Cabinet Range Hood Ideas

Cabinet Range Hood Ideas. The plain, stainless steel kitchen vent hood has been replaced by something more stylish. They’re in the middle of a significant design phase right now.

Vent hoods are one of our favorite ways to add character to the kitchen, whether it’s a sleek hood that blends in perfectly or a bold, statement-making version.

We’ve gathered 70 vent hoods that will inspire you if you’re planning your next kitchen renovation. Some of our favorite styles are shown on page down.

Grand vent hood


The gentle swoop of this large vent hood gives it a traditional appearance. To give the kitchen a classic look, the residents picked two delicate neutrals: Benjamin Moore’s Halo and Sherwin-Williams’ Mindful Gray.



Slate-colored cabinets by BOWERBIRD are paired with a subway-tiled hood and exposed shelving.

Getting Creative With Shiplap


Shiplap isn’t just for background walls! To create a one-of-a-kind farmhouse range hood cover, this farmhouse kitchen incorporates the contemporary design and tactile happiness of this planking procedure.

The white shiplap, backsplash, and cabinets are beautifully offset by the rich stained wood trim that surrounds the bottom.

Chimney-Style Range Hood


This popular hood type is often vented (some recirculating models are available) and has an exposed duct that runs up into the ceiling. It’s also known as a wall-mount.

If your cooktop is on the island, it mounts to the wall above or above your range. With conventional range placement, you’ll have to take away any previous cabinets above the range.

A chimney hood, which provides more ventilation capacity than an under-cabinet hood, sits between your wall cupboards and gives a modern effect.

This popular hood type is known as a wall-mount and features an exposed duct that runs up into the ceiling (some recirculating models are available).

If your cooktop is on the island, it can be mounted to the wall above your range or ceiling. To accommodate the range, you’ll have to remove any existing cabinets above it.

A chimney hood, which is more ventilation power than an under-cabinet hood, sits between your wall cabinets and gives a modern effect.


Since they are installed above kitchen countertops and kitchen ranges, range hoods and tile backsplashes are unmistakably soul mates.

With a stunning tile backsplash behind it, a hood will appear even more exquisite. Filling an oddly sized or oddly shaped space above your range with these two kitchen features is absolutely perfect.

Hillside Retreat


On a hillside with an incredible Saratoga Lake sunset view, a European-California influenced Custom Home sits.

Reclaimed wood, stucco, and stone were used to finish the exterior. Custom office/lounge and Witt designed and constructed a yoga studio within the gourmet kitchen, dining, and living spaces.

This home has it all, from the veranda, which is bathed in the sun, to the master bath, which is spa-like. Randall Perry Photograhphery provided the images.

Stainless and Proud


Even on such details as cabinet pulls, frames, and hinges, Anik Pearson’s ship-shape kitchen design uses heavy-duty stainless steel touches.

It’s no surprise that she picked a Vent-a-Hood stainless steel hood, which blends in and hides in plain sight.



The island hood is a floating hood, unlike most stovetops, which are against the wall.

Since it’s hanging over the island with the stovetop, it seems to be floating. When removing fumes from the air while cooking, this hood design incorporates a chimney-like system.

French Farmhouse Kitchen


In this kitchen, the white range hood may or may not be a background character, but it definitely adds to the design.

The top trim echoes the rest of the kitchen cabinets, giving the space an elegant and custom feel, while its triangular façade ties into the form of the chandelier.

Tick Tock


Matching kitchen clock and range hood combination is time to get cooking. Barriviera Cucina’s Ora hood quietly and effectively vents cooking fumes, telling time.

Effortless Flow


The white hue flows from the vent cover all the way through the subway tile backsplash and cabinets, thanks to a white range hood that extends from the ceiling of the same color.

To break up the monotony, gold metallics and beige meet across the walls, countertops, and island lighting.

Shiny tube


In this contemporary kitchen design, the cylindrical brilliant tube looks great.

The white kitchen hood, which appears like an embellishment to the open storage areas above the stove rather than a kitchen hood, always stands out in any color scheme.

This is a really beautiful option to have in your house.

The Art of Blending In


The supple form and enormous size of this wide range hood amaze. It isn’t, however, here to steal the show. Instead, the wood kitchen island stands out, flooding the area with lightness while melting into the backdrop.

The kitchen is embellished with gold hardware, including pulls for the drawers and two pendant lights.

Black Out


These days, black accents can be found in every corner of the house, giving interiors a visual boost.

A huge black range hood, which contrasts with the stark white cabinets, walls, and equipment, can be seen in this kitchen on AtticMag.

Subtle Details


This minimal range hood is extended downward by a pair of wood corbels, which adds personality.

The addition is subtle and fits in with the kitchen’s minimal aesthetic, since the range hood is painted the same snowy white as the shiplap wall behind it. The stainless steel stove and wooden accents are able to shine because of this.

Mantle Hoods


These simple or intricate pieces may be as complex as you wish. With detailed Fluted Wall Pullouts for spices and a valance, you may build a custom-made wood hood that fits into the surrounding cabinets.

For a more dramatic showpiece that totally disguises the plain stainless steel exhaust fan, you can add onlays, plinths, or rosettes.

You’ve created a one-of-a-kind custom wood mantle hood with a gorgeous backsplash and a pot faucet.

These wood hoods provide you with a variety of choices. The range’s stove vent and exhaust fan are disguised by Mantle Hoods. What might be an eyesore is transformed into a focal point by mantle wood hoods.

Going Bold With Details


Vertical range hoods, such as the geometric beauty shown here, tend to stand out more than under-cabinet variants.

Wood trim on the bottom adds to the design’s complexity, providing a burst of contrast. The matching earthy hues of the parallel kitchen island are reflected by the silvery clock and turquoise vase underneath the range hood.

In the Circle


The Portland pair chose a round model from Franke because they wanted something different for their range hoods. The Tube range hood is more like a sculpture than an appliance and comes in island or wall versions.

Unforgettable Classic Farmhouse Style


Every corner of this kitchen holds endless fascination, from the copper-clad backsplash to the vintage sign decorating the wall.

The range hood’s plain cream coloring and form make it easy to focus on, making it an excellent focal point.

Main Beach Apartment


With flat-panel cabinets, gray cabinetry, white backsplash, black appliances, and an island, this house features a modern U-shaped kitchen design. The range hood, with its marble-like design, is also worth noting.

A Steely Finishing Touch


It’s no surprise that this range hood oozes farmhouse charm, given the popularity of galvanized metal in farmhouse décor.

The corbels add an unexpected element that frames the cooktop, and the wood-trimmed bottom adds to the aesthetic.

The design has a cohesive feel thanks to the range hood and cooktop’s swirling brown and gray hues, which marry together the cool and warm hues.

Sweet and Scalloped


Your total kitchen design can be matched with a custom metal range hood. The Roper vintage stove served as inspiration for Rehkamp Larson Architects, who added a fun scalloped hood where needed.

Wood Farmhouse Range Hood


To add visual warmth and a tailored appearance, this airy farmhouse kitchen features a wood hood range. The pair of pendant lights, as well as the curves of the bold black bar stools, are delicately mirrored in its tapered top and bell-bottom.

The wood flooring and wood décor above the cabinets give the earthy wood tone a similar elsewhere throughout the room.



In new kitchen renovations and developments, two-tone range hoods are becoming more popular. It’s a stunning design that can be used with a variety of forms and comes in a clean white finish with wood accents. While remaining simple, make a statement!

A Swirl of Honey & Christmas Cheer


This wood farmhouse range hood cover has a warm honey tone that matches the floor.

Because it is flanked by two white fluted cabinet doors and glossy white tile, it attracts the attention of every visitor. Of course, it isn’t hurt by the festive Christmas wreath that adorns it!

Range Hoods for any Style


The wallflower or the showpiece is the current range hood, which is usually divided into two categories. Either the designer has embraced the chance to make the range hood a star focal point and it’s so disguised that it vanishes, or

We have some fantastic showstoppers lined up for you here, as well as a few more modest looks thrown in for good measure.

Beautifully Juxtaposed


Opt for a curving brown range hood that tapers from the ceiling to guarantee that everyone will notice you.

The thick white trim at the bottom ties it into the color scheme, while the chocolatey brown hue contrasts with stainless steel appliances and white elements such as cabinets and subway tile.

A chevron tiled backsplash accent and a festive wreath are sandwiched between the range hood and stove, drawing even more attention to this powerful focal point.

DIY Ideas For Kitchen Hoods

Have you been feeling motivated? With a little paint and ingenuity, you can create some of these range hood design ideas on your own. Here are a few handy hints:

The first thing you should do is to check the temperature. Add some architectural elements. These add a lot of character to any edifice, and they’re easy to find and install.

In minutes, you can create the illusion of a large fireplace mantel by mounting a shelf on top. Similar to the English and French country examples above, you can also find turned table legs and decorative wainscoting to add interest and detail.

You can mix in additional equipment, such as your dishwasher, to match your décor with a little creativity.

2. construct a box A simple three-sided box frame covered in shiplap or stacked stone veneer would be a lovely focal point in a rustic kitchen.

3. Metalwork is a common term. Make a sweeping chimney or box frame, then bend hammered copper or stainless steel to give it an artistic appearance.

4. Add a fake finish to make it look nicer. Add a stencil or a piece of decorative metal artwork to the hood, paint it ugly, or cover it with contact paper made for appliances.

5. Take it apart piece by piece. Strip off the paint and polish the stainless steel to a brilliant shine for a totally new look if you have a stainless steel hood.

Your kitchen should be comfortable and attractive to you, the person who spends the most time in it, no matter what style you choose.

Your kitchen range hood is very functional, but it doesn’t have to stand out like a sore finger. You’ll find top kitchen hoods and equipment at Hauslane.

Fit our function into your style with a little ingenuity, a willing contractor, or some do-it-yourself motivation. Hauslane has kitchen hood design ideas that will suit any style.