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27 Black Brick Fireplace Ideas to Create Statement Decor

A black brick fireplace, even a non-use one, can always be a piece of decor that provides comfort and statement. Not to mention that it is capable to make any room seem inviting as well.

Not only gathers all the family members in one place, but it can also make a bold statement with an eye-catching design and stunning detailing.

This fireplace design is pretty flexible too since it works in nearly all styles including modern, rustic, farmhouse, and industrial.

Black Brick Fireplace Ideas for Adding Statement to Your Home Decor


Since a whitewashed brick fireplace style is not in trend anymore, people are now going crazy with a painted design that serves more visual options.

For those who want a daring signature, brick black painted fireplaces certainly can become an option.

Likewise, the main focus is typically to turn the traditional brick fireplace into something more striking with the new black look. For the details, you can take a look at the following black brick fireplace ideas.

Vintage Inspired Black Fireplace


Bring a touch of vintage to your black brick fireplace by adorning it with unique artwork. You can also pair it with an outstanding indoor plant and a steel side table for the best result.

In addition, you can stack a pile of suitcases next to the fireplace for an additional vintage flair.

Brick Black Fireplace in Eclectic Living Room


An eclectic living room coupled with sleek white walls will appreciate the shade lend by a black brick fireplace.

Rather than painting only the mantle in black, you can go all the way to the ceiling for a more dramatic view.

Next, hang a greenery wreath on the black mantle or set a few potted cacti around the fireplace for added interest.

Instead of the usual mantel height, you can consider positioning this decor pretty high to act as an additional accent to the ceiling.

Moreover, this idea works best in a living room with a high ceiling and neutral painted spaces.

Elegant Brick Fireplace


Featuring matching black tiles, this fireplace becomes a cool decor feature for the contemporary living room.

Furthermore, this fireplace design is perfect for those who want to go for the simplistic and are not willing to work with lots of décors.

Interestingly, this black brick fireplace idea also allows you to update the look depending on the seasons.

For instance, you can arrange some pumpkins around the fireplace for Halloween or add several artificial pine trees during Christmas.

Filled with Greenery


A black brick fireplace can stand out a lot in a neutral living room, particularly if it features potted greenery as shown in this picture.

Set between floor-to-ceiling glass walls, this fireplace is more into a beautiful accent instead of the working one.

So, no wonder if it is filled with greeneries that interestingly contrast the black painted brick materials.

Aesthetically speaking, this fireplace makes a perfect backdrop for the cozy living room coupled with a pair of black sofas and a natural wood coffee table.

Rough Wood Mantel


With a rough wood mantel, your brick fireplace can certainly appear more sophisticated. It is perfect for those who seek stylish decor that creates a bold statement in their interior.

Use the wood mantel to display a reflective piece like a mirror as well as candle holders with chrome finish.

Adding a glass vase with tall greeneries and gold framed picture also helps to bring extra interest in the area.

Chic White Tiles

Painted Brick Fireplace - Fresh Crush | Painted brick fireplaces, Brick fireplace, Painted brick fireplace

This modern black brick fireplace comes with white tiles in front of it. Meanwhile, the mantel is made of wood and homes a variety of colorful decorations including the scenery painting.

To match the white tiles, a pretty big candle is set on the mantel too.

You can also place a comfortable chair around the fireplace to enjoy it the most during the cold winter.

A Bunch of Candles


In the summer days when you are not using the fireplace, consider decorating it with a bunch of candles of different heights. It will create a fascinating contrast for the black painted surface.

You can also try to take advantage of LED candles and set them on the chopped wood or simply incorporate a few lighted ones on the mantel.

Rather than a usual chair, you can furnish the fireplace area with a floor cushion and a hanging swing.

Wood and Plants


Many black brick fireplaces come with a wooden mantel and the above is one of the simplest options.

The black painted wooden mantel certainly provides an adequate room for a collection of plants to show up their natural beauty.

To match the wooden mantel, you can set the firewood next to the fireplace. But, don’t forget to display other stylish accessories around it for extra interest as well.

Warm Holiday with Black Fireplace


With its neutral black color, it is pretty easy to decorate your fireplace during a festive holiday.

You can keep the mantel simple by incorporating a few candle pillars and a single black and white framed picture.

This way you will give the spotlight to the artificial pine tree that warming your Christmas days.

Round Mirror with Golden Frame


When a fireplace is primarily becoming a part of the decor rather than a practical piece to warm your space up, you probably want to overdo the decoration.

However, this picture can show you that even simple décor will work well in a non-working black brick fireplace.

It features a white mantel that holds a few accessories only including a gold-framed mirror and flower vase.

Meanwhile, the surrounding is somewhat empty since you can only find a dark-colored basket in front of the fireplace.

Massive Black Fireplace


Big in size, this matte black brick fireplace is capable to lend an outstanding focal point to the wide, open-floor living room.

Despite its massive size, the fireplace does not feature much décor. You will only find a pile of firewood that adds a pop of color against the all-black design.

You probably want to hang a greenery garland on the fireplace for extra interest. Abstract artwork can give enough style to the blank surface too.

Glazed Thin Brick Fireplace


This glazed think brick fireplace successfully brings a striking signature to the all-white living space.

With its contrasting color, this black brick fireplace serves a nice amount of interest without dominating the area.

It also goes well with the wooden flooring and white area rug. Meanwhile, the chair features a black accent to match the fireplace.

Citrus Retreat


Set a comfortable chair with a lemon-colored cushion around your black brick fireplace for a fresh contrasting look.

Keep the décor of your fireplace minimalist by hanging a picture framed only on the mantel. Instead, display your mug collection and other accessories on the wall shelf behind it.

Floor-to-Ceiling Black Brick Wall


Bring your family room to the next level by creating this wonderful black brick fireplace wall.

Double as an accent wall, this black brick fireplace lends the necessary contrast for the all-white scheme. With a little decoration, you can give a new look to the design.

With the camouflage wooden mantel, you can adorn this fireplace wall with various topiaries including a set of pretty candles or some pots of trailing plants.

Elegant TV Area


This TV area features a black brick fireplace that matches the couch and the patterned area rug.

The rattan coffee table has a unique form that complements the modern setting. A few indoor plants are also added to breathe life into this space.

Faux Brick Affair


A faux brick fireplace makes a good alternative if you want to decorate a modern living room.

You can take note of this black brick fireplace that has a glossy finish and a contemporary electric system. Thanks to the glass cover, it allows enjoying the warmth from two different sides.

Rather than pairing it with a wooden mantel, you can incorporate built-in wall shelves instead. Use the item to display indoor plants or other accessories of your choice.

Boho Living Room


If you adorn your living room in bohemian decoration, a black brick fireplace will make a good choice as it can lend exceptional flair.

Try to incorporate a wooden mantel and include a bunch of potted plants to lighten up the space. Don’t hesitate to arrange some boho artworks as well.

Statement Book Shelves


While a black brick fireplace alone can become a statement in your living room, blend it with built-in shelves for books that come in various colors will boost the style instantly.

You can even store some piles of books for added style in the fireplace when it is not in use.

Pastel Living Room


Your pastel living room will appreciate the existence of a bold black brick fireplace as this piece can boost the elegance of the area.

To keep the room feel airy, you can switch your wooden coffee table with one that features glass tabletop.

Consider maintaining the simplicity of the decor by adding geometric figures or other topiaries that will not dominate the look.

Patterned Area Rug

See the source image

Add an iconic graphic artwork around your black fireplace and get that elegant monochromatic look in no time.

You can also bring some pattern to this all-white living room by swaping the fabric of your usual sectional sofa into floral printed ones.

It is achievable with purchasing sofa coverage in your local crafty shops or home improvement stores. Just make sure to get the right size that suits your current seats.

In this view, you probably need to change the patterned area rug with something plain and neutral.

Industrial Setting

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If you want to make your industrial style dining room appear more dramatic, don’t hesitate to paint that brick fireplace in black.

Just like this stunning dining room that features black brick walls and beautiful contrasting wooden flooring design.

The old-fashioned steel pendant lights improve the industrial flair of this room. There is also a faux antler head that introduces additional texture despite of its camouflauge effect.

Lots of Figurines

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A couple of black owl figurines can add a bit of eerie effect to your black fireplace. This decoration idea is ideal to celebrate Halloween as well as for daily purpose.

In addition to the owl figurines in the fireplace, you can also arrange a row of antique scalptures that echoing a classic style.

Tie the design together by hanging around framed mirror above the mantel.

Unexpected Fruit Décor


Although this black fireplace is not necessarily of brick, you can take not of the big picture. It features an unexpected fruit decoration that worth a try.

Rather than the usual potted plants or candles, a twig full of fruits will make your non-working fireplace even more exceptional.

Oversized Greenery Wreath


With floor-to-ceiling glass walls, this living room does not feel cramped at all despite the existence of the oversized greenery wreath.

In addition to the outstanding wreath, a glossy finished metallic mantel hints an interesting accent on the extended black brick fireplace.

To embrace the warmness of this fireplace, a black chair is set nearby along with a cozy throw pillow.

Hex Tile and Mirror


A combination of black brick fireplace and hex tile flooring offers a perfect focal point in this living space.

This décor combo also works well against the off-white backdrop and wooden flooring.

Additional interest is offered through the round mirror, a few of book collections, and a white vase on the mantel.

Fall Theme Fireplace


Paint your brick fireplace in black and decorate it with this fall theme décor.

You just need to arrange a few white pumpkins, several potted plants, and a simple garland to achieve the look.

Built-In Firewood Storage


Even though you cannot afford a black brick outdoor fireplace, creating one indoor is still rewarding too.

By having a wide window that embraces the warm of sunlight to every inch of your living room, you can enjoy an indoor black brick fireplace with outdoor flairs.

Don’t forget to include built-in firewood storage to your fireplace design for another hint of natural world.

Alternative to Black Brick Fireplace


Chances are you love the look of black fireplace but do not want to showcase that traditional texture of brick on the surface.

At this point, black fireplace in other materials can be a good alternative, particularly if you don’t find any good option among the above ideas.

Besides, you can also take advantage of a colorful one as this very special decor is just as out of the box as the black brick fireplace.

Moreover, you can apply a variety of color options including blue, pink, green, navy, copper, and others.

Whether your space comes in modern, rustic, or industrial styles, there should always be a good idea to apply too.

Navy Brick Fireplace


It is the safest alternative if you are not willing to paint your fireplace all black.

Although navy is not as dark as black, it still offers the same level of boldness that you need to contrast a neutral looking living room.

Bring in some cool decor in the form of wooden figurines and a vase of bright flowers that can contrast the dark coated brick fireplace.

Black Tile Fireplace

See the source image

This black tile fireplace features a wooden mantel from the same color, offering a striking statement to the all-white backdrop.

Luxurious gold accents come in the form of a mid-sized round mirror and a pair of cage-like candle holders.

To avoid distracting the minimalist design, you can bring in a few white topiaries to beautify the mantel.

Black Fireplace Coupled with White Brick Wall


Rather than a black brick fireplace with white mantel, this picture offers the opposite.

Here the black fireplace is surrounded by white brick wall that highlight the dark colored décor in the right manner.

A pot of Sansevieria plant is also nearby, standing over a pile of magazines. You can swap it with another greenery of your choice for a more personalized touch.

Concrete Black Fireplace


If you prefer a flat surface instead of the textural exposed brick one, this black fireplace is probably of interest with its concrete walls.

Besides, this fireplace also comes with a built-in storage system for your firewood. Thus, you can keep them neat without neglecting its natural beauty as an accent.

Modern Fireplace with Metallic Tile


This monochromatic living space has a sleek looking electric fireplace that features metallic tiles.

To highlight the monochrome style, the mantel homes a variety of black topiaries and the wall art is also in grayscale.

Meanwhile, a pop of color comes in the form of throw pillows on the round sofa nearby.

Final Thoughts


In short, a black brick fireplace is a sophisticated decor idea that will not break your bank. Besides, it will make a statement in any room without requiring much effort as well.

From minimalist to farmhouse home styles, the black paint will introduce a high level of iconic look.

Whether your current home scheme is neutral or bold, black fireplace can contrast it in the beautiful manner.

Meanwhile, in monochromatic setting, this dark colored fireplace will match and provide you with a win- win solution.

Consequently, you can’t go wrong with one of these black brick fireplace ideas. Thus, don’t hesitate to pick one and execute it in your own way. Good luck!