Deck Garden Ideas: A Guide for Creating a Beautiful Deck

Deck garden ideas can be found in many places, but it is important for people to take the time and explore what their options are. This article will take a look at some deck garden ideas that have worked well for other people.

Skinny Deck Gardening Bed for Growing Herbs, Vegetables, and Flowers

raised garden bed for growing herbs and vegetables


Deck gardens are the perfect way to make use of small spaces for growing vegetables and herbs. These skinny deck gardening beds have enough room for tomatoes, lettuces, basil, oregano dill chives and flowers like zinnia daisy marigold all from a tiny garden space!

Water Wonderland

Wooden deck with pool on natural background


If you grew up by water, then you know how relaxing and zen it can be to have a pool or fountain in your backyard. Make this dream come true with an outdoor deck garden that has plenty of space for plants as well as rocks around the edge where there is room!

If growing up near water was important enough to create “zen” atmospheres when I wasn’t having fun at school, why not just do what we’ve always done? Adding some calmness into my life – like those backyards with pools/fountains found everywhere – will make me feel better all-around.

Freestanding Wall


If you’re a renter, be warned that hanging anything from your outdoor walls may not be allowed. Instead of the traditional deck garden idea using string and mesh rebar to make a freestanding plant wall, use wood for more stability as well as S-hooks on pots hung at eye level with plants growing around them; it’s an attractive way to provide privacy in your space while they grow!

Deck Under The Shelter of a TreeDeck Under The Shelter of a Tree


Creating a beautiful deck for your home can be easy with some extra creativity and effort. Look to nature as an excellent source of inspiration, utilizing the tree within your yard by adding horizontal detailing on the interior space that repeats itself in order to provide variety when it comes time to decorate! You could even hang bird feeders or pretty containers from its branches which will offer new levels of design opportunities in both inside and outside spaces.

A little bit more work goes a long way towards creating inspiration for extras you might not have thought about before like this one-of-a kind idea.

The deck must be positioned strategically to allow for unrestricted growth of the tree.

Recycled Shutter Mason Jar Herb Garde

vertical herb garden diy


Make a beautiful, organized garden on the cheap! Make your own custom herb planter with old shutters and some mason jars. Planting herbs is great because they’re super easy to grow in little spaces like this one. You’ll need an old shutter or reclaimed pallet or plyboard for this project as well as large oatmeal containers (or any container that will fit inside) filled with potting soil and then top it off with plants of choice – be careful not to over water them since there are no drainage holes 🙂

Rock Gardens, Another Layering Technique

Old hardwood decking or flooring and decorative plants in garden


Using deck gardens next to buildings can be a great way for homeowners and builders alike to add some color. A smart use of plant layering, windows between the plants, and rocks creates an attractive space that feels open without being too imposing on the building in question.

Designing a garden right outside your house or workplace is one sure-fire solution if you’re looking for ways to make things more beautiful with minimal effort involved – just imagine having lush green foliage framing everything within view!

Raskog to the Rescue


For the modern urban gardener, Cassidy Tuttle has created a solution to get plants off of your tables and counters. Her awesome IKEA Raskog utility cart is lined with window screening that she’s filled with soil (to mask the dirt), moss for aesthetic purposes, and succulents! The small potted succulents on top can be easily moved anywhere in her home or office without fear of damaging anything they come into contact with thanks to their pots’ durable nature – it turns out you should only use those pretty ceramic ones as centerpieces after all.

Recycled Plastic Wall Planter PocketsRecycled Plastic Wall Planter Pockets


Adorn your garden with herbs using this beautiful deck garden idea. The fabric wall planter hangs in a spot that gets enough sun and is perfect for people who want to grow their own plants at home without having the space of an actual outdoor greenhouse or gardening shed.

This stunning, innovative furniture design offers you the opportunity to add fresh flavors into any dish within minutes by utilizing all-natural ingredients found right on your property! This modern kitchen decorating trend has been increasing in popularity recently due its ingenious efficiency and fantastic aesthetic appeal: no more need for pesky grocery store visits when you can have everything delivered straight from one’s very yard!

Now, if you’re a do-it-yourselfer and want to make your deck garden with sewing machine, it requires very little of space on the deck. This idea is awesome for its amazing beauty that will surely get lots of compliments from guests who are visiting you thanks to this great looking plant decoration. You can hang it either at balcony’s railing or wall – just be careful not overwatering plants so they don’t die!

Table PlantersTable Planters


Deck gardening is a fun and creative way to add more greenery into your life. A deck garden would be the perfect addition for any balcony with limited space, but has tons of potential! You don’t have to worry about watering or weeding because it’s all done at ground level by you – just one step up from planting in a pot on the floor. Give this idea some thought if you’re looking for something easy and accessible that will provide an attractive focal point as well as get even those who do not enjoy plants excited about them too!

One of the most enjoyable ways to spend time on a deck is tending plants. When you do this, we recommend that you build it at waist height so your back doesn’t hurt while bending over it and have soil depth around 10 inches deep for greenery to grow in nicely.

Deck Garden Viewing Area

Formal garden in the oriental style with decking walkway


Many people enjoy having a garden to spend time in for relaxation and recreation. When these gardens contain water, it adds an additional layer of serenity which is often lacking from more traditional outdoor spaces. The two images provided are examples of creative use of the deck as part gardening space-part entertainment area with one including fish!

Hanging Plants, Roots And Grounds A Garden

Cozy coffee table with chairs in the garden


A gardener’s low-space garden may be their most difficult to maintain. They are forced with the challenge of making every square inch count, and often this means growing plants in hanging pots or suspended on strings from ceiling hooks because they take up less ground space than traditional containers when planted densely together. Their best friend is a good plant hanger that can stretch high enough for whatever type of container you need it to support!

Modern MaximModern Maxim


This deck garden is a beautiful way to enjoy your outdoor space with less maintenance. The greenery provides privacy and shade, while the view of it from within can be just as fulfilling. One great addition for this type of gardening would be an elegant fireplace where you can snuggle up on chilly nights!

Creating a seamless connection between your home and deck is an easy way to make the most of the outdoors. Install outdoor lights that depict this shift from house to deck, then finish it off with some fresh flowers in pots for immediate relaxation.

Ladder PlanterLadder Planter


Does your deck garden always seem to be lacking in space? You may not have the opportunity for a large bed, but there’s still plenty of room on your patio or balcony. The DIY Ladder Planter from Curbly is perfect for those who want their plants within arm’s reach and don’t mind giving up some ground floor real estate.

Rock GardenRock Garden


Deck gardens are a wonderful way to add more life and color into your space. You can do this by using rocks that you find around the area or purchase them from local garden centers which may be cheaper than if you were buying everything new. There are many ways in which people have deck gardens, but they always seem very closed off next to buildings due to their proximity.

Create a beautiful rock garden, using plants and turning the edges of your building into soft views in beholder’s eye. Use dwarf plants to break up hard lines next to the building!

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