45 Sofa and Couch Types to Make Your Home Cozier

Furniture is something that always develops from time to time. It also applies to sofas and couch types that are continually evolving to accommodate people’s demands.

Moreover, for various reasons, the addition of new features has constantly become a must.

It can be seen from the variety of variants that have emerged as well as known to us today. Furthermore, the design of these seats from centuries ago will not be the same as what you are used to seeing today.

Although some of them have survived, not a few have been displaced by trends as well as fashions.

Nevertheless, until now, there are still dozens of sofa and couch types that we can still find in homes, offices, cafes, or other locations.

Even though everything may look the same, there are distinctions that you should know. So, here are some of them:


Bart Armchair - Moooi


These are popular sofa styles that generally consist of parts such as bench, chest, and stool. The seat is designed to be use by one person so that it can place the arms comfortably on both sides.

In 1928, these couch types even coupled with a massage function.

Barrel Back Sofas

Amazon.com: Iconic Home Astoria Sofa Barrel 2 T-Shaped Seat Cushion Design Linen-Textured Upholstery Vertical Channel-Quilted Tight Back Espresso Solid Metal Legs Modern Transitional, TAUPE: Furniture & Decor


At first glance, these couch types do have a shape like a barrel. The arms as well as the backrest are a curved unit in a semicircle but has different heights.

These single chairs are very comfortable and relaxing whenever you need them.

Belgian Roll Arm Sofa

The Navarre Charm Company: The Belgian Roll Arm Sofa


The trendy couch types that you can try are the Belgian roll Arm. Apart from the comfortable design, the shape of the arms surely will impress you.

Likewise, they are sloped and round like human hands. Unfortunately, this design is still too rare that you might have a hard time finding slipcovers.


Mid 20th Century Howard and Sons Bridgewater Sofa


Most people will be impressed by their sofa arm styles as they are rolled and lower than the back.

Even so, the design is quite sleek and space-saving so it still fits into tight spaces. These couch types are also very comfortable in various situations.

Bunk Bed Sleeper

Nordic Single Highsleeper Bed - Whitewash- cool college bed | Cool loft beds, Girls loft bed, Bed design


Bunk beds are among the sleeper coach types. The shape is indeed unusual because it is designed in stages.

This furniture is perfect for children because they like heights. Also, you can make it a solution for narrow spaces.



The cabriole arms and rests are a circular unit in a semicircular shape. In addition, the height of this section is the same from end to end.

Besides, these couch types also come in a variety of attractive designs and colors, making them suitable for bridal, wedding, as well as other themed events.


Vintage Camelback Sofa Upholstered in Black Linen | 1stdibs.com | Living room sofa design, Upholstered couch, Upholstered sofa


There will be the development of sofa styles by decade, but camelback still exists. In addition, these couch types are a product from the 1700s which is known as its higher back in the center.

Generally, this furniture is made of wood so that it gives a rustic and classic impression.

Chaise Lounge

Slim chaise longue module — Expormim


Knowing these couch types won’t get you into trouble. These chaise lounges are a long sofa that has one side of the arm while the other side does not.

Because of its long size, you can make it a place to lean on while stretching your legs.


1930 Chesterfield Sofa | Chesterfield Sofas | Oswald & Pablo


A luxurious feel is one of the hallmarks of Chesterfield. The rolled arms are the same size as the back coupled with decorative buttons all over.

Most of these couch types are made from leather, both real and synthetic.


Contemporary and Modern Sofas | DFS


You might combine three styles at once in one furniture design. These couch types generally have a minimalist design, are multifunctional, and don’t take up much space.

Bright colors and natural nuances are also characteristic.

Convertible Sofa

11 Space-saving Sleeper Sofas | Furniture for RVs | RV Inspiration | Rv furniture, Sofa furniture, Furniture


The convertible sofa design is quite similar to the pull out bed. But the difference is that these couch types don’t have a mattress.

However, the materials used are quite comfortable, even equipped with pillows. Therefore, you can use it as a place to unwind or enjoy a relaxed atmosphere.


Simplicity Daybed - Online Furniture | Vinoti Living


These couch types have been more popular today because of its simple but functional look. Daybeds generally have a seat that looks like a mattress located between two short dividers.

However, some designs don’t have any barriers.


Modern divan sofa 3D model | CGTrader


It is one of the popular couch types which can also be used as a bed. The seat is similar to a mattress surrounded by low wooden frames.

Generally, this furniture is placed near the wall. Divan itself is known to have come from Persia but is considered similar in design to a daybed.

English Rolled Arm

Best English Roll Arm Sofas: George Sherlock, Bryght, Cococo Home & 4 More | English roll arm sofa, Rolled arm sofa, Velvet sofa


The English sofa styles are easy to spot because of their high back. Usually, this furniture is also equipped with an upholster to beautify all of its parts.

Meanwhile, the handrails are generally very low, almost non-existent.

Full Sofa Lounger

Talenti Cruise Alu Left Arm Sofa Lounger | AuthenTEAK


They are semi bed couch types. Uniquely, when it has become bed-mode, the backrest still stands so you can still use it as a chair. Moreover, this flexibility makes it the choice of many people.


Futon Sofa Bed


A futon is one of the best types of couches for small living space. In addition, this seat can be transformed into a bed instantly as it has sections that can be folded, raised, or lowered.

Moreover, this furniture is perfect for apartment residents or people with loads of guests.

Grandma’ Couch (Classic Round Arm Sofa)

This grandma couch is one of my most prized possessions. I designed my living room around it. $40 on half-off furniture day at the DAV store. : ThriftStoreHauls


Because of its classic appearance, many people call it Grandma’s Couch.

Moreover, they are sort of popular couch types by decade with its signature floral print slipcover/upholstery reminiscent of the warmth of Granny’s house.

High Back Sofas

Grape BOX highback convertible sofa | Architonic


Based on the name, we can tell that these couch types have higher support than other parts.

However, there is no specific standard regarding its size and measurement. As a result, this design applies to many seats.

Lawson Sofa

Alana 88" Lawson Rolled Arms Sofa - Jennifer Taylor Home


These couch types are the most common choice. In general, the Lawson sofa has a higher back and is different in shape to the arms.

Because of the similar concept and shape, some people consider the design similar to the English roll arm.


China Factory Wholesale Price High Quality Luxury Leather Sofa - China Living Room Sofa, Leather Sofa


Leather was considered one of the worst types of couches material because of its bulky appearance.

But over time, many people start to make it a mainstay in making furniture because it gives a warm and comfortable feel.

Unfortunately, maintenance is still quite expensive.

Loveseat Sofas

Create new atmosphere by placing small sofa beds – anlamli.net in 2020 | Small sofa, Cheap small sofa, Sofas for small spaces


The loveseat is the term for couch types with 2-3 seats.

Because of its simple sofa description, maybe you will find many types that are similar to it. For example, camelback and cabriole.

Moreover, this furniture is popular today.

Low-Seated Sofas

13 Types of Low-Seated Sofas for Different Rooms of the House


Some couch types do have attractive designs for many reasons. That is why one of them is the low-seated sofas designed for lounging.

As a result, you can use it to relax in various positions without worrying about falling or being uncomfortable.

Mid Century

Shop Ovios High back Couch,Mid-Centry Spring Upholstered sofa,71 inch Velvet fabric Futon with metal golden leg for living room - On Sale - Overstock - 31414923


Above all, everything with a mid-century theme will mostly apply natural elements. That is why presumably you will see loads of brown colors in these couch types.

Also, there is usually a touch of wooden material in it.

Mid-century Modern Sofa

mid century modern sofa | Modern sofa table, Mid century modern sofa, Mid century modern sofa table


These couch types generally have a minimalist design and rectangular shape.

Besides, mid-century modern furniture is also known for its distinctive features, namely tufted back and clean lines in various parts.

This design was popular since the mid-1930s and is still popular today.

Multi-Sofa Lounger

Relax-A-Lounger Clifton Faux Leather Recliner Sofa, Black - Walmart.com - Walmart.com


Likewise, this multi-sofa lounge is the right choice for those of you who like to hang out with close people.

With a design that is wide enough for sitting or lying down, you can use it as a comfortable place to relax.

Modern Couches

Scandormi Modern Sofa: Grey mid-century tufted couch | Expand Furniture - Folding Tables, Smarter Wall Beds, Space Savers


These are the best types of couches for those who enjoy simplicity. It is because modern sofas generally have a simple design and not too many knick-knacks.

Besides, furniture with this concept often includes multifunctional features to add value to it.


Nuevo Furniture Tufty Ottoman Sofa - HGSC462


These traditional sofa styles are inspired by furniture from the Ottoman Empire. The size is as small as a table. Its also often function as a coffee table.

In addition, over time, designs like this are made smaller and only used as a complement to the room.

Pallet Couches

Dazzling Cool Pallet Deck Furniture Pallet Deck Furniture Awesome Pallet sofa Cushions Unique 27 Fresh Pallet Patio Furniture Cushions


Most pallet couches are custom made because they have to fit the shape of the room. The placement is usually attached to the wall. However, you can also add your backrest to make it more comfortable.

Pull Out Sofa Bed

Utilize unused area of your room with Single Sofa bed chair | Single sofa bed chair, Single sofa bed, Sofa bed design


This sofa design has been around for decades. Apart from being a place to sit, you can extend its size into a bed by pulling out a particular part. This furniture is equipped with a storage room to fold it again if not needed.


Handmade kubu rattan sofa, Comfortable sofa - Rotin Design


Rattan couches are the best choice for those of you who like furniture with a rustic or mid-century theme.

Generally, this furniture has a box design, complete with soft pads that will make you comfortable when sitting on it.


A French Récamier Style Daybed | 166 | A. Tyner Antiques


These classic couch types are perfect for those of you who have an artistic taste. Recamiers have a symmetrical shape and usually have scrolled ends. Most of them do not have backrests, so they are often placed close to walls.

Recliner Sofa

China Bottom price Super Single Mattress Memory Foam - Home cinema leather recliner relax 3 seater sofa electric – Chuan Yang factory and manufacturers | Chuan Yang


You may often find these couch types in theaters. Recliners are known for having leg supports that fold up when not in use. The design is new, but having this furniture at home will provide maximum comfort.

Retro Square Arm Sofa

A Sofa can make or break a room - Blog - Looking Good Furniture


You have to try a unique theme as part of the furniture, at least once. One thing you can choose is a retro square arm sofa that has a minimalist design but looks comfortable. These are timeless couch styles by decades that will stay captivating for the moment.

Rollback Sofas

Lauryn Slipper Chair & Reviews | Joss & Main


Rollback sofas are couch types that have a circular top back. The design does make anyone comfortable when using it. You can even find lots of slipcovers to beautify it.

Round Back Sofas

Style Roundup – Decorating With Round Sofas And Couches


The shape of the round back sofas is somewhat unusual because it looks like giant mushrooms at first glance. However, these couch types are quite popular because of their uniqueness and aesthetic appearance.

Sectional Sofa

Grenada 7 Piece Power Reclining Sectional Sofa with Chaise - Kane's Furniture


These couch types are also known as modular sofas. The sectionals consist of several smaller seatings that are placed in a row to form a beautiful seating arrangement. Thus, you can put it according to room conditions.

Settee Sofa

Settee | furniture | Britannica


Settees are traditional sofa styles with the same concept as a loveseat. These couch types are wide but are usually less comfortable because their function is not for relaxing.

On the other hand, few people still use it for aesthetic reasons.

Single Sofa Lounger

Recliner sofas - Carmo motion corner sofa - BoConcept


It is the simplest form of a lounger to choose from. These couch types are generally similar to sectionals in general shape.

However, these single sofas usually have a long section that allows them to rest their feet and enjoy the relax moments

Slipcovered Sofa

Slipcovered Square Arm Chair


Expensive sofa care sometimes makes people worry when using it. Fortunately, some alternatives to take are to make this furniture durable. One of them is to provide a slipcover to protect the surface. Some couch types are equipped with this protector directly from the manufacturer.

Sofas with Wooden Arms

Dorset Industrial Loft Taupe Jute Sofa with Wood Arms | Rustic sofa, Furniture, Sofa


The types of couches material will define quality. So far, wood is the most preferred choice because it is strong and durable, even compared to rattan. This material can also provide aesthetic value to any furniture in your home.

Sofas with no Arms

Frode without arms sofa bed - Innovation Sofas


Not everyone has the same taste. Although many consider couch types based on its arms, some choose not to include this feature at all.

One of the reasons is to facilitate movement to the right and left.

Sloped Arm Sofa

Erika Contemporary Sofa with Sloped Arms and Nailhead Trim | Household Furniture | Sofas


As explained above, there are various couch types based on the shape of the arms. One that is quite comfortable is the sloped type that is designed according to the body shape. That way, you can lean on the best position on it.

Tuxedo Sofa (Straight Back)

Jack 84" Tuxedo Sofa - Jennifer Taylor Home


The hallmark of a sofa tuxedo is the height of the arms that are parallel to the back. Also, when viewed as a whole, these couch types will appear straight.

Moreover, most people love these couch because it’s classy as well as adjustable.

Upholstered Sofa

Flexsteel Digby Upholstered Sofa | Rooms and Rest | Sofas


Upholsters refers to the various things that exist in many couch types, such as the seats, arms, and so on. Almost all of the sofas in the modern era are equipped with this feature for comfort while the old chairs only used natural materials.

Wingback Sofas

Hardy Wingback Sofa & designer furniture | Architonic


Wingback sofas are one of the luxurious couch types that are still known today. However, its existence is increasingly shifted in the modern era due to the emergence of more recent designs. However, this design is still quite attractive to those with classic taste.

Additional Information

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Many interesting facts people may not know about this furniture. Here are some frequently asked questions about sofas and couches:

Sofa vs Couch: What is the Difference?

FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional,3 seat w/storage, Skiftebo dark gray - IKEA


Talking about seats, these two things are often considered the same even though they have differences.

In theory, a sofa is identical to a cozy seating area, while a couch refers to a more simple yet functional furniture design.

However, because of the similarity in function and style, many people ignore these differences generalized them as a chair.

What is the Most Reliable Element for Sofa and Couch?

What's The Best Fabric for My Sofa? | How to Decorate


A sofa or couch can consist of several materials at once. Many frames are made of wood because they are considered the most ideal for furniture.

Although, some manufacturers also use plastic or steel as reinforcing materials.

Meanwhile, the padding is soft material-based, such as fur or foam. For the exterior, the materials used must be of high quality.

Besides, the selection must also be based on aesthetics to make it look attractive.

So far, the leather is the best. But it’ll cost you. Because of this, many people also choose cotton, linen, or other synthetic materials as alternatives.

Some people then use a removable slipcover to minimize damage due to their use.

How to Wash a Sofa or Couch?

Cleaning Solutions for your Sofa & Couch - Blog


Some sofas and couches are coupled with slipcovers that can be removed and reattached with zippers.

Therefore, take those slipcovers off and wash according to the standard rules set for each material. Wash them properly and don’t forget to put it back on soon after cleaning.

But in fact, some materials cannot be washed, except by the experts. In addition, few materials, such as leather, will be ruined if you wash them incorrectly.

That is why you need to call a professional service to solve it.

To sum up, you’ve seen that there are broad sofa and couch types across the planet. All of them are distinguished by physical form, material, and design.

Of course, its use is not arbitrary and requires consideration regarding room conditions, needs, budget, and so on.

Therefore, be diligent in looking for references before deciding to buy furniture.

Choosing the right sofa and couch types will help you feel more comfortable doing your daily activities. If possible, you can even customize it to suit your needs and desires.