Curtain Tie Back Ideas

curtain tie back ideas. Window treatments have the potential to totally transform a room, but it can be difficult to choose which ones are best for your space (which is why so many people avoid doing so for months or years).

If you’re looking for ideas on how to tie back your windows, you’ve come to the right place. They’re a fantastic option if you want constant exposure while you open and close the drapes. They also let light in when you need it.

When they’re blocking light, tiebacks are long and loose, but when you don’t need to block light, they’re tied back in the middle, as the name suggests.

They’re a multipurpose curtain tieback solution, and whatever you choose to tie back the curtain with (from fabric to a horseshoe holder to corded ribbon) is completely up to you. For those times when you want a little extra light, check out these tie back curtain ideas that you’ll love.

Curtains are a must-have for any room. By dressing up the windows, they change the look of your room. Curtains are a little extra touch in your space.

Curtains are versatile and attractive window coverings that can be used on their own. There isn’t much else you need to do to make them look better if you have done your part well and chosen the correct curtain fabric and color. But, as you yank back the draperies, you start to perceive a lack of style.

A curtain tieback is all you need to solve the problem. Let’s find out how to make your window treatment extraordinary with curtain tiebacks and holdbacks and transform regular fabric into beautiful curtains by learning about unique curtain tieback concepts and curtain holdback concepts.

Why Use Tie Backs?

If you decide to add tiebacks to your drapes, consider the following:

You have a lot of windows that you use on a regular basis. Because of the ease with which they open and shut your windows, tiebacks are a breeze to use.
Additional light is required in your room. Tie backs can be used to remove all of your drapes from the window. This allows a lot of light to enter the room and brighten it up.

You want to keep your drapes safe from meddling. Is your home in a high-traffic area, such as the entryway or where children play? By keeping your drapery out of the way, tie backs can protect it better.

Three stunning tieback styles are available from Spiffy Spools. Explore our selection of styles to see which one suits your custom drapes the best:

Snazz, snazz, snazz. Our Snazz tiebacks have a contemporary style. A large silver eyelet and a silver cylinder hook are featured. A minimalist, rectangular piece of cloth is sewn to the eyelet.

Pizzazz is the name of the show. Our Pizzazz style is more laid-back and informal. A thin metal hook is attached to a little eyelet. A rectangular cut with rounded edges is seen throughout the fabric.

Razzmatazz is the name of a nightclub. All about subtlety and refinement are our Razzmatazz tie backs. A thinly woven loop is attached to a tiny cleat mounted on the wall with this option. A wide strip of cloth is coupled to it. This is the right choice if you want your drapery to match up with your tie back hardware.

Sweet and Simple Twine


By adding an intriguing method to bring your window treatments back, you’ll add a little extra pizzazz to them. Most of these clever ideas are made with repurposed home items, and it doesn’t have to cost a cent. While cinching back a set of lovely white sheer curtains, some leftover craft twine gives a basic yet beautiful effect.

Wooden Beads on a Rope


Add some wooden beads to a rope to start. You can choose between a natural finish and painting the beads to match your décor. Just make sure the rope you select will fit through the holes. This is the ultimate buyers guide for curtains, from sheer to blackout.

Modern curtain holdbacks: Magnets attract style


One of our favorite curtain holdback ideas is the one shown above! These stylish and functional magnetic holdbacks are both fashionable. These magnetic tiebacks are simple to install and remove if you open and close your curtains often.

These tiebacks are ideal for casual or trendy décor, and they work best with medium-weight materials like cotton.

DIY curtain tie backs with rope


This interesting design allows you to create an ecologically friendly variation of tiebacks, made entirely out of natural rope that you tie in a specific manner and include tiny twine loops for hanging as a finishing touch. If you have outdoor curtains, put it nearby so you may create this fascinating pattern.

Cage style Modern Curtain Holdbacks


This pair of drapes features a twisted open ball pattern that gives them a classic vintage-modern look. These curtain holdbacks feature a distressed finish and are available in black or bronze. You’ll get everything you need to mount the hardware.

Iron holdbacks, in contrast to other materials like plastic, are less likely to shatter and are designed to last. The open design is perfect for solid and patterned curtains and provides a lighter feel. Hang dangling valance curtains, scarfs, potted plants, and wind chimes with a holdback vertical.

Budget Blinds Serving Windsor and Brighton


An Orange County mid-size classic guest dark wood floor bedroom layout with gray walls and no fireplace is shown as an example.

Magnetic Contemporary Curtain Tiebacks


This set of four includes a gorgeous silver rhinestone and a twisted polyester rope, which adds flash to the mix. Magnetize your curtains so that they are open or angled. These curtains may be used with all curtain styles and thicknesses.

Tie-backs cannot fall to the floor because of the magnetized mechanism. This kind of holdback is simple to utilize since no drilling or bow tying are necessary. Wrap the tieback around the curtain twice to achieve a more secure grip for lightweight curtains.



Your curtain panels are given an Ralph Lauren-like sophisticated look by leather and patent belts. A pair of sharp shears, glue, plastic rings, strong-duty thread, an upholstery needle, and cup hooks are all you need to create them.

Fold and glue the cut ends of the belt after snipping off a portion of it. Secure the ends with clothespins until they’re dry. Use the buckle from your belt as part of the tieback if it’s attractive. A plain leather tieback is a good option if you don’t have one.

Sew plastic rings onto each end with strong thread. This will be much simpler with the help of an upholstery needle. Screw plant hooks into the wall and loop the rings onto the cup.

DIY Curtain Tie Back Coastal Farmhouse


These curtain tiebacks bring a touch of the beach, seaside cottage, or nautical decor to your home. When they’re positioned as curtain tiebacks, the tiebacks may be attached to any conventional curtain rod and placed on a window.

These seem difficult at first, but they’re actually simple! If you’re trying to learn how to make curtain tiebacks for your windows, then this is the right place for you.

DIY Brass Curtain Tie Back


Do you like what you see here? It isn’t as difficult as it seems to make something. A brass swivel eye snap hook, scissors, needle, and thread are all required to create this DIY curtain tieback. Cream cotton cord is also required. If done correctly, this would be lovely.

Curtain Tie Back with Ribbon Roses


To complete this task, use a satin ribbon to make a stunning curtain tie back by gluing a handful of satin ribbon roses to it. You’ll be taught how to make roses by folding the ribbons in a picture.

Filet Crochet Curtain Tie


This is a filet crochet niche that contains a thread crochet pattern. Because it is entirely based on chain and double crochet stitches, filet crochet is an simple way to learn. Here’s a terrific niche to practice on as a beginner if you haven’t already mastered it. B. designed the Filet Crochet Curtain Tie. Crochet is a form of Hooked Crochet.

Felt Balls Curtain Ties


This colorful felt ball curtain tie back adds a playful touch to any room and looks especially stunning set against white or other solid curtains. A printed option might also be nice.

Stuffed Toys/Tiara as Curtain Tiebacks


Stuffed toys can be used as tiebacks if you’re going for a fun and quirky look or if you’re redecorating a kid’s room. Velcro can be added to the arms and legs, and you’re all set. If the curtains are sufficiently long, you may tie their arms or legs around them.

If that is what your precious child desires, you may even use a tiara as a tieback.

Chic and Secure


Straight from our interior design dreams come these pale pink drapes. Make your own tiebacks out of white braided rope and a gold snap hook to get the look.

Rose Vines


A lovely rose vine seems to be emerging from the curtain tieback. Used faux roses, such as these, or any other faux roses you prefer. You can use twine to make an enchanting curtain tieback by attaching the flowers and some leaves. Take a look at these great window treatments ideas.

Romantic curtain tiebacks: Necklaces, chains and beads – oh my!


Tiebacks made from old necklaces or chained beads provide a romantic or feminine accent. From casual sheers to heavy velvet draperies, these tiebacks are ideal for a variety of curtain styles. Make sure your tiebacks are strong enough to hold the heavier fabrics in place before using them.

Jute rope curtain tie backs


Much like this jute rope variant, which is made of a regular jute rope with pipe couplings attached to the rope via the good old fabric tape, tie backs don’t have to be particularly fancy as long as they do their job and look decent.

Tassels as Curtain Tieback


They’re decorative braided cords that are fixed into a hook on the window frame or wall to hold curtain backs in place. They’re used to wrap around them and hold them in place. Metallic floss, silk, or other materials are commonly used to create tassels.

Curtains made of exquisite textiles like brocade, velvet, silk, or damask go well with them.

Lucy Interior Design


Lucy Interior Design provides all of the furnishings for First Place, which is an entire residence in MSP for 2011.

Beaded Rope as Curtain Tieback


Beaded ropes can help you make your curtains stylish and bold. Beads are often made of wood, but they may alternatively be made of crystal or acrylic.

You may make them yourself or buy them at a shop. Make sure that the holes in the bead are big enough to accommodate the rope if you’re making them yourself. Paint wooden beads to match the décor or curtain color when using them. Curtains made of stiff fabrics go wonderfully with these tiebacks.

Wooden Bead Modern Curtain Tiebacks


We adore the multiple little wooden balls used in these basic, unfinished, and fun modern curtain holders. Loops are included on the tieback ends, and they may be easily stretched over a wall hook when installed.

Blue, pink, and gold hues are a fantastic addition to nursery drapes or a child’s bedroom. Designer Tip: White spheres alternating with blue, pink, and gold hues

The beige ball curtain tiebacks are a natural and adult-themed option for a room. While they are lovely additions for softening a room’s atmosphere, their delicate material construction isn’t as sturdy as metal curtain holdbacks.

Magnetic Curtain Tie backs


For a modern, functional, and stylish effect, add attractive magnetic tiebacks to your drapes. All you have to do is pull the magnets apart to open them and snap them together to close, so they’re simple to use.

It’s simple to connect and disconnect these magnetic tiebacks. Curtain fabrics of medium weight, such as cotton, go well with these contemporary curtain tie backs.


They are very practical and customizable, and curtain tiebacks and holdbacks are an excellent addition to any curtain. Use dramatic tiebacks or make them more subdued, as wild as you want. We hope that whatever your preference, this article has been helpful.

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