Bamboo Fence ideas for You Beautiful House

Bamboo has been prized for centuries as a beautiful and useful building material. Today, bamboo is increasing in popularity as many people discover its benefits to health and the environment. One way you can incorporate bamboo into your home or business is by using bamboo fencing. Bamboo can bring the beauty of nature to any space — indoor or outdoor, including your own

What are the benefits of bamboo? Bamboo has been used in construction for centuries because it is so versatile. As fences or partitions, these sustainable materials will make your garden, patio, or balcony look beautiful and create more privacy between two gardens. Additionally, when you choose products made from bamboo as your fence panels or freestanding dividers to separate

One variety of bamboo, for instance, can grow up to one inch every 40 minutes. Unlike other trees, which die once they are harvested, a bamboo tree will simply regrow its stalks and continue to prosper over time.

One thing to love about bamboo fencing is that it’s easy on the environment. Whether you opt for traditional rounded stalks of bamboo spooled together with wire or choose smooth, individually-cut slats of bamboo, investing in a sustainable material means you’ll have an environmentally friendly fence for many years to come.

When it comes to buying bamboo for your fence, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration.


  1. Bamboo is stronger than other building materials such as concrete, brick, or wood.
  2. Bamboo fences are eco-friendly. Made from a type of grass that thrives on itself, bamboo fencing is renewable and sustainable, unlike wood or metal fences that need to be cut down and taken from the earth.
  3. Variety of colors – Staining bamboo is a must, so while it comes with natural coloring the consumer has some variety in which to choose a color without having to stain their own wood.
  4. Durable – bamboo is resistant to heat, UV rays, rain and snow, even before sealing.
  5. The bamboo is easy to install with a particular format which you can put up in several ways.


  1. Some homeowners tend to shy away from bamboo fencing due to its Asian design origins. However, this does not mean that it should be overlooked if you’re looking for a distinctive style.
  2. The expense of bamboo is much higher than traditional, solid hardwoods like cedar or vinyl
  3. Availability – Bamboo is readily available in countries with this climate but may need to be specially ordered where this climatic condition is not present.
  4. Durability can be an issue with bamboo. If you live in a windy area, a sturdier fence may be necessary to ensure your bamboo fencing lasts over time.
  5. Researching – depending on the hardness and size of bamboo, you need to make a decision as to which variant you want.

Once you’ve decided what kind of bamboo fence you want, and how much money you have to spend, it’s time to start shopping around. You should expect to pay more if your fence is made from bamboo than if it was a chain link one.

Here are some innovative bamboo fencing ideas to kickstart your imagination!

Photo frame Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fencing


This beautiful bamboo photo frame is a perfect way to imagine your next adventure. The frame sits on the split fence and is made from large diameter Chinese bamboo poles. Each of the corners are finished with manila rope.

The black lacquered bamboo fence

A curved fence with lacquered black supports has a large gate that opens up to expose the backyard, complete with a beautiful aqua pool. The forested lot has plants growing right up to the fence, embracing the natural look favored by Japanese gardens.


The black lacquered fence with asymmetrical top rails curves around the Japanese inspired house. The large traditional gate opens up to an expansive backyard that is complete with a beautiful aqua pool. Avoided at all costs by maintainers, ivy and plants grow right against the bamboo fences and embrace the natural look that they are known for in Japanese gardens

Rolls and panels

Bamboo fencing isn't just for Zen gardens. This home has a combination of minimalist concrete fencing with bamboo slat fencing on one side. In a minimalist or industrial modern home, bamboo can add a much needed natural contrast.


Bamboo fences are available in two types: rolls and panels. Rolled bamboo fence screens are best for previously constructed walls, wooden fences or mesh panels. Free-standing bamboo screens should be used as panels on freestanding fences or partitions to create more privacy between

Thin stalks of bamboo

If you aren't overly concerned with privacy and just prefer the decorative element of bamboo, this lovely open design might be perfect. The thin stalks of bamboo are nestled into a solid wood frame, providing a contrasting and decorative backdrop for the lush flower beds.


If you’d rather have the pretty sight of bamboo and not a lot else, this open design might be perfect for you. Thin stalks of bamboo are nestled into a frame made from solid wood, providing a backdrop for the lush flowerbeds in the foreground.

Garden bamboo fence

Black Bamboo Fencing


Sometimes fences are hard to see through. This garden uses black bamboo fencing rolls and large diameter bamboo poles with maximum durability in mind. The ends of the poles are also wrapped at the top to avoid water and debris from entering into the construction.

an efficient privacy screenBamboo Fencing


Because bamboo fencing is waterproof and powerful, it makes for an efficient privacy screen on balconies. Bamboo fence rolls of 1m high by 2.5m wide allow you to make a bamboo balcony screen with a little wire tie attachments.

A Nice Patio with Nice Bamboo

Bamboo Fencing


This patio, with an ugly concrete wall, had been transformed into a sunny and tropical sitting area by the addition of bamboo fencing rolls. All you have to do is connect them together with galvanized steel wire and you’ll be ready to sit back and enjoy your new space.


While we can see that as the fencing stretches towards the front of the home, it transitions from reed bamboo on concrete supports to a wooden privacy wall. The planting beds are raised as well, creating a sunken patio area.


The bamboo fencing stretches towards the front of the home where it transitions from reed to wooden privacy wall. Raised plant beds create a sunken patio area, offering a more secluded space for relaxation.

a simple decorative barrier

Bamboo can be used as a simple decorative barrier as well. This fence is used to separate a garden visually, and consists of thin bamboo stalks crossed in a triangular pattern. These fences can simply be pushed into the ground by way of installation.


Bamboo can be used in a variety of ways, including as a simple decorative barrier. This bamboo fence relies on it triangular pattern with thin stalks planted deep into the ground for stability.

Woven bamboo panels

The panels of this bamboo fence are used to make this concrete fence taller and more decorative. Live bamboo is planted in front of it in a narrow trench, and with time, could form a living barrier as well.


These woven bamboo panels make an otherwise plain concrete fence look taller and more decorative. Live bamboo plants are planted in a narrow trench, adding to the living barrier that will eventually develop as time goes on.

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