30+ Best Concrete Bathroom Ideas for Your Peaceful Retreat

Are you here for concrete bathroom ideas? You’re lucky, because there will be a bunch of them to get the most of your space.

It is no secret that concrete increases in popularity due to its stylish and trendy features. Besides, the material offers high durability as well as versatility too.

Furthermore, in many fashionable homes, it gives an outstanding industrial flair through the functional surface in living rooms and kitchens.

At the same time, concrete makes an excellent choice for bathroom decoration thanks to its flexibility and strength as well.

32 Elegant Concrete Bathroom Ideas for Your Next Home Improvement Project



From the splash of water to clamminess changes, materials employed in bathrooms tend to face numerous issues.

Even though concrete bathroom ideas are typically prone to porous, the material is capable to deal with such harsh environmental damage.

But interestingly, you can effortlessly seal broken concrete surfaces with a good chemical sealer. It will immerse perfectly in the pore sand and also develop an unnoticeable barrier.

Concrete can be considered as a blank canvas since it allows infusing any fresh paint or print. Meanwhile, you can also hone and polish down this material to get a highly smooth surface.

Not only applies to the floor, but concrete is suitable for any kind of surface. Check out the following concrete bathroom ideas as a starting point to help you know where direction to go in this view.

Mixed Materials



A combination of concrete, glass, as well as wood in this bathroom, mixes perfectly, offering the right dose of balance in the space.

You will also love the enchanting golden fixtures and exposed sink pipes of this small concrete bathroom as well.

Despite their minor appearances, the golden fixtures introduce a necessary splash of color and added interest without being too much.

Transform Windows



Consequently, having a narrow bathroom requires you to take any decoration approach creatively and smartly. Just like this clever idea to include transform windows into space.

As you can see, the shower area in these concrete bathroom ideas also receives additional illumination from the light of the room next door.

Bedroom Walkway



A large basin sits on the unusual concrete vanity that completes the entrance of this modern master bedroom.

Moreover, there is a shower area tucked away right behind it, offering the necessary space for starting out your day.

Trough Beauty



This polished concrete bathroom is something you will want to steal the look at first glance.

Originally made for an animal trough, the oversized bathtub still works great as a bath and focal point of the room.

Although the trough may only cost no more than 300 dollars, it requires five adults to get the item in place if you are interested in these concrete bathroom ideas.

You can also steal the look by getting a concrete trough and an old-fashioned wood dough bowl for the bathroom sink.

Then, keep the walls feel raw by polish the concrete surface only instead of coating it in your favorite color.

Faux Concrete



A perfect mix of wooden floor and faux concrete wall make this bathroom appear so luxurious. Not to mention the minimalist decor that keeps the room simple yet classy.

The wall itself is not the real concrete you probably thought of at first. Instead, it is a painted plaster effect that results in a perfect, natural vibe.

Try to complete the bathroom with a vintage bathtub and a pale-colored curtain to emphasize the subtle backdrop.

Once you get the look, be ready to make it into your favorite place at home due to its special talent to become a peaceful retreat.

A Bathroom with Masculine Flair



Get a bespoke concrete wall coupled with floor panels to replicate the perfect masculine vibe of this stunning bathroom.

As a result, you will see a wonderful combination of these concrete bathroom ideas that offers a rough backdrop for the sleek wooden basins.

Then, to keep the room feel open, a frameless mirror is selected as it won’t make the space look cramped.

The bathroom also features a sort of different lighting fixtures to keep every corner of the space accessible.

You can also include wall-mounted mixers and mini globe pendants in the decor of this masculine bathroom.

The Magic of Minimalist



A freestanding bateau bathtub will look stand out against a plain concrete wall.

Therefore, to continue the minimalist vibe, you can add a cast-concrete basin and opt for honed floor tiles from your favorite provider.

But don’t forget to install a floating towel rail and finish the minimalist look with lovely brass fixtures.

Hanging some indoor plants from the ceiling is also appreciated to liven up this minimalist bathroom.

Micro Cement



This fashionable hotel-like interior is achieved by furnishing the bathroom with a contemporary freestanding bath as well as a matching vanity sink.

The monochrome scheme is also lovely with micro cement floor and marble surfaces. Not to mention the oval mirrors that make the bathroom appears more fascinating.

To sum up, complete the serene and uncomplicated look of this bathroom by incorporating an outstanding indoor plant at the corner.

Concrete and Copper Mix



Concrete walls certainly make a perfect backdrop to showcase outstanding metal accessories like this copper bath.

In addition to the signature bathtub, try to introduce an exposed copper pipe in the design for unexpected interest.

Classic Monochrome Theme



This white concrete bathroom features an interesting patterned floor that certainly complements the monochrome scheme.

To liven up space, you can also set several potted plants on the bathroom vanity or right on the floor. But remember to provide the black framed mirror for a fascinating reflection in the design.

Wooden X Concrete Wall



It is no secret that wooden wall accents work in various constructions, including these concrete bathroom ideas.

Here, a concrete wall divider works as a separator between the sleek freestanding bathtub as well as the shower area. Meanwhile, the polished flooring lends an industrial flair to this bathroom.

Moreover, with a minimalist decor approach, you don’t need to include a lot of accessories to maintain the natural vibe of this bathroom.

Concrete Bathtub



Above all, concrete bathroom ideas are not always about applying the material to the walls. For instance, you can take note of the above picture and see how a freestanding bathtub can carry out the theme flawlessly.

Against the all-white bathroom setting, the concrete bathtub can certainly become a fascinating focal point that somehow exceptional.

Not to mention the double-exposed beams on the ceiling that offers another interesting accent.

In short, this idea is perfect for those who want to include concrete in their bathroom design without being too much.

Dark Concrete Bathroom Ideas



A mix of natural-looking surfaces in this bathroom certainly won’t fail to amaze everyone. With a concrete wall accent and wooden ceiling, the space appears so elegant.

Aside from the wall, the bathtub and basins also feature the raw beauty of concrete. Meanwhile, the black fixtures throughout the bathroom inject an industrial flair.

Because of the skylights, this dark concrete bathroom doesn’t appear cramped at all.

Small Concrete Bathroom



Never let a narrow space limit your style, especially when it comes to remodeling a bathroom.

Featuring concrete floor and subway ceiling-to-floor tiled walls, this bathroom offers everything you need to get relaxed after work.

The black shower fixtures and window frames make the room display the right dose of an industrial beauty.

Concrete Paradise



Dreaming of having a lovely space that is perfect for a daily retreat? Try this one of concrete bathroom ideas for a good reason.

Combining a concrete wall accent and an oversized bathtub, this bathroom has every feature to become a great spot for releasing stress.

This idea is becoming more perfect as the bathroom is surrounded by greeneries and natural wooden accessories.

You will love that repurposed leader shelf that holds a variety of bathroom essentials.

Floating Wooden Basin



Incorporating a floating wooden basin makes a good choice to warm up the cold concrete wall and floor in this bathroom.

In accordance with the wooden basin, the pendant light hung over the area also features a similar warming vibe.

Meanwhile, to keep the concrete bathroom ideas minimalist and feel clutter-free, you can add a wall-mounted frameless mirror.

Polished Wall for Contemporary Bathroom



While there are several distinct way to use concrete across your interior design, polished one typically introduces a sleek, sophisticated look thanks to its glossy finish.

Just like this one of the polished concrete bathroom ideas that showcases its elegant look flawlessly.

The glass panel makes a transparent division between the shower and toilet area, allowing the sunny window to lighten up both spaces.

Scored Concrete Walls



If you prefer a grainy, unfinished texture that brings a vibe of rustic bathroom, scored concrete can achieve the look perfectly.

Take a look at this one of the concrete bathroom ideas that features striking scored finish, introducing the appearance of an industrial styled space.

Concrete Wall and Marble Vanity



Sealed concrete has been a popular alternative between polished and scored styles. This middle road comes with sealant that reduces the impact of spills as well as stains.

However, sealed concrete surfaces are typically more matte compared to polished ones.

Meanwhile, adding classy touch to these concrete bathroom ideas is the dashing marble vanity. It homes the sleek, shallow sink and the lovely flower vase.

Scandinavian Concrete Bathroom



If you are in love with Scandinavian inspired bathroom that provides an angular, clean aesthetic, this picture may help to spark some inspiration for your upcoming remodeling project.

Even though floor-to-ceiling concrete is pretty uncommon in Scandinavian setting, it is still successful to create an elegant look in this bathroom.

To complete the raw space, consider including a wooden table or chair around the bathroom. Any small accessory and fixture in the identical material is great too.

Modern Bathroom with Industrial Flair



For years, concrete bathroom ideas have been being used to lend an industrial style since they tend to appear in warehouses as well as manufacturing facilities.

Once applied in a home bathroom, concrete can provide a chic flair that seems rare but beautiful.

Lively Living Plants



Living plants can give a touch of greenery and life that prevents your concrete bathroom ideas seems bland or too barren.

In addition to living plants, this bathroom also features gold fixtures that contrast the concrete walls in a beautiful manner.

Meanwhile, the recessed wall shelf provides extra storage without taking much space of the tiny bathroom.

Chic Bathroom Decor



One of the reasons why concrete becomes a popular design element is that it works well with a wide range of colors in the spectrum.

You can warm up and cool down the look of concrete surfaces due to their naturally neutral composition.

Thus, once you get the right shade to work with concrete bathroom ideas, the result will be wonderful as shown in this picture.

Matte Concrete Walls



If industrial style becomes your desired design choice, creating concrete bathroom walls can help to achieve this aesthetic.

Consider featuring the bathroom with two matte concrete walls to provide an eye-catching contrast and interest.

Then, to infuse a more serene vibe in your concrete bathroom ideas, try to incorporate white porcelain or infuse gray marble.

Natural Concrete Floor



One of the simplest and most effective methods to incorporate concrete in the bathroom is to infuse it in your flooring design.

Concrete bathroom floor lends a natural look and works especially well in an open-concept layout. It can be an excellent alternative to the rustic finished wooden flooring too.

Moreover, concrete floor is also an affordable choice compared to wooden flooring, yet it still fits the aesthetic of your rustic scheme.

If you are living in a warm climate, concrete floors make a nice option as well since they can stay cool.

Otherwise, you are not recommended to go for these concrete bathroom ideas if staying in colder climates with cold winters.

In case you still want to install concrete floor, make sure to provide ample rugs or bathroom mats to help with the cold surface.

Pendant Light Fixtures



Without a doubt, concrete is one of the most versatile materials that can be turned into various decorative items including this pendant light fixture.

With slim, minimalist concrete structures, you can hang the lights from the walls or ceiling. Once installed, they will offer wonderful illumination and ambience in your bathroom.

Aside from the bathroom, this light fixture is suitable for implementation throughout your home.

Eco-friendly Concrete Sink



Concrete bathroom vanity and sink allows you to have an eco-friendly feature in this space.

Compared to traditional materials, concrete sink is generally more eco-friendly since it is made of local things like gravel, sand, rock, and cement.

Moreover, concrete also has less carbon footprint than stone as this material is typically imported from various regions around the world.

DIY Plant Holders



If you want to try concrete bathroom ideas but are not willing to go overboard, consider incorporating accessories made of this material like plant holders.

Moreover, DIY concrete plant holders are easy to create and allow you to add the beauty of this natural material in no time.

For a simpler and quicker result, you can also find a variety of concrete plant holders in local home improvement stores.

Then use it to hold your favorite plants and let them bring life into the bathroom.

Beautiful Shower Niche



Are you looking for another simple way to design your concrete bathroom ideas? Try adding this practical shower shelf for additional storage and interest in this space.

This concrete bathroom makes a nice example with its horizontal shower niche. The design allows you to store several bottles at once, making it perfect for communal use.

White Walls and Wooden Cabinetry



Create a modern bathroom with a touch of concrete beauty by stealing the look of this space.

Featuring white walls and wooden cabinetry, this concrete bathroom is in the cozy direction rather than seems cold.

Try to decorate the bathroom with simplistic mirrors as well as light textiles so that it can feel welcoming and calming at the same time.

Ceiling with Exposed Beams



Neutral white ceiling is not the only choice when you are working with concrete bathroom ideas. Instead, a colorful one will help to make your space feel more personalized.

In this concrete bathroom, you can see the exposed beam ceiling is painted in a deep shade of green color.

Meanwhile, the flooring design comes with simple monochrome patterns that work well with the concrete walls.

Lighted Round Mirror



There is something enchanting about this bathroom mirror. Thanks to the hidden lighting, it appears like beautiful moonlight against the dark scheme.

To balance the black walls on the upper sides, scored concrete finish is selected to keep the look raw and lighter.

Offering useful storage solution without taking much of the floor space is the elegant wall-mounted bathroom vanity.

Final Thoughts



As you can see, concrete is an all-around material that offers great durability and raw natural beauty.

Either in industrial or other design styles, concrete walls, floors, and accessories can work flawlessly in turning your bathroom into something more fascinating.

Evaluate each of the above ideas and see how you can use concrete in your bathroom properly.

Finally, there is no need to hesitate in executing any of these concrete bathroom ideas in your home. Happy decorating!


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