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Closet Light Ideas

Closet Light Ideas. Organizing and optimizing your closet is all about getting it in order, and great closet lighting is one surefire way to do it.

A smart lighting design combines additional beneficial illumination with the exquisite boutique effect that emphasizes favorite products like purses and shoes as showpieces, says Monika Kerstens, a California Closets design consultant.

A pleasant atmosphere may be created by strategic placement of recessed puck lights on top shelves, along the edges, or a brightening at the cabinet’s base.

Lighting can transform a space and give it an elevated and stylish new look, whether your closet is big enough to walk inside or has just enough room to store your items.

Find the most amazing closet illumination schemes that will transform your room from dull to chic. Let there be light!

Find the Right Wattage


Depending on the cabinetry color and existing natural and ambient lighting, LED bulbs may be adjusted to provide different room effects. “A medium-intensity ribbon light has about 1.4 watts per foot,” she says.

Task lighting or brighter illumination over clothes can be achieved with higher-intensity ribbons, which are around 3 watts. Dimmers offer another level of customization. A warm or cool LED may harmonize with a room’s hues and materials, depending on the cabinet’s finish.



According to Andrea Childs, editor of Country Houses & Interiors, there’s nothing better than natural light; we can’t always have that, of course, depending on the season. Investing in a skylight or two will give your closet a bright and airy feel throughout the day.’

Lanterns are ideal for garden and loft extensions because they focus light better than a flat skylight. They can utilize their architectural pyramid shape to make a space feel bigger by adding height.

Safety glass must be used in skylights. Any skylight must also be demonstrated to provide adequate heat loss protection, according to building codes.

Trusty Brass


This closet’s black and white papered accent wall adds pattern without overwhelming the space. The golden fixture in this space really shines and casts a welcoming glow, and black and white pairs wonderfully with brass.

Best strip lighting: Cshidworld LED Closet Lights


When you need to illuminate a hanging bar or shoe rack, strip lights are the ideal closet lighting solution. Each bar has a large 62 LED bulbs, so you can’t go wrong with the Cshidworld LED Closet Light.

This stick-on strip light works equally well in dark rooms and bright outdoors, thanks to four intelligent sensor modes. It comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust the brightness to your liking.

You can conserve the rechargeable battery while providing added convenience on those days you go in and out of your closet because you can’t quite choose the proper outfit, thanks to a smart timing feature.



Remember to install lights in your closet so you can see what you’re doing if there’s a sit-down vanity! The owner’s ability to apply makeup, style hair, and other tasks is improved by vanity lighting.

Install a fixture above or around a mirror to get started. If there is an overhead shelf or cabinet, puck lights may be utilized. It’s also vital to have secondary vanity lighting. To help you locate what you need, install strip lights inside drawers and cabinets that surround the vanity.



The best technique to add accent lighting to a room is to integrate bedroom lighting into joinery, especially in more contemporary approaches.

Sally Storey explains, “Under-cupboard lights installed into shelving shine items, while LED contour stripes beneath bedside tables produce a modish, floating effect.” You may tuck them beneath the shelves to illuminate your shoes and handbags at all times of day, whether you can see them plainly or not.

Let In Natural Light


Having a closet window is a luxury that really lets in the light. Keep it clear and free of any light-blocking clutter (such as boxes piled high and blocking the light stream) if you have a window in your closet. Keep it lightweight and airy if you want a window treatment on it.



LEDs are fantastic for organizing things because internal drawers are beautifully lit by them,’ says Philipp Nagel, director of Neatsmith(opens in new tab).

Scarf rails, which are nice to have, may be placed inside these drawers and dividers for shoes, hats, and gloves. They’re tiny and hold a lot of stuff, yet it’s vital that they’re put in a place where they aren’t obstructing anything.’


A set of lower drawers sit above a shelf in this floor-based custom closet system. An LED strip lighting system is installed on the underside of the shelf to illuminate the bottom part of the closet, which is utilized for shoe storage.

Don’t forget about the bottom of the wardrobe! It is extremely vital to have some light down there if you utilize this space to store your shoes. After all, you wouldn’t want to walk into work with only one black and one brown shoe.

For the bottom of the closet, use the same LED strip lighting that you used above your closet rods. Run all of the shelves from top to bottom using a single LED strip on each side, allowing all of the shelves to be evenly illuminated.



According to Allison Lynch, senior design consultant at Roundhouse(opens in new tab), ‘Wardrobe storage is just as crucial as kitchen storage.’

Not only will you be able to store everything you need in your closet, but your favorite pieces will be immediately accessible and beautifully hung if your wardrobe is well-organized! We can create the design to meet your needs, whether you want a his and hers closet with more short clothing than long; we have something for everyone.’

Lighting is critical since it permits you to clearly perceive all of your apparel in a bedroom, and lighting sensors that go on automatically when in use add a touch of luxury.’

Wall Fixtures

According to Adams, front-facing light is required for mirrors and vanities because it comes from a variety of heights.

Incorporating sources that highlight your features is a fantastic way to incorporate peripheral lighting. When it comes to the heights of the fixtures, don’t be afraid to change them until they suit you best.



It’s critical to consider lighting and light-reflecting surfaces when designing a dressing area in order for a windowless or tiny space to come alive and be a lovely place to spend time,’ says Philipp Nagel, director of Neatsmith(opens in new tab).

In a walk-in wardrobe or dressing room, included is the use of warm recessed LEDs, mirrored door designs, and ornamental glass finishes to maximize light and create a feeling of space.’

Glam Up With a Centerpiece




Mirrors do help disperse light and may help increase the brightness of this area without having to install a lot of light fixtures, despite the fact that they don’t really illuminate your closet.


I enjoy the process of making a closet feel completed and designed,’ notes Kim Armstrong, owner and principal designer at Kim Armstrong Interior Design(opens in new tab).

Adding ornamental lighting is such a excellent manner to add those finishing touches to it since it’s such a private area. For example, I chose the chandelier from Currey and Co. in this closet. ‘I adore the design’s simplicity, and the crystals add just enough glitz to make it stand out.’

This closet is elevated by the chandelier, which is complemented by wallpaper, window drapes, and a custom dressing island. It creates a lovely atmosphere to prepare in the morning.’

Make a Statement with a Chandelier or Pendant Light


Interior design should not be abandoned in the closet. With a chandelier or hanging light, create a dazzling effect. If your closet isn’t particularly big, consider a flush mount chandelier.



We utilized LED illumination with an opaque cover to which we added a contemporary design element to the dark wood,’ states Lucia Caballero, director of Caballero(opens in new tab). ‘Vertical lighting and placing the light source at the front in a wardrobe work well.’

Another option is to install discrete white LEDs on the ceiling to direct light in the desired locations.

Explore Your LED Panel Possibilities


LED lights are a great option for closets with difficult-to-reach places that throw severe shadows from the overhead ceiling lights due to their versatility.

Your modular closet may accommodate square, rectangular, or circular LED panels. Several features include movement-triggered sensors and operate on rechargeable batteries. Attach the hardware or an adhesive strip to secure the panel.



Good lighting is every bit as essential to your well-being and preservation of eyesight as it is to aesthetics, so don’t underestimate its importance.

Think about those darker mornings during the winter months, yet not bright white; choose a warmer vibe and have your lights on dimmers, so you may perfectly regulate it whatever time of day,’ advises Jennifer Ebert, digital editor at Houses & Gardens.

LED Lighting


A semi-wire light source is a LED (Light Emitting Diode). It is cost-effective and practical for a variety of reasons: it uses less power, lasts for a long time, is compact and elegant.

You may illuminate a far greater area in your closet with the LED closet light. Since you can put it on every shelf, even the ones at the bottom and corners of your wardrobe, this is a great option.

Using the 10-LED sensor lights will help you keep your closet devoid of cords and wires. A closet lightening solution of today is contemporary and stylish. It’s automatically done, but you may choose to do it manually as well.

You may afford to create an exquisite focal point for your closet if you have extra room in your house. Let the natural light embrace your living area and add a touch of elegance by placing it in the center of the room over the chaise longue.

If you’re in a bright white environment, avoid looking sterile by engaging in open space. Installing an over-the-top fixture with multiple light sources is one way to do it.

To give the room a glamorous and powerful appearance, choose a crystal chandelier. You’ll want to take care of this one, as it’s one of the most beautiful closet lighting fixtures available.

Just to let you know, you’ll have to have a lot of area in the house if you decide to use the chandeliers as your primary source of light in a walk-in closet. This method will make space seem bright and elegant.

With a warm paint, you can achieve so much in your closet. It’ll create a nice vibe, backed by some lovely vases and strategic lights.

Install Recessed Puck Lighting


The overall lighting scheme will be impacted or a spotlight will be put on valuable pieces by installing recessed puck lighting around the cabinetry’s top perimeter.



Mirrors are a wonderfully versatile design element that adds instant glamor and flair while increasing light and creating the feeling of space.

We also added an LED light strip to the back of the shelves, which created a really lovely halo glow,’ says Sara Cosgrove, founder and creative director at Sara Cosgrove.