Built In Grill Ideas

Built In Grill Ideas. Every season is barbeque season for the true barbecue enthusiast, but summer is when the grill master’s efforts really come to fruition. Let’s be honest: it’s about the fruits (or shall we say meats) of his labor.

Now is the perfect opportunity to host lavish, sun-kissed barbecues with family and neighbors, and nothing beats a built-in outdoor grill designed specifically for you to showcase your talents.

An outdoor grill is more than just an exciting new dimension to the traditional pastime; it also adds value to your home.

The days of gauche grilling are long behind us, thanks to the many state-of-the-art designs seen in some of today’s leading editorial spreads.

Just a few of the options available to the guy who wants to reintroduce grilling to its original form are sheltered stone and rustic brick renditions.

To match with one’s home style and scope, there are also Tuscan and cabana-style inspirations abound.

These top 50 best built in grill ideas are your outdoor gateway to a network-worthy cucina just beyond your backdoor for those with a passion for outdoor gatherings and only the finest in grilling standards.

Why bother with homemade contraptions when you can live like a member of the elite, entertaining and pampering your palette?

The heat may become something sweet and worth sharing, thanks to your built-in grill, which promises more than one sweltering heatwave.

Lovely built in grill

Image: rtaoutdoorliving.com

When we think of outdoor kitchens, we usually picture them as a whole unit. This is a great illustration of how sometimes it isn’t required to be correct!

First, let’s take a look at what’s on the grill island. We obviously have a great built-in grill. A combo drawer/door is shown here.

It is critical to store this information! Each and every kitchen utensil can be kept in the drawers. You have complete access to the grill via the attached door.

The refrigerator is the last feature of the grill island. Refreshments are never far away.

The island is now under consideration. A sink, trash can, and entrance are all available on this island. The sink and plumbing are accessible through this door.

This island provides a wonderful ‘clean up area. The sink is used to wash dishes, utensils, and hands. Next scrape plates and throw away trash from the bottom of the trash bin.

For those with little space, this set up is a fantastic design idea. With a minimal use of space, there is a lot of functionality here.

With a tiny footprint, you have a grill, sink, fridge, and trash bin.


Image: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

A little courtyard will be instantly transformed with a sleek and elegant counter space, featuring one of the greatest gas BBQs and maybe a pizza oven.

Chrome surfaces, counters, walls, and paving all have a really cohesive appearance when viewed against an all-white backdrop. In addition, such a project will positively impact the local ecosystem.

Add a pop of greenery and fresh flavor to your cooking by placing shelving in a row for potted herbs in matching containers.


Image: cdn.vox-cdn.com

The most traditional foundation is made of mortared brick and stone. Choose a material and design that matches your foundation walls or chimney, such as this running-bond brick pattern, to tie it in with the house.


Image: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

A pizza oven and an integrated gas grill are housed in this gorgeous, contemporary entertaining set. It defines the zone’s perimeter while framing the outdoor eating arrangement superbly.

A pulled-together look can be achieved by using matching textures and hues throughout your scheme.

The adjacent wall water feature (one of our favorite ways to give a scene a sensory boost) is connected here by the cool gray cladding.

The practical yet stylish furnishings are also painted in the same colors.


Image: rtaoutdoorliving.com

For those who prioritize excellent cooking, this straight island is ideal. This option is useful for people with limited outdoor space, just like the previous design.

From left to right, list the appliances. A built-in grill, double access door, and pull-out trash bins are among the features of our double side burner, double drawer.

I’d also like to point out that Coyote Outdoor Living provides complete 304 stainless steel products. These outdoorsy equipment are made for real.

Now, let’s talk about the design!

To increase cooking capacity, choose a double power burner. While grilling burgers, you can have two pots or pans going.

This is ideal for complementing the primary component of your meal with sauces and side dishes.

Our double drawers are shown below. All of your utensils and accessories will fit perfectly in this location.

The double access doors, which are right next to the grill, make it simple to get to. A grill-built Coyote is seen above. Lastly, pull out the trash. As we previously established, this makes cleaning easier.

For those who want to maximize their grilling potential, this covered outdoor kitchen design is ideal. There’s nothing more you’ll need if you have a dining table to sit at!


Image: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

With a tiny outdoor grill station complete with prep and serving beverage space, turn a small urban lot into a sophisticated zone for preparing a meal.

On a gleaming contrasting surface of a contemporary, black bar, this sleek integrated BBQ looks stunning.

While guests drink a few glasses of wine, a pair of minimalist bar stools adds the finishing touch to the atmosphere, while a gleaming foot rail makes perching even more comfortable.

Remember to include a potted plant or two for extra color and interest, and don’t forget about privacy without blocking the light with frosted glass fences.


Image: rtaoutdoorliving.com

If you’re trying for contemporary outdoor kitchen designs, you’ve come to the right place. The aesthetic is what draws your attention here. In any contemporary residence, the sleek, black plank finish stands out.

A kitchen with a fridge, built-in grill, double entry doors, and a pull-out waste disposal is also available. I’ve previously mentioned the advantages of them, so I’ll keep it brief!

This design is ideal for tiny gatherings because it is situated on a deck. An outdoor kitchen is where everyone wants to congregate, just like an indoor kitchen!


Image: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

Modern garden concepts are a match made in heaven with industrial gray units standing out against warm wood.

We also like how the raised beds scattered around the rest of the area are complemented by the integrated wooden bar counter.

This built-in grill effortlessly fits into the design. A useful feature that also adds to the visual appeal of the area is the sink’s modest style nearby.

Stone Island Outdoor Kitchen

Image: memphisgrills.com

A Stone Island outdoor kitchen grill island and a Memphis Grills Elite Built-In pellet grill are featured in this beautiful outdoor kitchen.

This outdoor kitchen combines functionality with grace, featuring granite countertops, storage drawers, and a cart for additional storage. On those lovely summer evenings, the patio has a dining space as well as lounge chairs.


Image: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

A monochrome scheme is a lovely backdrop for built-in grill designs, with a color palette that oozes with effortless elegance at all times.

For an extra dose of personality, add a little brightness, such as these mint-green bar stools. We also like the spiky potted plants, which add a little humor.

You’ll have to plan how the zone transitions from day to night when designing a permanent cooking area.

To maintain the atmosphere elevated (so you may continue to cook while observing what you’re doing), lighting is required. There are many alternatives, but hanging festoon light ideas overhead is a safe bet for a laid-back atmosphere.


Image: rtaoutdoorliving.com

There are some differences here that set it apart from the previous kitchen.

The 304 stainless steel power burner is the most notable. When cooking outdoors, this burner provides you with a lot of extra options.

You may enjoy a lobster boil and side dishes. There is more you can do!

In a wok, the power burner performs admirably. For breakfast with the family, there’s also a griddle attachment that you can buy. Pancakes sound good to me.

There is additional storage in this outdoor kitchen. The double drawers, which are ideal for keeping kitchenware accessible, can be seen.

Turn a Covered Deck into an Outdoor Kitchen

Image: extraspace.com

A covered deck is an excellent location for your outdoor kitchen if you live in a location with terrific weather all year! However, if you live in a region with changing weather seasons, remember to close your patio more.

Fabulous BBQ Island

Image: draftcontrolhvac.com

Why not add an island to your BBQ area if you want something a little easier but practical?

A remote location, in addition to extra seating and prep area, is available on an island. While your visitors watch your expertise at the grill, you may be a part of the party as you cook. HomeDIT is responsible for the fantastic contemporary island design.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas With Style

Image: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

It’s hot outside in the kitchen. Beyond a standalone grill and a small cooking area, outdoor kitchen renovations have evolved.

Bars with sinks, grills that match any indoor cooking range, stainless steel refrigerators, cabinets, grill islands, and exquisite counters are just some of the popular alfresco kitchen designs available. — allowing you to prepare a delectable meal (or a beverage).

When cooking or entertaining guests, a well-designed outdoor kitchen compliments a home’s architecture and landscaping, working together with its indoor counterpart.

Durable — designed to withstand the elements — outdoor kitchen appliances and materials should be used.

Try out the following outdoor kitchen designs, which were created for hosting guests in grandeur, to plan your outdoor cookspace layout.

The posh outdoor kitchen comes equipped with a grill, so homeowners may cook supper before gathering around the huge dining table.


Image: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

If you like to cook using charcoals or wood, there are also built-in BBQ techniques for gas grills.

This iconic design fits perfectly into a custom counter with cleverly integrated storage below for gas, as seen in RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival(opens in new tab).

Good storage is important,’ as Caesarstone Jonathan Stanley(opens in new tab) puts it, and that includes shelving and cupboards in your barbecuing surroundings.

To save you running back and forth to your kitchen for cooking utensils, plates, cups, and serving bowls, it’s helpful to have dedicated space for your most-used items.

People are increasingly interested in having functional pantries that include fresh herbs,’ he continues. ‘They want to create new recipes.’

In our feature, you’ll find even more stunning outdoor kitchen designs.

Outdoor Kitchen Idea with Bar Seating

Image: memphisgrills.com

A grill integrated into the island makes for a fantastic outdoor bar, especially for eating or drinking with friends!

The seating area provides a comfortable place to relax and socialize, while the bar island provides a convenient location to prepare and serve food and beverages.

It’s ideal for wide outdoor areas, but it may also be used in smaller indoor areas with restricted seating. For a comfortable and stylish seating option, add stools or chairs to your bar.


Image: cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net

Now here’s a little off-the-wall barbecue design that we have to admit, we’re totally in love with – and it’s outdoors.

A pair of fireboxes, one for charcoal and the other for wood, are included in the cooking setup. While you observe your grilled foods cook, you may leave the glass lids open or shut.

Since the central chimney will prevent the zone from becoming smokey, it makes a great focal point for an outdoor party.

All cooking gear can be kept within arm’s reach because of the overhead rack, which is a clever way to maximize vertical space.

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