wall shelves for kids room. Use any furniture with these colors to decorate the little girl’s private area.

Using more than one color will be a good idea. Apart from giving an attractive impression, this variation will also help them identify colors. Do not forget to provide a beautiful decoration.

Bold Color in Action

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Although pastel shades may look attractive, you can also use other options. Some wall shelves with bold colors can also make your baby’s room perfect.

All the suitable colors you can apply to your daughter’s room. However, to make it look more girly, you can choose dark pink, rose, red-violet, and so on.

The use of bold colors will give a playful impression because children are attracted to many different tones. Thus, they will feel comfortable spending time indoors.

Fairyland Princess

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The fairy tale theme is popular with various knick-knacks in children’s rooms. You can also apply it to the wall shelves for kids room. Princess-themed storage sounds good idea.

Palace-shaped floating shelves can generally attract children’s attention. You can place various kinds of decorations, books, toys, and other objects in it.

Besides playing with shapes, you can also provide decorations with princess elements, for example, dolls or crowns. Do not forget to give a bold color to draw the attention.

Favorite Characters

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Apart from parents, one that influences your child’s behavior is a favorite character. Children will make them role models in everything.

You can also make this a way to amuse your kid. One way is to place wall shelves decorated with their favorite characters.

Usually, the color of the furniture will also match the character of the character. You can also add toys or accessories related to the theme.

To adopt a particular character theme, you can find it at various furniture stores. However, you can also DIY shelves for children’s room by using materials that suit your abilities and needs.

Farmhouse Wall Shelves for Kids Room

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A farmhouse theme is not only popular for adults but also be the right choice for children. Natural colors, for example, brown, orange, yellow, and others will look good as a room decoration.

Therefore, this home décor concept will match the wall shelves for kids room. It will be nice with furniture material that comes from wood, stone, or anything that comes from nature.

Make your room even more dreamy using signs with various writings in them. Pick the best design following your needs and conditions of the walls in the room.

Some festive decorations on the wall shelves for kids room will certainly make them interested. The good atmosphere will make children feel at home.

Girly Decorations

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It’s not difficult to show the girly side of a child’s room. You can even do this through the wall shelves for kids room. One way is to display appropriate decorations.

Play with the colors and shapes of the wall shelves for kids room is a great activity to do. Girls go well with pastels or something subtle. These tones will make them feel comfortable.

In case you are not confident in picking the right decoration for your baby, please look for references from various sources. Currently, a lot of wall shelves ideas are waiting to be applied.

You Can Also Make It Simple

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For various reasons, some parents prefer simple designs for their children. Admittedly, sometimes simple things are much more interesting.

One of the suitable designs to choose as wall shelves for kids room is the modern style. Because of the efficiency concept, this style is popular to use in narrow spaces.

It emphasizes a minimalist side in spatial planning. You do not need a too complicated model as the most important thing is how to maximize the use of spaces.

Many pieces of furniture can support this concept, one of which is white floating shelves. In a modern style, this color is a mainstay because it gives a luxurious and elegant feel.

White is also a color that makes the room felt bigger. This tone will reduce the crowded impression due to a large number of items.

Floating shelves are also part of the concept as they enable you to do saving space. In this case, using the wall as storage will be more effective than placing it on the floor.

You can pick various styles following your wants and needs. The wall shelves with plenty of storage space are better because they allow the children to place more of their belongings.

To show the girly side of the room, place some cute stuff like dolls or something pink. You can also add a pretty touch as discussed earlier.

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Compared to girls, designing boys’ rooms is generally simpler. You may not need too festive knick-knacks.

Therefore, choosing wall shelves for kids room will also be easier. However, you also still have to do a strategy to make it look attractive. The following are some of the options to apply:

Support Your Children’s Hobbies

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One way to make children comfortable is to support their hobbies. You can do this when placing wall shelves for kids room. Choose a design that suits the children’s preferences.

For example, when your child likes skateboarding, then give support. You can place wall mounted shelves related to this hobby. Add supporting toys for a more interesting view.

Boys are generally more expressive when showing a liking for something. Hence, this will make them excited. Feel free to apply the same thing to other hobbies.

Just Use a Simple Design

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Children never set a standard in their room design. However, as parents, we must provide space that supports their growth and development.

Wall shelves for kids room are a simple medium you can use. Apart from their function as storage, design and decoration can support them to be always interested and excited.

But for boys, you do not need to show something too festive. It is better to place simple but enough storage to accommodate their belongings. Use decorations sparingly.

Don’t Forget to Play with Color

4 brilliant boys' bedroom ideas

Color is a learning medium for children, both boys and girls. Therefore, do not forget to display bright and varied colors.

However, you may find that boys and girls have different interests in color. Thus, identifying the right tone for your baby will be a must.

Boys are more suited to bold colors, for example, brown and blue. White and black are also options as they are neutral and adaptable to all tints.

Choosing wall shelves for kids room can be a fun activity because it allows us to do various explorations. But you also have to take a lot of things into consideration before choosing it.

The furniture should have a use-value and can help the child’s growth. An attractive design will make them feel comfortable so that it affects emotional development.

The design of the Wall shelves for kids rooms must also be easy to reach. Thus, their items are not only decorations but can be used optimally as part of the learning process.

Above all, if you want to display the best wall shelves for kids room, there are many references that you can learn. Or better if you make it yourself by doing a DIY.


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