Decorative Bathroom Shelves Ideas

Decorative Bathroom Shelves Ideas. In a relationship, bathroom design necessitates that you be adaptable. Shelves are a fantastic method to bring order and style to your bathroom because you have to work in a smaller area with immovable elements like toilets and sinks. It might be difficult to decorate shelves.

There’s no need to be concerned. There are several simple ways to update your shelves without reducing the accessible reach of groceries, while at the same time maintaining simplicity.

They’re a blank canvas for your bathroom design, whether you have contemporary floating shelves or built-in shelves that you can’t relocate.

There are a few ways you can achieve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your bathroom shelves if you’ve been curious about how.

Decorating in a way that will have the greatest impact is the trick.

Your shelves will stay organized and make your guests feel comfortable if you add the right decorative touches to them.

Opt for Adjustable Shelves in Small Bathrooms


Brackets or floating shelves are nice for a smaller space and adjustable as your needs change, says Varner, who enjoys built-ins in bigger bathtubs but appreciates the ability to simply relocate shelves.

Glass shelving, freestanding shelving units, ceiling-grazing towers, and little accent shelves are just a few of the numerous shelfing choices for bathrooms.

You can choose from several styles of shelf based on how much storage you’ll need, your space restrictions, and your aesthetic preferences.



Using a central shelving unit to organize all of your bathroom items and bobs in one clean area is ideal for modest bathroom storage solutions.

The sleek, black metal unit fits in perfectly with the modern bathroom design, defined by Kelly Wearstler’s stunning Lee Jofa wallpaper(opens in new tab), as shown in this beautiful bathroom by Alice Lane Interior Design(opens in new tab).

This central shelving unit creates a stand-out storage and display space by providing a home for both practical items like towels and containers with toiletries, as well as more decorative pieces like books and ornaments.

While large shelving units, such as this one, are typically not associated with bathrooms, they may be used to enhance bathroom organization and character in the room, as seen in this design.

Look to the Walls


Look to the walls if you don’t want to give up your valuable floor space for storage. The designer utilized the empty space above and on the toilet to store knick-knacks and art in her small bathroom, which was photographed by Margaret Wright Interior + Lifestyle Photography.

A simple way to add a little romance to a tiny bathroom is by installing a floating shelf above the toilet.

Honeycomb Floating Bathroom Wood Shelves


We now adore hexagons (as seen by our daughter’s bedroom wall mural) and these DIY hexagon bathroom shelves.

We believe these would make a wonderful addition to anyone’s bathroom. In your powder room, these are the ideal settings to put up your ornamental items.

You can add a fun, geometric wall shelf to any room in your home by installing honeycomb shelves or hexagon shelves as a simple DIY project.

We utilized pine wood honeycomb shelves, which enables you to match your paint or stain to your interior design. There are many honeycomb shelving options available, but we picked these shelving.

Display photos, plants, or even a bookshelf (but make sure to attach to a stud!) on these ornamental shelves.

Multifunctional Ladder Shaped Planter Shelf


Add plants and trinkets, as well as use it to store towels and sundries, with this multifaceted, multilevel shelving unit for additional bathroom storage.

When you’re browsing around for bathroom shelf ideas, give this one a try. Bathroom organization has never been so much fun!

Create a Windowsill Shelf


A single ledge, which serves as both a windowsill and a spot to store some excess toiletries, spans the length of the wall right under a window.

When you pair it to your wall color and your window trim, it’ll stand out more.

Storage Shelves


For organizing and de-cluttering a small bathroom, storage shelves are a fantastic option. Instead of a hall closet, their cubby-style storage is ideal for keeping everything you need right in your bathroom.

Store your health and beauty products in easy-to-access drawers, or simply roll up your towels and layer them in cubby shelves.



Floating shelf toilet storage ideas are a great option for adding open storage to your farmhouse bathroom. To store towels, you may put a basket or crate atop the shelf. Stick to farmhouse-style bathroom storage solutions.

Wood shelves with some thickness to them are common. They also appear to be raw wood. Yet, in order to protect the wood from the intense moisture in the bathroom, you should wax it.

Consider Use Case


Have you ever seen a cuter bathroom shelf? Studio DB put this little wall-mounted tray by the bath for any bath products or a bathtime cocktail in their room at the Kips Bay show house.

Go for the Unexpected and Add Personal Flair


It’s all about elevating the things you’re working with when it comes to bathroom shelf decorating. Your shelves can appear to have been professionally styled by using antiques and vintage finds in lieu of store-bought plastic containers.

Varner suggests gently placing your favorite little earrings in a lovely landing spot and small cups with an unexpected piece like a teacup saucer in your favorite china design.

For makeup brushes or as an unexpected vase, she also enjoys using vintage etched wine glasses. The more unique the elements on your bathroom shelves, the better.

I have a little pink Herend rabbit I bought for my daughter’s first birthday that I’m keeping on her bathroom shelf until she’s old enough to not break it! says Varner. “I do think this is a fun area to add in those super personal items that make you smile.”



Whether you choose to surround your shelves with gorgeous stand-alone wall lights or utilize shelves with modern, built-in LED lights, lighting up your shelving can make a major statement in your bathroom shelf design.

If you’ve chosen to install alcove shelves in your bathroom to store plants or lovely toiletries, one notion is to locate wall lights that illuminate the area,’ Barrie Cutchie, Design Director at BC Designs(opens in new tab) says.

Using bright ceiling lights or vanity mirror lights to light up storage shelving can add a cosy ambiance and soft light to your restroom,’ according to one of the best bathroom lighting ideas.

A trendy round shelf


It’s no surprise that round shelves are gaining popularity. They’re attractive and offer a lot of space at the same time. Hang one in your bathroom and store Q-tips or cotton balls with succulents on it, if you prefer a styled look.



Placing a ladder in your bathroom is more inventive than anything else when it comes to thinking outside the box and picking a novel bathroom shelf idea.

Ladder shelves are gaining popularity as storage and display surfaces in the home. A ladder shelf may also be used as a practical area to store and display items, adding a unique design feature and focal point in a bathroom.

The ladder adds a warming, wooden texture to the space while also creating a unique, tiered shelving design that works wonderfully as a towel storage idea, as seen in this more traditional bathroom.

Use Boxes and Bins to Keep Clutter in Check


Visible disarray is one of the most common downsides of open shelves, whether they’re in the kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom. Varner recommends that boxes, bins, and baskets be used to hold all of the tiny accessories since they’re so small.

She advises keeping the containers in a consistent color scheme and mixing solid and glass items for a sense of equilibrium.

Varner also suggests grouping items that are alike (makeup brushes in one corner, cotton swabs and cosmetic pads in another) to keep them looking neat but also make finding things simpler. It’s a win-win situation.



A modular shelving design can be customized and expanded over time to accommodate changing spaces, requirements, and bathroom designs. It is a flexible option for your bathroom shelf ideas.

The shelf shown in this bathroom space creates a unique, modern take on a bathroom vanity unit. It was designed by modular shelving experts String Furniture(opens in new tab).

The shelf offers a cabinet, mirror, open shelving, and hooks that create a multifunctional storage solution that is ideal for both tiny and big bathroom concepts alike. It was designed to fit flawlessly around the sleek sink area.

Bring in a Little Plant Life


Bathrooms are generally colder and less personal than the remainder of your house, despite the fact that they are designed to be.

A bathroom shelf is an ideal location for certain house plants because they prefer humid conditions.

Moreover, a couple of house plants and maybe some natural color will breathe new life into the space.



Placing objects on low shelving layouts may make things simpler to access and find, making your bathroom seem more comfortable and convenient. With low shelves and cabinets, you may not just make it feel more open and spacious, but also make it easier to use.

In the bathroom, it’s vital to keep toiletries readily available,’ says James Lentaigne, Creative Director at Drummonds(opens in new tab).

In order to keep toiletries within reach when required, each portion of the bathroom – sink, bath, and shower – should include some sort of storage.

The warming, dark wood shelving unit combines practical open and closed storage, which is a excellent option for bathroom cabinet ideas in this bathroom designed by Kimberley Harrison Interiors(opens in new tab).

By keeping the towels on an open shelf, they can be reached more readily when needed, as well as adding softness to the wooden design.

As seen in this bathroom, low shelving configurations like this also allow for the ornamental vases to take center stage, while the bright white wall space stays clutter-free.

Make It Functional


I want to include in a few unique things like little picture frames, maybe a few pieces of small art, but I also want to make sure that it’s practical for daily requirements, Varner explains. When it comes to bathroom shelves, their goal should be twofold.

Consider what’s most accessible first. All items that belong on your bathroom shelves should have a home, including brushes, makeup, and a safe spot for jewelry.

They may instantly improve the look of their store-bought containers by removing cotton swabs, cotton balls, bath salts, and other items and putting them in attractive glass canisters.



Making the most of every inch of space in your bathroom, and designing cleverly about how you might build shelf storage, will ensure that your designs are tailored perfectly to the form, size, and style of your bathroom.

The three recessed shelves of Ripples'(opens in new tab) playful and pink bathroom add depth and a sense of openness to the room, creating a striking display area and design feature.

The custom shelf design, finished in the same marble style tiles as the walls and flooring, creates a luxurious display space and storage area that perfectly fits into this section of space beside the sink.

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