Cactus Garden: 10+ Ideas to Beautify Your Own Desert Home

Did you know that cactus plants are one of the most popular types of desert plants? There are a lot of reasons why people love to grow cacti. Some find them beautiful while others enjoy their prickly nature. Whatever your reason for growing these type of plants, here is 14 ideas on how to beautify your own desert home with cacti!

Vivid colours

cactus and purple door


The cactus is a strong sculptural plant, and it works especially well when contrasted with vivid bold hues. This means that you’ll often see homes featuring pots of colorful plants set alongside the cacti. For example, this vibrant violet-colored garden looks stunning against the green succulents at the front door below which has been painted white to make for an eye catching contrast between color tones in every shade imaginable.

Cactus in Bloom

Cactus in Bloom


Cacti come in all shapes and colors, but they don’t always show off their true beauty. They often need a very particular set of conditions to bloom – sometimes even the slightest change can affect whether or not it’s possible for them to flower. But once you find that perfect spot, your cactus will be able to live up its potential!

Some cacti are green with white stripes while others may have yellow flowers; some might bear red fruit if given proper care! The best way is trial-and-error: moving plants around an area until one finally blossoms makes blooming happen more easily than before.

If you want to get the best results, make sure that when planting a cactus in your garden, never forget to fertilize it with plant-specific fertilizer. This will help keep the spines from flaring up and give off their pungent smell! Once grown properly, this flower should bloom for weeks on end – enough time for anyone’s eye sore of an ugly lawn or wasteland of dirt making its way over.

Mixing Different Kind of Cacti

By mixing a number of different kinds of cacti, you can give your garden a wild and natural look. A loose stone path is a way to keep your rugged and natural look, while building a walkway.


Cacti are all about the wild and natural look. Mix them up to add a little bit of country flair in your garden with some potted succulents, or try planting prickly pear cactus for an even more rugged feel! If you want your walkway to be as eclectic as possible, consider mixing different types of stones together so that it’s not just one solid color; this’ll really make those curious visitors stop dead in their tracks while they’re admiring the landscaping workmanship on display.

A Patch of Cactus Plants



You can’t help but feel a sense of wonderment when you see the desert plains stretching out before you. The plants are so tiny that they seem to stretch on into infinity, while taller cactuses take up residence off in the distance and provide an interesting contrast with their long thin spines reaching skyward for all eternity.

Blue Cactus

pilosocereus cactus garden


It’s true that cacti come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. The Pilosocereus is one such example with blue-toned seedlings which contrast against pale orange spines. Indoors or outdoors this plant would make for an eye catching conversation piece!

Yellow cactus

yellow cactus


The lime-yellow cacti that surround this home in the Sonoran Desert of Mexico are reminiscent of a brightly colored, geometric toy. The perfect geometry and color choice blend with these classic columnar cacti for an inviting look to visitors coming up from their car as they walk towards the front door.

Cactus in A Flowerbed

Cactus in a flowerbed


If you have a garden outside and live in a climate with mild winters, planting some succulent plants like cacti can give your outdoor space an added touch of uniqueness. The best way to go about this is to get one large enough that it won’t be lost among other vegetation but still doesn’t require anything special for its care–succulents are very low maintenance!

If you’re lucky enough to not need any extra watering or fertilizer during the winter months because you don’t usually experience harsh temperatures, adding just one big plant – such as those from the cactus family — will make your existing landscape look all new again without too much effort on your part.

Small Cactus

One small cactus is cute. Many small cacti? Adorable. If you want to multiply the cute factor of your garden, many many small and adorable little cacti.

Image: Image:

One small cactus is cute. A whole garden of little, adorable, and many cacti? Sensational! And the cuter they are, the more you’ll have to share with others as their curiosity gets piqued and people start asking about how many little plants there are; before long it will be everyone’s favorite conversation topic at gatherings.

Add some western element

Adding some western elements to your cactus garden can drive home that desert look. A wagon, a wooden well, or some worn pots. Anything distressed, unfinished and old fashioned can conjure images of the American west.


Adding a wagon, well or pots to your cactus garden can help it look more like the American west. Distressed and unfinished items create that old-fashioned Western feel you’re going for!

Creative landscaping is all about experimenting with new ideas in an effort to make your space seem fresh again. A great way of doing this is by adding some western elements such as wagons, wells or distressed pottery pieces around plants on display – these will conjure images of those cowboy days from back when America was young!

Desert Retreat



The desert is the perfect place for cactus plants. The homestead, with its quaint table and chairs to sit at while enjoying a break from work or relaxing in your down time, also features an attractive garden of only two rows of these prickly friends that line each side on this narrow path – which will lead you to both restful enjoyment as well as some bumps along the way!

Pink cacti!

pink cacti


The first time I saw the Millennial Pink Cactus, It would be hard not to get excited when you come across such an unusual sight as this! The cacti looked like they were straight out of Alice in Wonderland; giant and wacky with their vibrant pink paint job. However, upon further investigation, I discovered that these painted plants are only for decoration purposes- painting your own plant is usually very harmful so make sure you don’t do this at home or else risk killing them all together!

Cactus with pink spines

cactus with pink spines


Whether you are a pink-loving woman or just looking for something to brighten up your indoor space, look no further than the Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus. Its fuzzy seafoam green spines become more and more intriguing when seen from afar thanks to their hotpink hue. If this cacti is not enough of an eye catcher for you, try Mexican Fire Barrel with its fiery red spikes instead!

Stucco and Succulents

Stucco and Succulents


Stucco walls are a great way to add character to any garden, so why not create your new cactus garden against one. If you have an existing stucco wall that can be seen in the design of your new plant pots and individual plants then it’s worth considering how well they blend together as part of this look. Otherwise, there is almost literally no limit on what kind or style for planters you use when creating a backdrop like this!

Create a Mini Garden

Create a Mini Garden


One of the best places to grow a cacti garden, if you live in an apartment with no space for one outside your living quarters is on window sill. If there’s lots of sunlight coming into that particular spot it should be perfect! However, beware – not all windows get sun exposure during winter months and some are next to heating units which will dry out any plant they’re near quickly.

You might be surprised to know that window sills are not the only place where you can put your cacti. Shelves, other flat surfaces at eye level and even some small rocks around them will give a spot for these plants to grow in just about any space of your house or office.

Areas like windowsill and shelves can provide great environments for succulents as well as various types of stones which act both aesthetically pleasing but also have their own medicinal purposes too!

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