31 Comic Book Storage Ideas to Keep Your Collection Neat

Discovering various comic book storage ideas can be something comforting for those who love these ‘books with drawings’.

By storing your favorite comic books more properly, you will allow the next generation to enjoy them.

Generally, the best comic book storage ideas will depend on how many the collection is and the way you usually read them.

This article will help you discover the most ideal choice for your comic book storage needs.

It is no secret that people who like reading comics often end up having a huge collection of these books without knowing the right way to either display or store them.

If you happen to face the same issue, the following comic book storage ideas will help to make your collection a part of the home design.

Bag and Board



This is one of the effective ways to store your comic books in the most excellent shape possible.

Just make sure that you get a bag that suits the years of the comic books since most of them have dissimilar sizes depending on when they were released.

By using right size bags, you don’t need to worry about the chance of your comic books getting damaged with time.

To prevent the comic books from bending or ripping, consider placing a piece of cardboard behind them when storing.

However, make sure that the board is free from acid before use. This is important since the substance is capable to harm the book pages over time.

Simple Wooden Shelf



This wooden shelf is indeed worth a try when you need an effective storage solution for your comic books.

It is very effective and simple to store your comic collection because of its small size. Besides, the shelf does not take up much space and can even be made of a DIY project.

If you own some limited edition comic books, providing them with this storage solution should be worth the money and effort.

This allows you to separate your limited edition collection with others if needed.

DIY Cardboard Comic Storage



For those who don’t have wood to make the previous idea, try this DIY cardboard storage instead. Without breaking the bank, you can still keep your comic collection neat.

Besides, this one of comic book storage ideas is not difficult at all and all you need are some cardboards and glue gun.

Give it more finished look by painting the cardboard or wrap the surface with pretty paper that suits your taste.

Practical Transparent Box



In case your comic collections are not yet large in number, try to use this transparent box to keep them organized.

Simply arrange your comics however you want and the transparent box will make it very easy for to find a particular collection to read.

It makes a pretty quick solution if you need comic book storage ideas since this item is widely available in the market.

While it seems to be a perfect choice, this shelf comes with a downside.

There could be a little effort to take a comic that you want to read but this one is at the bottom of the shelf.

Plastic Comic Case



If you are the type of person who likes to read all the time when there is free time, this plastic case fits your needs perfectly.

This comic case is very simple and you can carry it everywhere. Despite being fashionable, the storage solution is not heavy at all.

You can choose the comic that you want to read and save it on the plastic case before going somewhere.

Wall Hanging Comic Storage



To save some floor or table space, you probably prefer these wall hanging comic book storage ideas.

Simply secure the storage on the wall and organize the comic of your choice in however you like.

Besides beautifying the room, this wall hanging unit will also make it easy for you to choose the comics you want to read.

Big Collection of Comic Books



If you have a large comic collection, this storage solution can be a perfect option.

These floor-to-ceiling built-in wall shelves have everything you need to store a variety of comic books from the past few years.

The integrated storage solution features some space for hanging a TV and open rack for your gaming device or home theater.

Cabinet with Glass Doors



In case the above comic book storage ideas are too large for your collection and you also need some space for displaying action figures, try this one instead.

Thanks to its clean glass doors, you can find your comic collection easily. Besides, it offers a perfect solution to keep your action figures and other favorite plush toys.

Going tall instead of wide, this cabinet will not take much floor space despite offering a lot of room for your comic books.

Side Table with Drawers



Repurposing your old side table into comic book storage with drawers can be a great choice, especially if you like a woodworking project.

Start with creating the drawers and change the knobs into something more old-fashioned. You can also paint the entire furniture in black for a statement.

Furthermore, try to add some stickers or posters that correspond to the comic books you store in the drawers for additional visual interest and practical purposes.

Sliding Comic Book Rack



If you wonder how to store comic books without making them difficult to find, try this sliding rack idea.

Made of wood, this sliding comic book rack offers enough space to keep your collection organized and easy to find.

You just need to pull the sliding drawer to expand and find a comic book to read. It will indeed be a great addition to any bedroom of a comic lover.

Built-in Daydreaming Space



A true comic lover must be happy to have a comfortable reading nook where they can take a nap in between their favorite activities.

This one of comic book storage ideas makes a great example with a bunch of storage solutions and an integrated bed frame.

Now, you can enjoy your reading time by lying on a comfortable cushion with this storage idea.

Practical Sliding Racks



Rather than a single sliding rack as shown previously, you probably need more shelves to store all your comic books.

With this tall cabinet that holds several open racks, you can easily store a lot of comic books without worrying to find them complicatedly.

Just make sure to wrap your favorite comic books in a clear plastic bag before storing to keep them clean and dirt-free.

Wood and Vinyl Storage



For comic book storage ideas, this one is pretty practical and will not take much space in your bedroom.

The only downside will be the difficulty of taking a comic book that is placed in the last row. Thus, make sure to arrange the one you read the most in the first few line ups.

Upcycled Milk Crates



Your comic book display ideas do not have to be a brand new store-bought cabinet. Instead, you can create it from easy-to-find materials in the flea market.

This one of comic book storage ideas can be a good example with its recycling inspiration.

To create this useful comic storage, you need to get a few unused milk crates and recycle an old metal cabinet.

Consider repainting the crates however you like or leave them with their original look for a rustic flair.

DIY Comic Book Storage Ideas



While this storage stand is available in the nearby store, you can consider creating the display yourself for a weekend project.

You can take advantage of pallet boards to create the storage stand and paint them in any color of your choice.

The storage stand will work great to show your vinyl record collection, but using it as a space for storing comic books won’t hurt too.

Compact Organizer



Don’t let your comic and action figure collection spread randomly on the floor by building this pottery barn inspired book rack.

Its wooden finish makes this book rack suits any style, making it easy for you to place the storage around the house.

With its open layout, you probably want to organize your collection depending on the shade of the comic books’ covers.

For additional visual interest, consider filling the empty space between your books with action figures or stuff animals.

Affordable Shoe Box Rack



Repurpose your vacant shoe boxes into functional comic book storage ideas like shown in this picture.

To keep the uniformity of the boxes, you can consider wrapping them in similar pretty papers or spray paint the outer surfaces in white.

Then, to indicate what each of the boxes hold, simply stick a printout of the comic’s trademark on the front side.

Display Stand for Comic



Another one of the best comic book storage ideas comes in the form of a unique display stand of black wires.

This comic display stand makes a good option for restricted space. However, you should expect limited room to store your collection as well.

Moreover, you need to pay attention to the cleanliness of each comic book as it is kept in an open air.

Despite its little downside, this storage idea is still a great choice as it allows you to showcase your collection for extra splash of color.

Comic Cabinet with Interesting Covers



While some comic book storage ideas mentioned above suggest you to include tag or sticker that indicates what is inside, this one brings it to the next level with framed covers.

Rather than a simple sticker, you can get affordable black frames from a dollar store to create an exceptional label for your comic collection.

Simply print out each cover of your comic collection and keep in the frame for display.

Double as Wall Arts



Start displaying your collection with these comic book storage ideas for introducing additional interest on a blank wall.

This comic book display can be mounted onto the wall to double as a unique wall art. Consider adding a spotlight light fixture to highlight the collection.

Once you feel the need to update the look, simply switch the displayed comics with the other ones.

It allows you to display several comic books in the same genre in a while and change them for another variety later on.

Simple Wall-Mounted Shelves



If you are looking for a way to display your small collection, this one of comic book storage ideas should be perfect.

With a floating shelving unit and black frames, you can keep your favorite comic collection in display.

Make sure to always coat the comic books with plastic wrap first before each display so that the covers can stay clean.

Floor-to-Wall Display



Having a small number of comic collections should not stop you from displaying them beautifully on the wall.

You can try this one of comic book storage ideas to showcase the complete chapters of a series.

In case there is a missing chapter in your collection, skip it with an action figure or any topiary first until you get the comic book.

Comic Reading Nook



Different from other comic book storage ideas, this space offers a great spot for reading and storing your huge collection at the same time.

The built-in rack under the bed can be used to store your old comic collections while the wall-mounted unit is for recently collected ones.

Simple Wire Baskets



If you seek comic book cabinets for sale and can’t find any that meets your budget, this kind of wire basket may make an excellent alternative.

It is pretty simple to install on the wall and you can always grab your favorite collection easily. Besides, the comic book storage ideas will act as extra interest as well in the room.

Colorful Filing Cabinets



Get some filling cabinets and use them to organize your comic collection better. These will keep the books dirt-free while making it easy to find.

You can pair this one of comic book storage ideas with a display stand, so there are some collections to showcase too.

Consider using the display stand to keep the series that you are currently reading so that it will be much easier to grab.

Colorful Handmade Racks



Your comic books deserve a lovely storage unit as shown in this picture. Luckily, creating one is not difficult, especially if you already have an open shelving cabinet.

Rather than stacking your collection, these comic book storage ideas let you organize them more properly for extra adornment.

Get some cardboard and form them into the usual filing cabinets. Coat the finished items with pretty paper for a splash of color as well as pattern in your room.

Under Stair Comic Storage



If you don’t know what to do with that empty space under the staircase, turning them into comic book storage ideas must be great.

Take note of the above picture as a great example to make your staircase double as a storage unit for comic book collections.

Not only works in wooden staircase, but this idea also does well in concrete structure. However, you probably need to hire a professional to replicate this comic storage perfectly.

Comic Storage Combo



Rather than the usual wooden comic book storage boxes, you probably want to have a few ideas mixed together as this picture.

Here you can find a display stand, wall-mounted shelves, and a bookcase that accommodate plenty of room for storing all your comic collections.

You just need to complete the room with floor cushion or a chair to make reading comic even more comfortable.

Plenty of Open Shelves



Having plenty of open shelves allows you to keep a lot of comic books in one place.

If you have a home office or a simple reading room, consider this space to home some open shelves to store your comic collection.

With plenty of space available, you can still display other things on the cubicles including your office files and figurines.

DIY Storage Box for Comic Books



A pretty straightforward way to store comic books is by purchasing a cabinet to keep all the collection together.

However, if you want to save some money, creating a simple storage box as shown above will be a much better option.

To make it easy for finding your collection, you just need to organize the comic series in alphabetical ways and then put a tag on each of them.

Comic Book Library



Last but not least, consider opting for these comic book storage ideas if you want to put away a large number of collections.

This customable sliding cabinet not only severs as house for your comic books, but also a great storage space for other household items.

What makes it a great choice is that you can arrange and access the comic books easily.

However, this idea is probably not very practical for your kids if you consider creating the comic storage for them.

In short, if you love comics, having a reliable storage unit for your collection is a must. Start with one of these comic book storage ideas to keep everything nice and neat!