Customized Closet Ideas

Customized Closet Ideas. Designing a closet that is organized is one of the few things in this world that feels good. Seeing stacks of perfectly folded sweaters and craft bins of neatly stacked stationery just brings out the Marie Kondo in all of us, not only making finding an outfit a breeze, but also inspiring us to organize.

However, the hardest part of the entire process may be obtaining the motivation to create a closet for organization. Looking at a few professionally-organized closet systems may provide you with the boost you’re looking for if you’re currently lacking that inspiration.

We’ve gathered some stunning custom closets as well as advice on how to build a closet to encourage you to start your next weekend project. Our favorite walk-in closet, tiny closet design ideas, and DIY closet designs are available through the link above.

Fiori Interior Design, LLC


As the kids left the nest, our “challenge” was what to do with that one lonely bedroom.

This customer knew precisely what she wanted for her expanding collection of new and antique handbags and shoes, so it was not a difficult task.

To minimize dust, the carpeting was removed and hardwood floors were installed. The Hermes fabric “Equateur Imprime” for the window treatments was added as an initial layer of protection against fading, followed by a UV film on the windows.

(An indication of what is being gathered in this location) We aimed to utilize every inch of the available space.

On the third wall, we removed two closet doors and replaced them with mirrored doors with drawers beneath to match our floor to ceiling cabinetry, which maximized storage on two sides.

This feature allowed for a chandelier to be centered flawlessly above while saving space for shoes with roll-out shelving.



With its refined design and customizable features such as glass doors, pullout components, closed storage, and more, this transitional modern custom closet becomes the ultimate storage solution.

CC Wood Grain Ash finish is shown. Hidden hardware provides a flawless finish, which is a signature feature of our Paxton collection.

Customized shoe storage and a glass countertop enhance visibility on the center island. In Oyster Leather and clear glass fronts, the Everstyle Drawer System is exclusive to us.

Drawers with built-in organizers and baskets, as well as hampers for secret storage. The hall is lit with a combination of ribbon and puck lights.

Boutique-Inspired Closets


A custom closet provides plenty of do-it-yourself solutions for individuals who want to be a part in the design of their space.

Just a few of the custom options include shelves, adjustable clothing rods, drawers, container storage, jewelry organizers, and wall hooks. Personalization of a custom closet area is also aided by paint and wallpaper.

For customization, you can also buy store-bought closet organizers. Shelving, drawers, and organizing cubes are available individually, but they can be quickly put together to create a complete system.

Your personal style was the inspiration for these practical choices, which resulted in a functional and clutter-free area.



This transitional contemporary closet system includes clean lines and upscale details, such as doors with glass fronts, our exclusive Everstyle drawers, closed storage, and more. It is part of our custom Paxton Collection.

CC Wood Grain Ash finish is shown. Hidden hardware is a signature element of our Paxton collection. Our exclusive Everstyle drawers in Winter leather with gold metal detail make for a complete center island with glass countertop.

A vanity space with a glass countertop and ribbons of lighting. Square miter fronts with clear glass, as well as slab doors, inset door and drawer fronts.

Paxton handles and suspended fluted hanging poles are among the gold hardware and accessories available.

Save Space With a Custom Rotating System


With Closet Works, Alison Victoria designed a 360-degree revolving closet system with hidden full-length mirrors and shoe storage. The contemporary space is closed off by French doors that date back to the 1800s.



This walk-in closet has a rich and distinctive aesthetic, with horizontal wood grain doors and gold accents. With a sleek and polished appearance, the custom floor-to-ceiling design maximizes vertical storage.

The Siena finish is shown in CC Wood Grain. A fascia and matching backing are used to trim the floor-to-ceiling system.

Horizontal grain slab door and drawer fronts. Countertop space in deep drawers. Fluted poles in gold and finger pulls A tilt-out hamper is included. Storage boxes used by Bleecker.

Design a Small Walk-In Closet with Style


While tiny walk-in closets offer a lot of storage in small areas, they don’t have to be drab to be attractive.

For instance, replacing a gloomy closet with a bright and inviting dressing area, a beautiful chandelier can do wonders. Add accents such as an ornately framed mirror to cover the walls or door with patterned wallpaper.



This cleverly designed walk-in closet maximizes storage space, making it a excellent option for shared areas. It’s bright and airy. Our clients’ changing needs are met with a variety of hanging lengths and an abundance of adjustable shelving.

A bright, clean white finish. Hangers may slide with ease thanks to the inclusion of fluted chrome poles in a variety of hanging lengths.

Shelving that can be adjusted to store anything from boots to linens, ranging in size. A double-pullout hamper for quick laundry categorization and wire baskets for at-a-glance viewing.



This custom walk-in design features a timeless finish that is reminiscent of solid wood, and lends warmth and richness. This practical and attractive room is further customized with the addition of our premium storage bins and boxes, a multi-purpose center island, and concealed pull-out shoe shelves.

Quiet Grove and Shadow Black have a CC Wood Grain™ finish and CC Specialty™ finish, respectively. The front of the vehicle is a combination of slab and Slim Shaker.

Doors with clear glass and an Onyx metal frame. Pewter vegan leather in our exclusive Everstyle drawers made of Graphite metal. A tilt-out hamper, pant rack, and drawers are all on the center island, which has a multi-level countertop.

Contemporary Quadrato hardware, pull-out shelves, and fluted hanging poles are among the Matte Black accents. French Grey and Black Night feature Grove bins in Brown Herringbone, while Bleecker boxes are featured.

Use Various Types of Closet Storage


A successful small walk-in closet employs a range of storage solutions. Consider using open cubbies, baskets, plastic bins, and cabinet storage units to store various styles of clothing and accessories in addition to the standard hanging rods.

Clothing, shoes, and other extras, such as purses, may be kept out in the open for the most part and make outfit preparation simpler.

To prevent a messy look, arrange to store smaller folded garments, accessories, and other miscellaneous items inside closed storage solutions.

Coat Closet Ideas


Of course, a small space like a coat closet can be cluttered, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. In reality, your coat closet may be transformed from chaotic to ordered with a few simple adjustments.

Despite the fact that a conventional coat closet is tiny and provides little room for numerous objects, it does not imply that organization is not feasible.

The things kept in coat closets should ideally be restricted to those that are for outdoor usage due to the fact that they are frequently situated just inside a residence or home door. Jackets, umbrellas, and everyday shoes can all be stored in coat closets.



This airy pass-through dressing area has enough hanging space and shelving for clothes, shoes, and other items, and it boasts a floor to ceiling function. The design’s opulent boutique feel is further enhanced by lighting throughout.

In Misty Orchard, the CC Wood Grain™ finish is used. CC Luxe Matte™ finish in Morning Light on the countertop of this multifunction vanity/desk area.

Clear glass square miter door fronts. Hardware from the present day. Suspended hanging poles in Oyster vegan leather are held by gold metal.

Everstyle deep divided drawers and Everstyle jewelry drawers are both available. Wearingrobe ribbon lighting, a lightweight aluminum frame LED lit glass shelf. Ivory and Grey Chevron Grove storage bins

Makeover Your Nursery


There are several areas in your home that could use a makeover. You may modify a closet with storage space in a kid’s room by mixing and matching baskets and built-in shelving units, as seen in Maison Haven’s exquisite nursery closet.

While a child’s closet system may not be as strong or sophisticated as an adult’s, it may be a excellent way to keep track of everything your kid owns (and when it’s time to toss those clothes that don’t).

Closets with Character


Depending on the location of the wardrobe in the home, you may hang belts, ties, kitchen cooking pots or a broom on hooks or panels on the wall.

Large objects, such as a shoe rack, rolling kitchen cart, or vacuum cleaner, should take up the majority of the floor space in the closet so you can move about freely.

Remember to avoid using your closet’s drawers as a catchall for homeless items if you have a set of drawers. While many residences have a “junk drawer,” this isn’t necessary in your home.

By putting everything in its own place in your spacious closet, you’ll be able to keep your area neat and clutter-free.

Create a Place for Accessories


This stunning The Tailored Life closet can help you make your wardrobe more useful. A vanity and drawers are included that can hold all of your accessories, jewels, and cosmetics.

An earring stand is provided by a mounted mirror, while your delicate jewelry may be kept in a platform by the additional shelving.



In this stylish yet toughworking walk-in wardrobe for fashion designer Emily Current, cool meets organic.

A vintage gown collection is displayed in spacious, open wardrobe drawers, while daily items are organized neatly in deep, closed drawers. A countertop serves as both a workstation and a vanity.

Clothing and accessories can shine in Dove’s Neutral CC Luxe Matte™ finish. The 5-piece miter drawer fronts allow for efficient storage. Gold and black hardware can be mixed and matched. The refined look is completed by Fascia and Base Molding Trim.

Consider Your Utility Room


Your wardrobes aren’t just for hanging up clothing. Getting your pantry or utility area professionally organized is definitely worth it, as shown by this Maison Haven mud room design.

How many times have you rummaged through mounds of cleaning products in your broom closet before you locate what you need? Label bins and baskets to make the most of your extra closet space.

Big Closet Design Ideas


The greatest of storage solutions may be implemented in a large closet, as well as clutter may be eliminated from one’s largest area.

Because the storage options seem limitless, organizing a big closet may be challenging. Designing it from the bottom to the top is one of the best rules of thumb.

Bottom shelves, clothing rods, and wall hooks will allow you to easily access and locate your most important everyday items.

Large kitchen equipment, or a container holding out-of-season clothes, for example, will be placed on top shelves. On the other hand, items that aren’t used every day will be placed on bottom shelves.

Add Space in a Standard Closet


Doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of a beautiful custom closet organizing system just because you don’t have a walk-in closet.

Even a basic reach-in closet may be transformed instantly with a superior organization solution, as seen with Rachel Rosenthal’s wall closet.

A double rail system offers two degrees of hanging storage, as well as custom drawers and shelves that maximize your closet space.

Building your own closet is less expensive, right? It all depends on what you mean by “it.” Hiring a closet design firm to create and install a system is the most expensive option.

You may organize your closet or get custom closet kits for various DIY ability levels starting around $100, if you have a limited budget, utilizing inexpensive components.

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