Bay Window Decorating Ideas

Bay Window Decorating Ideas. You know how much a bay window can add to your space if you’re lucky enough to have one in your home.

Bay windows drench your space in dreamy natural light (which may even help you save on your energy bill), and they also provide additional views of the outside and create a cross-breeze when they’re open.

Another reason we adore bay windows is that they’re beautiful! Whether you add a cosy sitting area around them or use the area for décor and storage, they provide the ideal backdrop for creative design.

There are several ways to increase your bay window area if you use a little bit of judgment.

How to Decorate a Bay Window

A few factors, such as the size of the window and its position, determine how you decorate a bay window.

You may also enhance the functionality of your bay window area by adorning it for aesthetic reasons. Before that, here are some suggestions from interior designers for how to beautify a bay window.

Build Out A Reading Corner


Reading nooks are among our favorite bay window ideas, and they make the most of the available space.

Bay windows are the ideal for a bright-lit reading spot, whether they come with an integrated banquette and cushion top or are augmented with a comfy loveseat.

Consider placing an inside compartment under the seat of a built-in bench to maximize storage and usage if you’re going with one.

Warm up a bay window reading nook with colorful pillows, drapes, and throw blanket for an extra cozy finish. No matter how you decorate it, make it a priority to warm it up.

Window Treatments Inside the Bay


The whole bay is lit by a continuous curtain rod that stretches window treatments. The bay crowns are crowned by a single angled rod, which supports patterned panels that fall to the floor.

Each panel and privacy control is unique to each window. Instead of complete curtains, hang two thin panels that flank the bay. This design is less concerned with privacy and more with softness and pattern.

Create a Haven for Houseplants


Ana Maria Torres, owner of AT Architects and an interior designer, recommends using your bay window to create a sanctuary for your houseplants if you’re a plant lover.

There isn’t any built-in shelving, which is unusual. For smaller plants, place a console table in front of the window, or surround the window with big pots. Your plant babies will appreciate the additional light either way.

United Bay Window Treatments


Installing individual treatments that connect is one technique to treat bay windows as a coordinated unit. These matching Roman shades, for example, are designed to fit each pane and are mounted outside the molding so that they snugly overlap.

The windows seem to be merged as a result of this. Any style of shades, such as woven rattan or cellular, may be used to achieve the same effect as long as they are mounted outside the molding and meet at the edges.

A long valance spanning the tops of all the windows or cafe curtains covering the windows’ centers would also suffice.

Using Decorative Pillows and Hanging Plants To Create a Mini Oasis


Do you have a bay window with a ledge that is part of it? Can’t fit a handful of delicate trinkets on the floor or put plants on the ground because you have children and pets? Finally, we’ve got the finest bay window décor for you!

Upholster lounge chairs with layer and prop accent pillows to create a warm atmosphere. To cleanse your air and give it some vibrancy, hang a few hanging house plants over it. Your plants will adore their new location and thank you for the enormous windows.

Kid-Friendly Window Treatments


End-to-end majestic drapery might be required in a master suite, whereas simpler is more appealing in a kid’s room. Curtains surround each window, rather than occupying the area.

For naps and early bedtimes, thicker fabric blocks light. The need for shades and their cords is eliminated, which is a benefit to young children.

The draping don’t interfere with play at the window seat or detract from showcase of valuable stuffed animals, and they’re tailored to skim the window seat.

Shutter Solutions


The shutter is perhaps one of the most advanced and adaptable ways to modify the light in your bay window.

The shutters in this case match perfectly with the space’s more traditional design while also complementing the area’s more contemporary furnishings and accoutrements. This little corner is ideal for reading a magazine or coffee with a friend, and it’s just the right size.

Rattan Bay Window Shades


Window treatments may fill a texture gap in a room with lively color, stylish furnishings, and numerous patterns.

The natural hues in a huge area rug are emphasized by the rattan shades in this living room. A basic design keeps the repeated look low-key due to the bay’s impressive five windows.

Open It Up


Every additional square foot does not have to be utilized. While bay windows offer an extra foot of floor space, leaving your bay window open may be the better choice.

Give your other furniture some breathing room and let that extra bit of light flow into the space if you have the room to spare.

If a few larger decorative elements like this bigger vase or another more sculptural item aren’t enough for you, leave things entirely open.

Plants are a great addition to a bay window because they can absorb the light and, at the same time, make your living space seem spacious and comfortable.

Create a Personalised Focal Point


Your bay window can be customized in a variety of ways to suit your needs. Our Livspace homeowner has converted it into a private reading or coffee area, as seen in this photograph.

Throw some cushions, plants, and a blanket on the floor! By experimenting with different picture frames, décor elements, and so on, you may personalize it in your own style. Little bay window ideas. You may also create a television wall using your bay window.



A bay window is a great choice for the master bedroom (or any bedroom). Bay windows allow a lot of sunlight into your room, giving it the illusion of being bigger and brighter.

A reading nook, vanity, or dressing area is perfect for the area in front of your bay window. Store furniture or decor that would otherwise occupy the room in the additional floor space.

These windows provide a lot of light, but this isn’t always desirable in a bedroom. Privacy issues are also raised by additional windows. In your bay window design, make sure to include a pair of dependable curtains or blinds.

Place a Storage Bench-Cum-Window Seat


The benefit that practical furniture, such as storage benches, can offer to a space is something that many of us who are short on both seating and storage are aware of.

A cushioned bench with built-in storage or a bench with baskets beneath it are two ideas to maximize your bay window design. For an extra dose of comfort, add a blanket and toss pillows, as well as a side table for drinks or décor.

Change It Into a Reading Nook/Bay Library


Modern bay windows are a great way to view the outdoors, and you may transform them into your own private retreat with a little work.

By adding a couple of chairs or a custom built-in bench with storage, Livspace interior designers recommend the bay window design idea of creating a cosy reading area. To make this area more colorful, you can add cushions and lovely pillows.

Create a Spot to Drink Coffee


It’s a good idea to look into the bedroom bay window. In this peacefully elegant bedroom, this seating area offers a place to sip coffee or wine, read, or relax.

A chair by the bed might also be available. To cover it, use gauzy drapes. While maintaining closeness and seclusion, light can travel through the gauzy white drapes. With just a few simple upholstered pieces, the room feels calm rather than cluttered.

Bowknot Tie-Up Curtain


Tie-up draping were more colorful and elaborate back then, and matched the opulent interiors of Victorian mansions. Most tie-up shades now have a laid-back look and feel. ZebraSmile’s Bowknot Curtains are identical.

The embroidered leaves on these semi-sheer curtains give them a fresh, bohemian look. To create a stylish, contemporary living room, use these curtains on your bay windows.

Arrange A Plant Corner


Even big house and family dwellings don’t have to be limited to bay windows. As a design element, several apartments include them. Our favorite is to fill it with loads of plants and greenery, which are equally as numerous lovely small bay window ideas.

Imagine it as a tiny sunroom or greenhouse area in your house that you can decorate and maintain various plants as part of your colorful interior.

The space serves as a link between your indoors and the outdoors, bringing an organic touch to your home, with bay windows providing plenty of natural light for your plants.

Combine smaller potted plants, cacti, and vines with tall leafy greenery. Tables, pedestals, a bar cart, or a combination of all of them are great options for displaying them. The more diverse, the better in a plant corner.

Elegant Window Treatment Ideas


Large bay windows stand out on their own, and elaborate window treatments are not required.

Ornate trim painted glossy black frames the tall, narrow windows in this living room, which should not be obscured by heavy drapes.

Instead of detracting from the gorgeous appearance of the bay windows, simple white roller shades are drawn down over the glass to block light or views when needed.

Zone Out A Play Area For Kids


Consider innovative bay window designs to carve out a play area for the children with plenty of natural light and space if you reside in a household with youngsters.

Safety is the priority in a play area beneath bay windows. Make sure to babyproof and lock all of the windows, especially if they are large and within your children’s reach. It’s up to you how you use the space once you’ve filled it out.

A storage unit for toys, books, and games, a soft rug that doubles as cushioning on the floor and separates the area from the rest of the room, or a small table with chairs for them to do crafts on are all possible solutions. The most important thing to keep in mind is: Keep it fun and colorful, which will cheer them up and cheer up the room.

Bay Window Seating


Because they extend beyond your home’s exterior, bay and bow windows are widely recognized for their ledge or that you create. Nonetheless, based on the preceding paragraph, a variety of bay window seating arrangements have been devised.

You can convert your bay window ledge into a tiny nook by stretching out the space. You can transform it into a resting and relaxation area with cushions and pillows.

You may utilize the ledge as additional seating for persons to eat, work, study, and other activities depending on where the bay windows are in your home.

You can create a nice place to sit and eat breakfast or do your children’s homework by using comfortable cushions and putting a table in front of the window.

The ledge makes perfect sense to use as additional seating in the living room, where most bay windows are found. There is never a shortage of places to sit.

Having to bring in dining chairs to the living room so everyone has a seat is the last thing you want to do while having guests over.

Work In An Office With A View


Creating a home office with views of the outdoors is one of designers’ favorite bay window ideas. It creates for an exquisite and bright-filled home office set up in any house, whether it’s a desk with views beyond bay windows or one with the scenery as a backdrop.

The key to designing a successful workspace is finding the proper desk size for your needs. If you’re going to float a desk in front of the windows, consider one with an open base design, which will give them an airier appearance. One that tucks perfectly into your bay window nook will help frame your view.

After that, use a nice rug to visually separate your workstation from the rest of the room. To a minimum, keep accents and other decor such as heavy curtains, big artwork, and patterned pieces to not block the view; the scenery outside is ultimately the most important decor element for your office area.

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