Behind Couch Sofa Table Decor Ideas

Behind Couch Sofa Table Decor Ideas. A sofa table is versatile for a variety of different reasons, whether you keep it behind the sofa, against the wall, or to the side.

It may also function as a space divider, which is beneficial in the case of a huge open-space living room, and provides more storage area for common items like books, periodicals, the TV remote, and so on.

So, take a look at some sofa table designs and decorating ideas based on that. Others might be great for DIY home improvement ideas.

Opt for a Light Beachy Feel


If you’re concerned about your sofa table overwhelming your area, consider selecting a lighter color scheme. When used for décor or storage, a light-colored wood will provide a breezy, seaside vibe.

Skinny sofa table in a minimalist design


If you’re looking for a sofa table for a minimalist living room, clean lines and minimal decorations are the winning combination.

We suggest avoiding additional open shelves in the long run to avoid creating a cluttered feeling, even if a couple of mementos or décor items will not hurt.


This looks like a no-brainer to me…after all, it’s in the name! However, before we get into the specifics of selecting a sofa table, there are a few things to consider.


What distinguishes a sofa table from a console table? It’s really just about the height.

The height of console tables is usually consistent, but that of sofa tables varies. The two terms are often used interchangeably when shopping online.

Look for a sofa table that is similar to the height of your sofa, but never taller.

To be about the same length as your sofa, your table should be no less than 1/2 of the length of your sofa. The sofa table should be roughly 3/4 the length of the sofa, in my opinion.


A terrific way to prevent the table from seeming too small or floating is to flank it with chairs if your sofa table is closer to 1/2 the sofa length. The table’s length is visually extended in this way.

Farmhouse Chic


We can see why Farmhouse decorating has become such a trend! This casual, personality-filled style is incredibly appealing. Begin with a patterned rug in neutral hues to anchor the room and then apply the look.

Farmhouse Fall Flair


The owner of this stunning farmhouse living room decided to buy the Hobby Lobby sofa table after months of deliberation.

Pumpkins are used to tie the three shelves together, as well as little farmhouse signs of various sizes and designs.

A wood and metal end table with a plant and a basket of pillows flank the sofa table. Both increase the sofa’s display to its full length.

Let There Be Light


Decorating your sofa table with lamps is a smart decision if you want to read or do work on it.

The lamps may shine enough light on the sofa to make it easier to work and also enhance the look of the tables.

You may place a pair of lamps at each end of the table, a trio of smaller lamps across the length, or one big lamp to create a strong statement.

While you’re at it, choose a design that suits the rest of the space’s décor. Lamps that resemble hurricane lanterns are a good option for a room with coastal decor.

A lamp with a base that resembles an antler or log can be a fun touch in a room with rustic décor. Skip the lights and go for candles instead if you’re attempting to create a romantic atmosphere in the room.

To create an intimate atmosphere for the sofa area, place a collection in several sizes so you can light them when you want.

Skinny sofa table in a contemporary design


In today’s sleek spaces, monochrome variants with simple lines and a minimalistic design are a perfect match.

Instead, a narrow sofa table with glass components might be used to make that space seem bigger than it is.

Showcase Your Memories


A simple sofa table is a fantastic location to lay out all of those meticulously selected items in one central area whether you’ve been collecting souvenirs from your travels, you have a decent book collection, or you just want to highlight a couple pieces of décor in your space.

Books on Display


Chic, stacked books add height and appeal to vignettes. For a look that’s both beautiful and practical, pile up a few of your favorite books and top with a vintage-style wood clock.

The Magic of Repetition


Consider what the remainder of the room has for décor and use the same hues, patterns, and textures to create a cohesive farmhouse sofa table décor in your area.

Woven baskets, flora, and candlesticks are used to create this lovely display, which can all be seen in the corner fireplace’s background.

Keep It Simple


If you want to demonstrate just one item, keep your sofa table simple. If you prefer contemporary-style décor or simply have a single piece.

Leave the remainder of the table bare except for a single statement item or group of items. You may place the item in the middle or to one side for a stunning presentation.

An huge vase with a unique design or a trio of candles on strong pedestals are two great examples when it comes to picking an item to show. Other options include a plain vase with a colorful floral show and a bowl of colorful fruit.

Add a Wooden Table for a Beachside Feel


A smooth wood with crosshatch ends gives a sofa table a consistent appearance, evoking a seaside and beachy atmosphere. Because of its three shelves and large surface, it’s a more functional choice.

Depending on your decor style, you may get a lighter or darker wood finish; the crosshatch on either end of the table is particularly important for the beachside look.

Instant Bite


When I was designing my living room, this was my preferred setup. This design gives me the option of relaxing or having the morning shake while still seeing the same view, which is perfect for both worlds.

Rather than overwhelming the sofa, the sofa table serves to bring the space together in aesthetic and practical ways.

With this arrangement, I find one thing particularly delightful. I am not limited to eating in the dining room when I’m having a conversation or watching television with someone. The sofa table, on the other hand, is quite useful.

Add More Storage

Drawers or storage are available on certain sofa tables. Storage is a great way to get it, and this is an appealing option. You can make your sofa table more functional by DIYing it.


Simple and Elegant


For this living room, a sofa table is exactly what you need. It creates a sense of visual separation and gives the sitting area a less exposed vibe by fitting between the sofa and the windows.

Just what a contemporary living room requires is its simplicity and versatility.

A table behind the sofa would simply make the whole arrangement better, even if the sofa alone distinguishes the sitting area.

It can be a tiny, slender table with a sparse metal frame, a wooden top, and no extra shelves…so it will seem light and airy.

Of course, an actual table isn’t always required for the sofa table. It’s critical to consider how a piece of furniture will fit into a bigger scheme and determine if it is appropriate.

As a result, you may utilize a console, a tiny cabinet, or even shelving unit in the same manner as you might use a sofa table.

Industrial narrow sofa table behind couch


You can simply pick a wood and dark metal build with clean symmetrical lines and a minimal design when pairing your industrial living room with your new narrow sofa table.

It will immediately add to the rawness that characterizes this distinct and growingly popular style.

Create an Accessible Bar Cart


A bar cart may look amusing to some, but having a specific location for cocktail hour outside of your precious kitchen area is a gamechanger if you love an evening drink or entertain often.

Even better is to use a sofa table as a bar cart, because you don’t have to get up for the second round!

Asymmetrical Style with 1 Lamp


I wanted to show you a technique to embellish your console table without using baskets if you don’t need or want them! If you need that, I also put a tray on the top for remote control collecting.

Moving the lamp to one side of the table allows you to see things more clearly! In your living room design, choose whatever works best.

I’m hoping the various styles gave you ideas for decorating your sofa table with something different.

I just moved a bunch of things around until they looked nice around my house. As a result, get inventive and utilize products around the house!

Mid century modern narrow console table behind couch


Matching your mid-century modern furniture with a new narrow sofa table is a variety of options. Instead of opting for more contemporary lighter finishes, choose darker and warmer wood finishes.

Try to make horizontal length stand out with shorter but longer lines when it comes to designs. For console-style sofa tables, outward-pointing legs are especially popular.

Push It to the Limit


Are you concerned about a sofa table protruding into your area? There is no ban on placing one between your sofa and the wall in your living room!

If you choose a table that is just slightly higher than the back of your sofa, and it looks great against a backless futon, this will work out the best.



A sideboard would serve a double function if your living room and dining room were next to each other! This is a wonderful piece of furniture with storage and a big visual presence, even if it isn’t.

Go Small


Is your living room on the smaller side? Even if you don’t have the extra floor space, you don’t have to sacrifice the visual appeal of a sofa table.

For a side table/sofa table hybrid, get a circular coffee table and set it just behind your sofa for a little extra space. It’s simple to shift it around if you need to.

Varying Heights & Color Coordination


This sofa cabinet has limited room to display objects since it only has one shelf to dress. As a result, each component has a function.

The topiary chalices and candlesticks’ height differences and symmetry create a sense of instant equilibrium.

By combining with the green sign and window wall decor, the foliage also creates harmony.

Mix Metal And Wood For An Industrial Look


The metal detail, such as in this photo, adds a touch of class to a sofa table. With the use of mixed materials, it has a trendy industrial feel.

Decorative objects or baskets for everyday usage items, such as toys, books, and blankets, may be stored on the new shelf at the bottom.

China And Around The World

A piece of china beneath matching lights is the one thing I find extremely gratifying. Ceramics have a special quality to them that cannot be ignored.

Because of how much harmony a piece of china creates, this design creates a grounded look.


The benefit of incorporating china into furniture is that you may get a comparable effect using the largest or smallest components you can locate. Consider how a bonsai and a huge tree exert an overwhelming effect on you.