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25 Attractive Butterfly Girls Room Ideas [UPDATED]

The butterfly girls room is an idea to consider for her bedroom design. Then, you can decorate any space with butterflies. It’s such a cool decoration to spice up the interior.

There are many technques to insert the beauty of butterflies inside a bedroom. It can be in form of wallpaper and decals on the wall.

Furthermore, it can also be the pattern on the bedding, curtains, and many other things. Those kinds of things would amaze the girls especially if they love butterflies.

These butterfly girls room ideas would be a good inspiration for you who want to decor your daughter’s bedroom.

Some of the designs on this page can also be an inspirational idea for adults too. So, let’s begin the exploration of butterflies in the bedroom.

1. Pink Butterfly Bedroom


It’s a special bedroom design for butterfly lovers. All of the elements have the creature on it. Further, it is on the bedding, pillows, wallpaper, and other accessories.

All elements seem to be matching each other. This bedroom has a pink color scheme. The butterfly becomes the main theme of the space.

The blue wall right beside the bed provides an alternative scene to this bedroom. This design provides more colors than it actually is.

Moreover, the festivity of butterfly images is all over the space. Your kids would have fun enjoying the amazing view.

2. Butterfly Girls Room Accent Wall

This girly bedroom has an attractive wall with butterflies all over the vertical space behind the twin bed. Then, the full-patterned wall is like the main attraction of this space.

Everyone who loves butterflies would impress with this bedroom. The images look like real-life creatures. That’s the beauty of it.

The designer of this bedroom wanted to promote the beautiful color of real butterflies. As a result, the wall is full of colors and adorable.

In addition, the wall design gives you a chance to add furniture with bold colors. So, the bedroom would be looking so fun and colorful.

3. Girly Bedroom with Matching Bedding and Curtains

This idea can be considered as an easy way to update the girls bedroom. Thus, change the bedding, curtain, and accessories.

You don’t need to apply new paint on the wall or furniture because it can be done just by changing a few things.

It’s got bedding set in pink and purple combination. Indeed, this is the color that would become the favorite of girls.

The set consists of a comforter, a sham, and a window valance. There are also some other matching elements that you can buy separately. This butterfly-themed set is available on Amazon.

4. Patterned Butterfly Wall Decal


A Wall decal is a simple way to make a butterfly girls room. Therefore, you can update the bedroom instantly just by sticking them on the wall above the headboard.

It’s enough to expose the attractive design of the wall decal. The available area above the headboard becomes a strategic vertical area for any decor.

When you place the butterfly sticker on the wall, it might enhance an attractive look to the space.

Moreover, a little wall art above the headboard would surely brighten your day. It’s such a trendy idea, to begin with.

5. Pink Butterfly Girls Room with Aqua Hints

It’s an impressive soft combination of colors. Hence, if your kids love the butterfly, this girly bedroom idea is the solution.

The canopy bed has a sweet white-pink curtain. Thus, that treatment makes the area becomes so special for the owner.

Whenever she needs privacy, just close the curtain and sleep well in style. Meanwhile, the bold red rug manages to stay on the ground to comfort the feet.

Additionally, the sleek pink cabinet makes a soft statement on the side. There are some butterfly pillows spread in the space. It shows the real theme of this bedroom.

6. Butterflies in Frame for Bedroom Decor

This bedroom has a unique approach to the butterfly theme. It doesn’t have any pink color in the scheme. It’s a purely neutral room with special decor.

At one spot of this bedroom, there are some butterflies right above the old vintage cabinet. Then, it hangs stunningly on the wall.

Various kinds of butterflies inside the frame give a significant addition to the bright wall. Because of this decor item, the space looks like the bedroom of a butterfly collector.

7. Lavender Flowing Canopy with Butterfly Pattern


If you don’t like a butterfly girls room with a colorful scheme, you can just go with this one. Besides, it has some pale colors combined.

The butterfly patterned canopy beautifully flows to the ground. Likewise, it is hanging from the ceiling right above the headboard.

It makes a beautiful scene in this bedroom. Check out that wrinkling texture of the bedding. It forms a flowery pattern. That design offers a special feature to space.

Indeed, the flower wrinkles on the bedding seem to be the effort to work with the butterfly-themed canopy.

8. Red Butterflies Wall Decal


It’s another wall decal idea to create a butterfly girls room. Achieving this look is very simple. Therefore, it is just like putting on some stickers to the wall.

A light-colored wall would be a great canvas for the bold red wall decals. The image of butterflies would be seen clearly.

The way of arranging the wall decals give the effect of flying. It looks like a bunch of butterflies flies inside the bedroom.

Furthermore, the patch style bedding has a colorful pattern that accommodates the bold decor of the space.

9. Artistic Butterfly Wallpaper Black and White

It’s another butterfly girls room that deals with wallpaper. This style looks more attractive than the previous designs. Why?

This wallpaper is more artistic than before. Even though the image of butterflies are smaller but it’s got some other decorative elements. It looks so fulfilling.

Besides, the white and black coloration becomes the main scheme of this space. Adding some more colors into the mix would make it better.

Moreover, the blue cabinet, brass round mirror frame, pink bedding, and other accessories make the bedroom so full of color. It would be an excitement for girls.

10. Bedroom Door with Butterly Decal

It’s such an impressive decor idea for the butterfly girls bedroom. Also, the color scheme of this decorative decal is in the lavender shade.

It would be a perfect addition to the backside of the door especially when the bedroom has a matching scheme.

When you close the door, you would enjoy the beautiful arrangement of the butterflies. Thereupon, it looks like they’re about to fly up to the ceiling.

The white door seems to be a great background for the decoration. Then, make sure the color of your bedroom door in a lighter shade than the butterflies.

11. Butterfly Carpet for Nursery Room

D:\@ARSIP\2020\NOVEMBER\il_794xN.2194614305_avm0 (1).jpg

It’s a fun nursery room with a lot of patterns. Since we’re now dealing with a butterfly theme, let’s focus on the design of the carpet.

It’s a butterfly flowers kids room carpet that would be a perfect gift for the princess. Indeed, this is a product you can buy from online stores like Etsy.

In this nursery room, the carpet is the only element with a butterfly image. However, it’s enough to create a certain theme for the bedroom.

That’s due to the big butterfly image on the carpet. Therefore, the rest of the pattern would only be support.

12. Butterfly Framed Poster Art for Bedroom


Instead of dealing with a lot of patterns, you can still make a big impact using a simple poster like this one. It offers some impressive-looking artwork.

The elements easily become the focal point of the space. Thus, the furniture in this kid’s room stays in a softer shade.

Again, there are three posters that come in one set of products. A simple motivational word in the middle would define the entire space.

In addition, the poster on the right has two images of a butterfly. It’s what you need to create a butterfly girls room.

13. Blossoms Comforter Set with Butterfly Pillow


It’s a set of products you can buy online. Well, you can instantly design the bedroom to be a butterfly girls room with this comforter set.

Indeed, the comforter is filled with flower images. The butterfly pillow is such a great addition you can put on the bed.

It would become a complete set-up for the girl’s bedroom. Then, a small butterfly pillow is available to strengthen the flower theme.

So, when there are blossoms, there’s a butterfly.

14. Butterfly Bedding Theme for Bedroom


The design of this bedding is so playful. It’s a great thing to combine with the softness of the bed. Also, this product is hand-quilted and made from one hundred percent of cotton.

Further, the bright scheme of this bedding offers a cheerful atmosphere with the comfort your kids need.

Additionally, the butterfly is the main theme of this bedding design. You can find it in any element of the bed. It’s on the pillows, cover, comforter, and blanket.

15. Butterfly Wall Sticker for Girls Bedroom

The design of these butterfly stickers for the wall looks vintage. It’s a set of products available on Amazon. In the package, you will get a total of 16 wall decals.

However, if the bedroom is already in matching colors with the pink butterflies, you can just go find the empty wall to fill.

Mixing and matching is an important step of decoration. So, you can find out the most effective way to highlight the space and the decals.

This butterfly wall sticker is repositionable. For the next renovation, you can cleanly remove the stickers and install a new one.

16. Butterfly Tree for Wall Decor

If the bedroom has an empty space on the wall, fill it with something special. Indeed, this butterfly tree is a wall sticker.

It’s actually a separated product that is combined together to form this magical wall decor. The first thing is the tree branches decal.

Then, set all the stickers of the butterfly on the branches. Those 3-dimensional decor items perch on the tree.

As a result, a colorful set of wall decor for the butterfly girls room. Remember to get the stickers in various patterns.

17. Printed Butterfly Pattern for Bedroom


The beautiful pink pattern is filled with butterflies. It’s a duvet cover set that you can buy from the store. Thereupon, it would change the ordinary bedroom into an interesting butterfly girls room.

There’s also a cute cushion-shaped and designed just like a butterfly. It strengthens the main theme of this space.

The curtain is included in the set. That would make the pattern set on all aspects of the room. In addition, the striped pattern is just a good way to maintain the color scheme.

Moreover, right above the headboard, you can see a few butterfly decors. They fill up an empty space on the wall with the creature of the room.

18. IKEA Inspired Butterfly Room for Girls


This bedroom is filled with IKEA furniture and accessories including the butterfly-themed ones. Check out the drapes. It has playful patterns and textiles.

There are many areas for storage that deal with the toys in this kids’ bedroom. Then, the blue and white pattern is the theme of this place.

You can see the combination is on the bed, the drapes, carpets, and some framed artworks. The flower pattern on the bedding set looks attractive.

It matches the design of the drape. For the festivity of decoration, you can see a string butterfly floating above the bed. Thus, it defines the true character of this space.

19. Blue-White Farmhouse Bedroom Design

Butterfly images seem to be a stylish choice to design a girly bedroom for kids. This blue and white bedroom for example.

It’s such a common bedroom with a soothing color scheme. Therefore, a relaxing atmosphere can be a great support to sleek quality.

Then, you should add a decorative element to the bedroom. It would avoid the space from becoming too plain and boring.

The addition of decorative bedding adds a new color that goes well with the blue and white color scheme.

20. No Butterflies Pink Bedroom Design


If you like to have a butterfly girls room with a different approach, this could be an idea for you. There’s no need to have a lot of butterfly-themed decors if you think it’s too cluttery.

This idea is different from other ideas. Above the headboard, the wall is filled with inspirational wall lettering.

That large wall decor speaks above something that mentions a butterfly. So, it could motivate the girls or women.

“If nothing changes, then there’d be no butterflies” means that you don’t fear change, but see it as an opportunity for growth.

To represent the words, there’s an image of a single butterfly on top of flowers. Besides, it might be a perfect gift for your friends.

21. Fairy and Butterfly Girls Room Wall Stickers


It’s another wall stickers product that adds interest to the bedroom. Besides butterflies, there’s an image of a fairy.

From the picture, the gray-colored fairy seems to be the one that produces the pink butterflies. The soft shade of the decal becomes a minimalist decor on the wall.

You can transform a blank wall in any space of the bedroom with this product. It’s eye-catching and easy to apply.

The durability would last for a long time on the wall and it’s made of high-quality vinyl.

22. Purple and Pink Shades in Girls Bedroom

This is a big-winning combination you can have for a bedroom. Also, this space is filled with beautiful butterflies and magical horses.

The beautiful aesthetic of this bedroom is one of a kind. It’s a perfect space for girls or women. There are two elements with butterflies.

The first one is the obvious butterfly image behind the bed structure. Meanwhile, the second element is on the pattern of the accent wall.

23. Big Butterflies on The Wall


This bathroom has some big butterflies image on the wall. There are certain species of creatures included in the decor.

The natural color of the butterflies matches with some elements in this bedroom. Thus, the designer picks the species that has a similar color to the room.

That’s the reason why the butterflies don’t distract the charm of other elements. It’s a clever way to insert the beauty of the creature.

24. Greyish Bedroom with Impressive Wall Decor

The wall decor you’re seeing in this gray bedroom is not stickers. However, the images are actually painted in white color.

For the record, white is the main accent color of this bedroom. The wall says “Live, Laugh, Love” which encourages the owner about how to deal with life.

25. Purple Butterflies in Paris

It’s such an attractive bedding set. The Paris-themed product has a few butterflies on it. Besides, the pink accent adds a sweet tone to the bedroom.

The image of the Eifel tower defines the theme of this beautiful bedding design. In this bedroom, the bedding is one attractive element to improve the look of the space.


Those are the designs of the butterfly girls room you may want to copy for your daughter’s bedroom. Some of the ideas offer you an instant change by purchasing a product and apply it yourself.