Bed On Floor Ideas

Bed On Floor Ideas. We can hardly wait for the opportunity to lie down our aching limbs and relax and recuperate for the following day on certain days.

As a result, having a perfect mattress, pillows that offer the appropriate support, and high-quality bedding for true pleasure is critical.

Furthermore, when we purchase a new mattress, we usually choose one with a frame, but have you ever considered purchasing just a mattress without one? It may seem unusual, but it does not equate to less comfort and is quite fashionable and restful!

Of course, you don’t have to put your mattress right on the floor. Instead, lay it on a soft carpet and remember to put the sponge layer in between.

If you decide on this kind of bed, simply raise and replace the mattress against the wall every week to let the air flow.

For places that are wet, having a bed on the floor is an unsatisfactory option since it provides a breeding environment for mold. It’s also important to keep in mind that since you’ll be sleeping low on the ground, you’ll experience sudden temperature fluctuations.

Of course, such a bed may be very appealing, but remember that to keep the objects in reach, you’ll need to pick shorter nightstands.

To make your bed appear interesting, place layers of fabric of various colors and textures on top of each other.

Many pillows will substitute the bed’s headboard, giving you the ability to sit upright in bed while reading. Take a look at the floor beds below, and you’ll be inspired for years to come!



Hang bedroom fairy lights from the ceiling to create an outdoors-in scheme for your bed. This is a great idea for parents and children to enjoy and bring the room a warm festival atmosphere.

From the voile curtains to the exposed brick wall, the biophilic framed art, and of course, that huge houseplant, everything in this bedroom works together to create a feeling of being outside. To enhance depth and dimension, layer multiple rugs together.

Moroccan-Inspired Floor Cushions


Moroccan-inspired floor cushions are a popular choice in small spaces, for obvious reasons. You may arrange them into endless variations to create comfortable low-profile seating, and they are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Day beds with bigger cushions are a good idea. They’re available at prices ranging from $40 to $500 at Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Etsy, and World Market in a variety of styles and sizes.



By putting all-white d├ęcor into your sleep area, you can create a dreamy bedroom oasis. An exotic palm houseplant, a lightweight and transparent curtain window treatment, and plenty of light pouring in from outside to produce a lovely shadow from the modest pendant light are all part of this white bedroom design by Urban Outfitters.

A tactile feeling will be added to your toes if you choose an off-white or cream rug. It’s a little like a sandy beach in texture. For a laidback seaside design, add some seashells to your bedside table.

Be Even Bolder With Your Floor Tile Choice


This mattress is on a platform, although the underlying principle remains the same. The more your bed looks like a natural extension of your floor, the bolder it is. This setup gives it a feeling of being away with checkered black-and-white tiles and hand-stenciled zigzag trim.



Even if your boudoir is bijou, placing a mattress on the floor in the center of your room isn’t always optimal. If you have an alcove in your room, use it to store your bed like Lauren MacLean aka @livingbylo(opens in new tab) does if you want to utilize it. By replicating her contemporary coffee table, you can elevate the design.



Carefree layers, designs, texture, and colors are all part of the bohemian aesthetic. To get started building your room, put down a lot of natural earthy hues and handcrafted art. Remember that when you’re designing a bohemian space, there are no rules, so you can express your own style.



Make a DIY headboard with curtains if your bed feels a bit ‘naked’ without one. If you don’t go for a plain white one, it’s a fast way to add texture and color to your room. Why not go for a bohemian look by adding a beaded curtain.

Authentic Japanese Floor Futon


In the United States, heavy, super-dense futon mattresses are widely available. Authentic Japanese futons are significantly lighter and can be readily folded and kept in a corner, so they’re normally considered permanent features. Futons made of real-deal materials are also extremely comfortable and conducive to sleep.

Low ceilings


A ground-hugging bed frame works with low or sloping ceilings and takes advantage of windows that sit close to the floor, such as at this converted horse stable in Copenhagen.

The darker wood finishes on a custom bed frame made out of oiled white Douglas fir allow it to stand out, but here, Danish design reigns supreme: soap-washed pine flooring is consistent throughout the home.

Customized Air Bed


The costliest kinds of air beds aren’t always going to outlast the cheaper ones. An inexpensive air bed may be as comfortable and pleasant as a expensive one if you add high-quality sheets and blankets.



You don’t want a mattress to look like it’s been hurled onto your carpet or hard floor with little regard for the overall area when you put it on the floor.

Why not ‘frame’ the bed with wall sconces as part of your bedroom lighting design? Position is everything when it comes to perfecting the concept. Your low-lying bedding will seem to be intended to be there by sandwiching it between your unraised bed.

DIY Cotton Mattress


You can make this eco-friendly bed called the Original Twist Mattress if you can sew a straight line. You can also adjust it to suit your needs and preferences. The instructions and supplies for Open Your Eyes Bedding are available.

For the greatest comfort, stick to 100-percent prewashed, organic cotton whenever you can. Dust mites will be killed by stuffing the mattress with organic buckwheat hulls. The hulls are also fire-resistant and biodegradable, as well as being waterproof.

Cork Flooring Effect


Faux options are better than the real thing because they are more affordable, and cork flooring provides comfort and style. Be certain to include a trustworthy finish for simple cleaning and long-lasting style, even if you go with genuine cork.

Thai Massage Mat


A Thai massage mat checks both boxes if you’re looking for a compact solution that rolls up for easy storage. Full or twin mattresses are available. The vast majority of styles are 3 1/2 inches thick.

However, be aware that Kapok fiber-filled Thai mats may be avoided. Organic material is very flammable, despite being a comfortable replacement for goose down.

Ruffle It Up


Get a duvet cover that looks better when it’s a little disheveled if you don’t want to spend your mornings making your bed with utter precision. Covers with texture, such as this white one, are very forgiving.



Rooms in our homes have recently evolved from having fixed purposes to becoming more multi-functional. Some eating spaces are seldom utilized, despite the fact that there is a appropriate time and setting.

Why not convert this area into an extra bedroom when out-of-town guests arrive? Carol, aka @homesbycaz(opens in a new tab), did exactly that.

Your dining room becomes a bedroom,’ she continues, when your daughter comes to stay and you don’t have any room.’

She employed organic jute, wood, linen, and cotton textures to make this arrangement feel super warm… Right, Mom knows best, of course.

Convertible Daybed


Construct a daybed with a twin-size IKEA MINNESUND mattress, which costs $90. Get two mattresses and stack them up with fabric to achieve an extra layer of height.

Place the mattresses against a wall to prevent them from slippage. As seen here, build a cushion-backed sofa during the day. Remove the decorative cushions and add bedding when it’s time for bed.



It may be difficult to keep yourself warm in your bedroom – particularly in the colder months – depending on how well-insulated your home is and what your central heating system is like.

With a mattress on the floor, heat rises, but it’s of little use. So, if your best duvet isn’t working for you and you have a fireplace, put it as close to your stove as possible. Of course, make sure it’s at a safe distance before you turn it on so you don’t burn yourself or your bedding!

Cleo Scheulderman(opens in new tab) has created a fascinating multidimensional design. The mattress is elevated higher than the floor and has high ceilings, a hanging pendant light fixture, and… If you ask us, it’s a dream come true!

High-Density Foam Sleeping Mats


Most big box retailers stock foam sleeping mats. These foldable beds can be stored away when not in use.

It’s important to understand which mats are best for sleeping. Choosing a mattress with a thickness of at least 3 inches, a length of at least 75 inches, and a width of at least 30 inches, such as Lucid Mattress’s option, is beneficial for maximum comfort. Less may make you feel more like you’re on a yoga mat than a bed.

Try a Monochrome Look


It’s tough to make a room look untidy when the sheets, walls, and even floors are all white. Don’t make it too difficult, or you’ll end up wrong.

Tips for Using a Mattress on the Floor

There are a few things to think about and best practices to follow if you decide to place your mattress directly on the floor:


It’s critical to keep your mattress clean because it’ll be pressed right onto the floor. The floor should be dusted/swept/vacuumed routinely, and at least once a month, cleaning products should be used to sanitize it.

After cleaning, make sure to let the floor dry thoroughly before replacing the mattress. Regularly clean your mattress, too.


Unwanted moisture concerns may arise if a mattress is kept on the floor, which might cause mold and mildew. To avoid this, periodically propping your mattress up against the wall to air it out is a good idea. Make sure to check for moisture, excessive dust, and insects whenever you move your bed.


For some, getting into and out of a bed that is immediately on the floor may be difficult. Using a mattress on a conventional bed foundation will be easier for those who have mobility concerns.


It’s recommended to put a thin layer of foam or cardboard between the mattress and the floor, particularly if your floor is hardwood or tile. This will help the mattress retain its heat on chilly evenings by providing insulation.

This approach has the benefit of avoiding the purchase of a bed frame or foundation while still keeping your mattress away from the floor.


The kind of bed frame or foundation that is needed for the mattress is specified in several mattress warranties. The warranty on your mattress can be voided in many circumstances if you use the wrong foundation.

If your mattress is damaged, putting it on the floor may prohibit you from claiming a warranty. Make sure to read the warranty conditions well, and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to find out which kind of foundation you’ll need.

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