24 Stylish Ideas For Tile Accent Wall In Bathroom

Tile accent wall in bathroom makes space not to look boring. Knowing how to deal with tiles in such small rooms is essential.

An accent wall is not always about living rooms and bedrooms, bathrooms also need to accentuate the space. You can have some eye-catchy tiles on one wall to fit the decor.

There are two types of accent walls you can choose to decor your bathroom. The first one is a contrasting wall. It’s such a cool idea to make a big impact on a space.

For example, you have a red mosaic tile on the wall of your neutral bathroom. It would add a Wow factor to space.

Meanwhile, the second type of accent wall is the matching ones. Instead of being the statement-making element with bold design and color, you can choose to have it in a matching statement.

So, the tile accent wall should match the colors of any other element that’s already in the bathroom.

For instance, you have a dark gray tile wall in a white and gray bathroom. Don’t take contrasting colors.

1. Asian-Inspired Bathroom with Dimensional Tile Wall



Check out this Asian inspired bathroom design. There’s a tile accent wall inside the shower area that comes in all sizes and shapes.

Also, that dimensional wall tile looks so bold and special. The texture looks like black-painted bamboo. If you look closely, that Asian tile accent wall in bathroom is made of stones.

The grout look of the black stone spreads a very special architecture to space. Hence, the Japanese style of vanity and bathtub strengthen the Asian touch of this bathroom.

2. Chevron Tile Accent Wall in White Bathroom



It’s about time to go geometric. Chevron is one of the most popular choices for the tile accent wall. When you have this kind of mosaic look on the vertical space, it will be stylish for a long time.

This trendy yet stylish space for taking a bath and a shower goes from gimmicky to classy with chevron tiles.

Some light wood element in the scene allows you to enjoy the natural touch of this bathroom. Thus, the chevron addition on the wall brings an attractive matching texture to space.

3. Traditional Mosaic Tile Accent Wall Browns and Golds



Check out the traditional design of the accent wall. The mosaic tiles feature browns and golds which add warmth to the vertical space right beside the bathtub.

Further, it’s such a strategic spot to make an impact in a bathroom. The mosaic element really adds the warmth that the room needs.

Besides, as part of the accent wall, there’s a bit of storage space or shelf. It becomes so functional to place some products like shampoos, soaps, bath salts, even some decor elements.

4. Bathroom with Blue Tile All Over



If only a few parts of the wall filled with mosaic tile is not enough for you, take a look at this bathroom. The bathtub area is full of decorative accent wall design.

Then, the color-coordinated tile all over the space would make you feel like taking a bath under the sea. This whimsical design of a bathroom brings a sense of excitement and fun.

It’s such a creative display you can have for the bathroom. Additionally, the idea becomes the ultimate bathroom tile which is perfect for youngsters.

5. Modern Minimalist with Fresh Subway Tile



Dealing with some basic materials need a bit of creativity. You can arrange the subway tiles differently. This bathroom comes with herringbone-patterned design.

Subway tile doesn’t always have to be horizontally installed. Then, you can creatively stack it in your own style of mind.

This space would definitely give you inspiration. You can just copy this style to add extra visual interest to space.

The modern minimalist look in this bathroom gets even better with dark gray grout. To add colors, you can deal with the well-patterned curtains to maximize the style.

6. Dramatic Black and White Bathroom Design



The tile accent wall in this bathroom is installed right behind the vanity. This is a good solution if you don’t have lots of space to fill.

Make sure the wall you choose would still make a big impact on the space. Moreover, having an attractive tile in the vanity area is a good option to give the ample empty space.

Also, it would create an eye-catching wall that would make you able to decorate the rest of the space in the bathroom.

The design of the tile accent wall in bathroom and the circular mirror blends really well together. Furthermore, theblack and white tones seem to be the main attraction of this vanity.

7. Light-Colored Mosaic Tile Accent Wall in Bathroom



Take a look at this bathroom. It has a tile accent wall with light color. It doesn’t give you any significant impact.

However, it’s stylish to draw attention to the vertical space. You can still see the random pattern of the mosaic in the gray and white combo.

There’s a reason why it looks so bright and light. The designer wanted to let other things in the bathroom get the highlight.

Check out the potted plant on the toilet and the wooden table just right beside it. It goes really contrasts with the scheme.

8. Bold Eye-Catching Tile Accent Wa,;l\ll

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The tile accent wall in this bathroom promotes the architectural details. Therefore, the bold pattern really highlights the entire space.

That would make your search for more details around the space. The black and white color of this small bathroom stands on its own.

It creates an interesting spot anywhere in the bathroom. Indeed, the accent wall is really the attention stealer.

9. Classic White Subway Tile for Shower Space



In this bathroom, the classic white subway tile is all over the wall. The smooth color and wider honeycomb shape make the space so special.

Meanwhile, in the shower area, there’s a little built-in shelf with a totally different tile. As you can see, it matches the flooring tile.

It gives special attention to the specific element. Additionally, it’s like a small part of a tile accent wall to decorate the subway design.

10. Muted Pattern on Tile Accent Wall



If you want to keep things simple, you should add a muted pattern to one of the walls in your bathroom.

The tile accent wall in bathroom with that kind of pattern wouldn’t be too significant for the others. This pale accent really complements the simplicity of your bathroom, instead of being eye-catching.

In this bathroom, you have three kinds of tile accent besides the muted one. Therefore, they are rectangular main wall tiles. Then, you can also see the wooden herringbone tile on the floor.

11. Simple Gray Pattern as Accent Wall in Bathroom



It’s another light-colored tile accent wall in bathroom you can have. This classic and timeless style is really stunning.

The combination of elements in this bathroom seems so harmonious. Check out that wall pattern on the wall, it doesn’t really make a statement but it goes really well with the rest of the things in there.

The gray lines are kept the light on the wall. So, the other elements can be an amazing focal point for space.

12. The Abstract Blue Tiles on The Wall



That blue tile inside the walk-in shower looks wonderful. Thus, if you want to go nautical to your bathroom decor, this one is a good idea to have.

The stunning blue tile accent wall in bathroom has an abstract wave-like pattern to maximize the look of the entire space.

Further, the colors of the accent wall go really well with the scheme in this space. There’s no need to put another element to balance things up.

The tile doesn’t have one fixed pattern. That’s what makes it so special. It has different shades of blue on each. Thereupon, that way would give a natural and unexpected change in color.

13. Industrial Rustic Bathroom with Colors



The combination of teal and white tiles in this bathroom gets supported by the appearance of distressed planks.

However, the combination is quite successful to create the rustic look that this bathroom is all about.

This rustic tile accent wall is installed only in the shower space. Indeed, the area itself has a whole decor style that can carry the rest of the bathroom.

Moreover, the pink-painted naked piping is out of this world. It makes space feels more rustic but in a unique way.

14. Neutral Bathroom with Unusual Wall Tile



The design of the tile accent wall in this bathroom is quite unusual. Thus, it have got the matching color to the scheme which still leaves a nice texture.

If you look closely, the wall tile pattern looks like it’s using some kind of webbing method. Besides, there are some brass elements that will be so accentuating.

Check out the large round mirrors. It complements the round flooring tiles. The brass and wood look good together in this neutral bathroom.

15. Fancy Bathroom Idea with Pink Accent Wall



It’s an interesting way to add a pop of color into the bathroom, especially in the shower space. Therefore, the design of this room uses the tile in a bright color of pink.

Specifically, it’s called a pale rosy color. It comes in the chevron shape of the tile. The shade looks so feminine and mature. Indeed, it has a great match with the sink.

As a whole, the bathroom has a white and gray marble wall with black accents. Likewise, to get them all in good connection, the flooring has some slight gray and pink colors.

16. Large Rectangular Tile Accent Wall in Bathroom



This bathroom offers you a simple and modern look. It has some rectangular tiles set up on a wall. Thus, the simplicity of the design makes a perfect backdrop for the bathtub.

The flooring tile has a more attractive design than the accent wall. That’s a great way to let one element of the bathroom stand out more.

As a result, you will have a simple but classic style for your bathroom. It’s gonna be easy to accomplish this idea especially if the space is large.

17. Tile Accent Wall in Bathroom for Kids



This fun bathroom is decorated in a Pacman design. It’s such a great idea to impress your kids. Therefore, the tile decor looks so amazing.

It’s bright and fun for everyone. This Pacman design is actually a creation from the combination of small white, blue, yellow, and red tiles.

If you have an artistic mind or creativity, draw anything rather than Pacman in your kid’s bathroom. Thereupon, for a DIY project, you need a tutorial to give a guidance.

18. Bright-Colored Thing Striped Tiles on The Wall



These bright tiles make a great accent wall for your walk-in shower area. Besides, it would surely be a stand-out element inside the space.

As you can see, there’s a lot of long thin tiles that blend with a similar color scheme. Also, it makes the shower space look like it’s made of a long thin wall.

The varying colors of this tile accent wall are red, orange, and yellow. It gives the space warmth because it looks like a fire, right? It’s another idea to make the bathroom pop.

19. Artistic Accent Wall for Bathroom



Take a look at this bathroom. It’s something you will enjoy if you love something artsy. Then, this stylish space has an amazing accent wall that takes over the entire room.

The matching color of the accent tile is something that uplifts the quality of this bathroom architecture. In the center, the owner put a massive artwork.

Moreover, the image of a woman really defines the aesthetic of this bathroom. Check out that double lighting fixture sets in between the bathtub.

In this scene, the bathtub is like the main furniture of the space. It’s a great master bathroom used by more than one person at once.

20. Tile Accent Wall in Pastel Shades



This is a nice bathroom design idea you may wanna take a look at. It’s got a colorful tile wall in pastel shades and interesting patterns.

These things are hot and trendy lately. So, it’s a recommended idea if you want your bathroom to be fresh and different.

Further, it is such a cool and modern bathroom with a creative tiled wall. The combination of pastel shades, tan, russet, and blues. Each of the color complement some element inside the bathroom.

21. Stone Tile Accent Wall in Bathroom



If you want to add definition and character easily, you can just use the textured tiles. Besides, the stone tile accent wall is a great example, to begin with.

Furthermore, the neutral bathroom contains some colors, white, black, and gray colors that make a perfect blend with the natural stone color.

Also, a floor-to-ceiling window supplies the brightness that the room needs during the day. The dark hardwood floor complements the gray and black elements in this bathroom

All of the things seem to be in good harmony in this space. Besids, there are three light pendants just above the bathtub that provides a good brightness during the night.

22. Attractive Hexagonal Tile Accent Wall in Bathroom



This tile pattern and shape look so attractive. It’s a starred hexagonal one that goes on to the floor. Thus, the style makes the bathroom look cool and generic modern.

To provide a clean look of the bathroom, the white overall tiles are there. The Prussian blue color gives a charming quaintness to space.

It’s such a great example of accent tile that would go beyond expectation. The installation of the tile has a unique approach.

23. Dark Gray Slate Bathroom



The dark flow of this bathroom is taking over the atmosphere of the space. It’s got a classy and timeless look of the slate.

Besides, the texture of the slate tile looks so great to spruce up the bathroom design. This space uses slate tiles in many forms.

There’s a wooden element for the vanity area that creates a contrasting side, just like the ceiling. This kind of bathroom design would need a lot of lights.

However, if you love the dark aesthetic of this space, just leave it that way and put the lights only in certain spots.

24. Stained Glass Look to Accent Wall



Check out this astonishing tile accent wall in the bathroom. It looks so colorful that brings enough brightness and fun to space.

The triable tiles have various hues. Also, it comes in such a mosaic pattern to provide a stained glass look.

It’s such an amazing piece for a shower area. Then, the white scheme in the bathroom really strengthens the existence of the colorful accent wall.

In this entire space, the mosaic tile accent wall in bathroom is the obvious main attraction of the space. There’s no need to add any other colored decors. There’s a risk to make space clutter.


To conclude, there are a lot of designs available for a tile accent wall in the bathroom. Find out what you want to add to create a more stunning area. Among those ideas, you will definitely find one.