25 Butterflies Room Decoration Ideas to Feel Like Angels

Beautifying a room is a very tricky thing. Still and all, nothing to worry about as there are many themes that you can try. Among others, you should think about the butterflies room decoration.

With attractive colors and designs, it is undeniable that the butterfly room decor aesthetic is very influential in spatial planning. It is proven by the number of people who apply these ideas.

The application of the butterfly room theme is not monotonous. There are various ways you can do this, from using wallpaper, wall decorations, and furniture. The method is practical and won’t bother you.

Fans of butterflies room decoration don’t have to worry about running out of ideas. Some great designs and colors are waiting to be the trimmer of your room. The following are some of them:

Modern-themed Butterfly Room Decor for Adults

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Butterfly room decor ideas are not only popular among kids but also adults. You can see this from the many uses of this ornament in various rooms, both in homes, offices, and public places.

However, the use of butterflies room decoration is different between adults and kids. Instead of opting for a festive theme, they prefer something calm and exude a classy feel.

Adults generally display butterfly room accessories that are simple and not too flashy. In some room designs, this ornament is applicable in the form of elegant looking furniture.

Apart from that, color selection is also crucial. Rather than too-bright tones, a monochrome theme would be much better. Simple colors will exude the impression of luxury without overdoing it.

Farmhouse Butterflies Room Decoration

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Butterflies room decoration ideas are also suitable for various design concepts. One of the best choices is to use it in a farmhouse style that emphasizes a rustic feel.

You can combine butterflies room decoration with nature-based furniture. Some items you can choose from are wooden containers, ornaments from roots, or else.

Besides, you can add some signs containing encouraging words. The combination of butterflies room decoration and something natural will be the perfect view for your room.

Simple Butterflies Room Decoration

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Most butterflies room decorations are synonymous with festive designs and striking colors. Frankly speaking, it is not a must. You can still display a simple design with this ornament.

It is not an obligation to put a lot of butterfly ornaments in the room. Some minimalist designs look attractive with concise and less eye-catching decorations.

For example, you can use a large butterfly sticker on the wall. Because the size is striking enough, you only need to display one but with an attractive design.

The choice of color can also determine the feel of the room. Monochromatic colors will generally make the atmosphere more classy and elegant than very bright tones.

Sweet Butterfly Room Decor for Girl

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Most butterflies room decorations do have a feminine design. Therefore, it is not strange that most of this sweet look will be in girls’ rooms.

You can apply butterfly room decor ideas in girls’ rooms in any way, from using stickers, wallpapers, paintings, and others. Beautiful trinkets will keep them excited.

To make it more girly, you can also use colors that show a feminine impression. Soft tones like pink or pastel colors are the best choice.

Playing with Colors

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The use of butterflies room decoration is indeed very diverse and will not make you feel monotonous. You can even play with many colors to show off the perfect beauty.

Some people choose homogeneous colors to display a classy impression. But not a few who use many colors at once to provide a cheerful feel in the room.

But whatever color you choose, the butterflies room decoration will look beautiful if you use the right design and combination. In this case, you are free to explore creativity.

It’s All About Pink

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Pink is synonymous with feminine, soft, and warm. This color is also considered capable of providing comfort and offering a high sense of sympathy.

The many positive qualities make pink a favorite of many people, especially girls. It is no wonder that this tone is well-known in various fields, from fashion to home decor.

Pink butterfly room ideas are also a popular theme among various circles. Using this color in the bedroom is believed to provide comfort and arouse the mood.

You can put pink butterflies stickers or wallpaper on the wall. The view will be even more interesting if it is supported by the selection of furniture and knick-knacks with the same tone.

An example is the use of these pink butterflies room decoration in the bedroom. To make it even more beautiful, you can use blankets, sheets, and furniture that are dominated by these tones.

Luxurious Gold

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The choice of color determines the nuances in one room. If you want to display a luxurious impression, then one of the most appropriate options is to use gold.

You can also apply this when choosing butterflies room decoration. Warm tones like gold are the best option to build an elegant, luxurious, and expensive feel at one time.

Combine the gold-themed butterflies room decoration with the appropriate furniture. To avoid a monotonous look, you can add matching colors like red or black.

Monochromatic Butterflies Room Decoration

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Black, white, and gray are colors that fall into the monochrome category. Even though they are simple, the three can exude calm, neutral, and adaptable nuances with other tones.

That is what makes monochromatic butterflies room decoration the choice of many people. Using them as knick-knacks is the right decision to present a classy and elegant look.

The neutral nature also makes it suitable as a butterfly room decor for adults. You can display it in various forms, ranging from wallpapers, stickers, furniture, and so on.

White Butterflies Room Decoration

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There is a say that the choice of color is a reflection of you. Apart from the appearing nuances, the tone of the room is also a manifestation of the owner’s character.

Then what philosophy does white have? Theoretically, white symbolizes cleanliness, purity, and something natural.

Some people think that this color radiates peace. Meanwhile, the modern space concept considers this tone to describe something luxurious.

However, whatever the philosophy is, white does contain essential beauty. You can feel the peaceful angelic nuance in the room through your butterflies room decoration.

The dominant use of this color in the room will also give a bright and clean impression. Unfortunately, the use of white makes defects and dirt on objects easily visible.

Contrast Background

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The easiest way to adopt butterflies room decoration ideas is to use stickers of various sizes, designs, and colors. However, an appropriate strategy is required when installing it.

The use of the background will affect the appearance of your butterflies room decoration.

Therefore, choosing the right color will make it look attractive, while unbalanced tones will only make it worse.

For the butterflies room decoration to stand out, you can use a background with a contrasting color. For example, if the sticker is pastel, then you have to choose a bold color for the wall.

The taste of the occupants and condition of the room is the factor affecting the color choices. Even so, make sure that the combination is harmonious and doesn’t create a messy impression.

As a part of Furniture

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Applying butterfly room ideas does not always have to use wallpaper or stickers. You can also make it blend with the room by placing furniture with this theme.

Given that the butterfly is a popular animal, many manufacturers have adopted it as objects, such as wall clocks, table decorations, and so on. Now, it’s your chance too.

By placing it as furniture, your butterflies room decoration is not only a knick-knack but also a useful object. What a good idea, right?

A Large Mirror

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The idea of ​​butterflies room decoration is never dead. There are always ways to show the beauty of these natural insects in various forms of accessories and displays.

One of the elegant ways is to display it in the form of a mirror. A large butterfly-shaped glass on the wall in the room will give a classy and unique impression.

Besides, some people also use the small version of mirror butterflies room decoration to beautify the room. You should do picking the most appropriate design and size following your taste.

Make It Your Shelf

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There are many ways to apply butterfly decorations for walls. But you don’t have to use stickers so that your room looks beautiful. The use of furniture with this theme will be the best choice.

One of the beautiful things you can choose from is the butterfly shelf. With a wide choice of colors and designs, this furniture will be a decoration as well as practical storage for your room.

The use of the butterfly shelf is also quite flexible. You can place it anywhere, from the bedroom, nursery room, living room, bathroom, and so on. Surely this thing will be a nice decoration.

Shining Butterflies

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Some people are not satisfied with decorations that are only in the form of images. It takes a little touch of magic so that the room looks more beautiful and pleasant. One of them is by using light.

Besides displaying butterflies room decoration, you can also add light effects. There are several ways you can do this, for example, by adding lights to the attached knick-knacks.

With the light, the butterflies room decoration will look even more beautiful when it’s dark. The light used also doesn’t need to be too bright so as not to disturb your sleep.

Another way you can take is by using glow-in-the-dark butterflies room decoration. That way, they will shine when you turn off the light.

Butterflies Painting

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Sometimes the decoration doesn’t need to be too much. Simple objects such as paintings are enough to give an extraordinary beauty to a room.

If you don’t like too-festive things, then try this way. Instead of displaying useless butterfly room accessories, you can place a simple painting.

However, the painting that is displayed certainly must have a high aesthetic to remain attractive to the eye. Of course, the placement must be strategic so that people can see its beauty.

Waterfall of Butterflies

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Instead of using stickers or wallpapers, why don’t you present a real line of butterflies in your room? You design them so that they are flying above you.

It is not impossible. You can use the waterfall of butterflies room decoration to beautify the room. This way, you will see a group of fake beautiful insects hovering above you.

This butterflies room decoration is easy to get in various stores. Use some paper to make great crafts. Choose beautiful colors so that your bedroom looks more vibrant.

Make It 3D

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There are various butterfly room accessories that you can use to beautify your room. If you want something different, try using 3D decorations for the best appearance.

If the stickers and wallpapers only display the two-dimension butterflies room decoration, the 3D displays the more real thing. These accessories will make you feel like they are in the room.

The 3D butterflies room decoration has a unique look. You can find them in various attractive designs and colors in the shop. Don’t be hesitate to do some DIYs.

Fairytale Play Space

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Many things to explore from butterflies room decoration. One interesting idea is to use it to create an indoor fairytale theme.

Pastel colors work well for this theme. You can choose bright colors on the walls and stick butterfly stickers with softer tones. This will accentuate the girly impression.

The same thing you need to do in the selection of furniture. The use of bright colors will display a cheerful and playful impression that will attract children’s attention.

Butterflies Museum Gallery

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Everyone knows that butterflies are insects that have various types, patterns, and colors. Why not make this an idea to decorate the room?

You can display many species of butterflies in the frames on the wall. It should not be the original dead animal, as all you need to use is the replicas. They are now widely available in various shops.

Apart from making the room more attractive, this butterflies room decoration will also provide educational value. Everyone who sees will know how diverse this insect life in nature.

Educational Decoration in the Nursery Room

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Not just knick-knacks, you can even make butterflies room decoration as a medium for children’s learning. Try placing the right items to draw their interest.

One way to do this is by displaying toy butterflies that allow them to study different colors. You can hang it or stick it in an easily accessible location.

As stated before, the use of a museum gallery can also be a learning medium. It enables them to learn about the types of butterflies that exist in nature.

Nature Theme

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Apart from adopting the farmhouse concept, you can also use a natural theme in butterflies room decoration. The easiest way is to use a sticker that you put on the wall.

Choose a shape that depicts a natural setting, such as trees, beaches, and so on. For a child’s room, you can make it as cheerful as possible to make it feel comfortable.

Besides, don’t forget to combine them with the appropriate colors. You can use furniture and objects with tones that support the butterflies room decoration.

Ombre Butterfly

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Color choice is a personal thing. Everyone has their taste in this matter and is impossible to contend with. But whatever it is, everyone should try the ombre butterflies room decoration.

The color degradation will give a unique feel of beauty. This is of course very suitable to be applied to butterflies room decoration, considering that these animals are known to have various colors.

Wings of Butterfly

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Currently, everything Instagramable has become the people’s choice. Thus, by using the butterflies room decoration design, you can create interesting spots to take pictures.

Additionally, the easiest design to apply is the butterfly wing. You can stick a sticker or paint it on the wall with a large size. Thus, you can make it a photo area.

Save Your Memory

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Everyone must have fond memories with loved ones. To display it beautifully, you need an attractive decoration too. A butterfly ornament will make it perfect.

Show You the Right Way

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Each location deserves special attention. You also need to beautify the wall near the stairs with beautiful decorations, one of which is eye-catching ornaments.

Furthermore, everything with the theme of nature is becoming a trend in the world of spatial planning. Butterflies room decoration ideas are one that is popular and favored by various groups, from children to adults.

It is not surprising. Most people agree that a butterfly is the epitome of beauty, magic, and perfection. Moreover, its use as decoration is also very diverse, so it attracts the attention of many people.

Apart from the designs shown above, there are still many butterflies room decoration ideas that you can choose for your room. Don’t hesitate to beautify your area with your favorite ornaments. Good luck!