Bathroom Towel Hook Ideas

Bathroom Towel Hook Ideas. Extra towels are a must-have in the bathroom, however they can be difficult to store.

The overall look of your bathroom depends on how you store your bath towels, washcloths, and other linens. Whether you place them in bins, hooks, or atop shelves is an essential part of this. These towel rack ideas will give your bathroom a beautiful and functional organization.

Accordion Towel Rack


When you next go to a thrift store, check out accordion peg racks; there are new and vintage versions available.

In modernduring, they’ve just made a strong comeback. Accordion style hangers are frequently utilized for hats and coats in the entryway, but as demonstrated by @farmhousewifey, they may also be used as a bath towel rack.

Kids’ Bathroom With Animal Hook


Animals of all kinds, both marine and terrestrial, have a thing for kid’s bathrooms. Even if the animal presence is a bit more subdued, House of Jade Interiors’ minimal, modern kids’ bathroom is no exception.

With just the right amount of decorative flair, the animal head hook fits in with any design. Even the animal itself is abstract, as opposed to realistic, depicting a horse rather than representing it.

Decorative hooks range from elephants and deer to octopi, bats, and rhinos, so you can pick from a variety of species.

Store washcloths in upright file sorters


Turns out, in your home office, you have the perfect towel storage inspiration! To keep your washcloths looking nice and clean, stack these file sorters on top of a cabinet or the toilet.

Minimalistic Parallel Bar Design


This design might be your go-to if you’re looking for something simple yet beautiful. The best part is that for this one, all you’ll need is a few simple steps.

Two horizontal bars are all that’s required. Tape loops or Velcro loops are used to affix the bars to the wall. That is all! Your towel bars are ready to go minimalist!

Driftwood Towel Rack


This driftwood towel rack is perfect for your beach bum. Mount it in the bathroom where you want your bath towels to hang from, add coat hangers, and you’re all set. Just look for a suitable piece of driftwood on the beach.

To get rid of any strange odors that may develop down the line as the fungus on the wood rots, you’ll want to check the piece of driftwood or scrap wood for any live organisms and clean it with boiling water.

A Ladder Towel Rack


To utilize a ladder as a towel rack, lean it against one wall and take advantage of vertical space. Both wet and freshly laundered towels may be displayed in this way.

At flea markets and thrift shops, seek for an old wooden ladder and paint it to keep it cost-effective. Hang small bucket of bathroom supplies, such as brushes and combs, on the lower rungs.

Farmhouse DIY Towel Rack


Even for beginner DIYers, @sunshine_valley_wv’s plain farmhouse towel rack is a great project.

Cut a wood board to size (any board will do, but a 1×4 pine one in this example).

For a rustic appearance, apply stain to the wood. You’re done! Attach the hooks, then hang the board on the wall, preferably at stud locations. Here’s a detailed walkthrough of the process.

Luxury Shower With Diver Towel Hooks


Diver sculptures serve as towel hooks in this custom shower area. Pure Design Environments added these original hooks to the bathroom’s elegant style.

The advantage is that you get to learn more about the program. They’re both lovely and functional, and they may be used as décor pieces even when they’re not covered.

Upgrade your bathroom with a towel warmer


With the addition of a towel warmer, you can get more towel storage and a better bathing experience.

Since it has additional storage space at the top to prevent you from storing all your towels in one place, this option from Overstock is particularly good.

Rectangular Star Design Towel Hooks


If you adore having plants around, this towel hook is for you. A rectangular head sits on top of the design, with wooden bars forming Criss-cross patterns to occupy the rectangle.

Your towels are held in place by hooks placed at the bottom of the rectangular structure. Meanwhile, to generate a natural, elegant appearance in the center, the rectangle framework has a circular plant design.

Positive messages like “hey, there!” and “I like you AND I adore you” are painted on the wall behind this building.

Stylish Towel Rings


To keep your towels within reach, hang them from wall-mounted rings. In tiny bathrooms with pedestal or floating sinks, where counter space is restricted, this towel storage arrangement works nicely.

You’ll have the option to display any beautiful bath towels you may have as well.

Scrap Wood DIY Towel Rack


@homefullofjoy used some leftover scrap wood to create this do-it-yourself hand towel rack. She made this ladder-style rack out of wood glue, paint, and nails.

The small shape allows two towels to be displayed without requiring a lot of wall space. Who knew that scrapped wood had so much potential?

White Bathroom With Brass Door Hook


The material and design of this bathroom hook are what make it stand out, not its style. It’s a hook that can be found in any hardware store, and it fits perfectly into the overall bathroom design.

Caitlin Wilson Design’s bathroom is entirely white, with brass accents including the carefully selected door hook scattered about.

Instead of something spectacular and attention-grabbing, sometimes all you need is a little detail to bring a room together.

Wall-Mounted Wooden Towel Storage Space


This storage area is for you if you prefer your towels to be neatly rolled away rather than hanging off hooks. It may be mounted into the wall and is constructed of high quality wood.

Not only does it come with three separate shelves, one on top of the other, so that you may store additional items alongside your towels, but it also makes storing your towel rolls easier.

Beach Style Bathroom With Octopi Hooks


More than kid’s restrooms, animals are great for bathrooms. Two octopi hooks that coordinate appropriately with the nautical theme are featured in this adult beach-style bathroom from The Home Improvement Group on Houzz.

In order to avoid chilly morning feet, the pebble floor assists in guiding water towards the drain. It is heated in the drying-off section.

Doorknob Towel Hooks – Recyclable and Reusable


Do you like to reuse objects in your home? So, you’d like this one, wouldn’t you?

Except for the fact that they are food knobs and key cases, these are hooks for hanging your towels. You could simply screw them to the wall and hang your bathrobes on them.

Stacked Towel Storage


On open shelves near the shower, stack towels. A thin set of shelves is sunk into a wall behind the entrance to conserve space in this tiny bath.

The lower shelves contain stacks of freshly laundered towels and linens, while the other storage places hold toiletries. The towel of the day is stored in a hook between the shelves and shower.

Ladder Towel Rack


A blanket ladder that Kristine GraceInteriors repurposed for towel storage is displayed in this area by the @kristinegraceinteriors.

While functioning as a place to store and dry towels, a leaning ladder adds a boho casual aesthetic to your bathroom. Moreover, instead of a wide wall-mounted bar or multiple hooks, it’s a great way to store multiple towels in a small space.

Hollywood Bathroom With Doorknob Hook


A vintage doorknob is used as a hand towel hook in a white-and-gold bathroom seen on Design Sponge, which features white subway tile with a golden accent and gold-finished faucet hardware.

A make-up-room light fixture adds to the Hollywood vibe.

Hanging Towel Bar for Your Beautiful Bathroom Corner


This one has the potential to make your bathroom look beautiful. In your bathroom, this arrangement is located right next to the sink.

A bar hangs from the bottom of this brick-like shelf. The hanging bar may be utilized to extend out your hand towel, whereas the brick shelf can be used to arrange plants in your area. The excellent bathroom mirror adds to the overall effect.

DIY Basket Shelves for Towels


Mount a set of wicker baskets on the wall above the vanity to use as floating shelves to create a creative towel display idea.

Extra hand towels and washcloths can be stored in the long, narrow shape. Store frequently used toiletries, such as hand cream and cosmetics, in the other baskets.

Triangle Hooks DIY Towel Rack


@stinsonhomeonadime created another hand towel rack out of scrap wood. The hooks have a simple design and triangular shape that makes them stand out and feel modern in any bathroom style.

However, if woodworking isn’t your thing, consider these minimalist wood hooks for a similar effect.

Rustic Bathroom With Wooden Towel Rack


A repurposed wood rack with mismatched hooks is also included in this rustic bathroom by Masterpiece Builder of Austin, which features a double-wide sink and wall-mounted faucets.

It’s simple to replicate this clever idea, especially if you prefer a more rustic, handcrafted decor style, if you have old hooks and a scrap of wood handy.

Bathtub-Side Towel Roll Basket


You shouldn’t have to worry about stepping out of the bathtub to get your towel while you’re enjoying your time there.

The towel roll basket is an ideal option for this. This basket is simple to fill with your rolled towels. After that, the basket may be kept near your bathtub for ease by placing it on a stool or a table.

Open Towel Stack


Stack your towels neatly on open shelves beneath the vanity for a sophisticated look.

Create a pyramid by placing the largest towel on the bottom and gradually moving up in size. To prevent the shelves from seeming crowded, only stack three or four towels at a time.

Leather Loop DIY Towel Rack


Cut two strips of leather to recreate this towel rack from @kiniesdesign. Punch or drill a small hole in both layers of leather about 1/2-in. long after folding one of the strips in half. From the ends, things fall down.

The strip should form a loop by inserting a screw through the holes. Repeat the process with the second strip. Make the rack by inserting a wooden dowel through both loops and attaching them to the wall.

Meshed Towel Roll Basket Stand


This multipurpose towel storage unit can be used in a variety of ways. You may use it as a table or place your essentials or plants on top.

When you can stack up against your rolled towels and utilize one of the baskets to stack up against additional items like toilet paper rolls, there are two basket-like constructions.

Open Towel Stack


Stack your towels in open shelves beneath the vanity for a sophisticated look. Make a pyramid by putting the largest towel at the bottom and working your way up in size. If you have a variety of towel sizes, use that one.

To prevent the shelves from looking crowded, only stack three or four towels at a time.

Ceiling-Mounted DIY Towel Rack


@viidenkympinvillitys designed this minimalist towel rack hanging from the ceiling after refusing to drill into the wall tile.

Hang the wood rail with rope by mounting two hooks into the ceiling. Because towels can be heavy when they’re wet, the recommended technique is to attach the ceiling hooks to a beam.

Secure the hooks in hollow plaster or drywall with a toggle bolt if there isn’t a beam available. Wire coat hangers may be used to make your own simple hooks.

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