8+ Ideas for Decorating with Bamboo

Bamboo is a versatile, natural material that can be used in many different ways. In this blog post, we will teach you how to use bamboo as an accent piece for your home decor! Bamboo has been used by cultures all over the world since ancient times and it can add a unique touch to any design project. Let’s get started with 10 ideas for decorating with bamboo.

Build a bamboo house


image: homeartmania.com

What does the word “bamboo” remind you of? The sound it makes when tapped on a water tank, or maybe how tall and strong they look in forests. You can use bamboos for styling your house too! This is typically done by adding them to the outside corners of buildings as decoration.

But did you know that bamboo houses are also available now?

A few examples would be: Japanese-styled guesthouses with large windows opening onto green spaces; farm houses where families live together during harvest season; and small huts used for meditation retreats deep within nature’s beauty.

Warm Brown Bamboo Framed Oriental Print

Warm Brown Bamboo Framed Oriental Print

Image: homebnc.com

It’s never too late to bring some life into a room, and what better way than with this bamboo framed print that is both earth-friendly and gorgeous. The rectangular frame of the piece is made up of beautiful scroll designs while its oriental print rests wonderfully in place within it. It definitely adds style to any space!

The bamboo frame is heavy enough to be hung on any wall, but light enough that it can come down without damage. The chinoiserie theme of the cart comes alive in this one-of-a kind artwork for your home or business.

This unique piece allows you to take a bit of China into your own living space and enjoy all sorts of oriental delights within arm’s reach!

Bamboo table lamp

IKEA table lamp made of bamboo

Image: hgtv.ca

The bamboo table lamps will make your home feel more welcoming and calm.

The house always looks so much nicer when you have the right candle lit, but what if it doesn’t seem like enough? Maybe you need something to accentuate that warm glow from within all of those windows in a way where it feels inviting rather than sterile. That’s why people are choosing bamboo table lamps for their homes!

Bamboo poles are a perfect way to show off your creativity.


Image: ofdesign.net

When it comes to decorating your home, it may be tempting to buy a bamboo plant and cut their sticks for decoration. But if you do so, you’ll often end up paying more in the long run because of inadequate drying technique that can lead into separation of bamboo tubes from one another. It’s much better idea just to purchase dried pieces at hardware store which are already pre-cut and premade!

Charming bamboo decoration in bedroom


Image: homeartmania.com

If you’re looking for an elegant and cool way to spruce up your room, then bamboo is the answer. Not only does it have a sleek design that will make any space look more appealing, but also bamboo stands out from other plants because of its durability without being too expensive like silk flowers or artificial trees which means that even those on tight budgets can afford this kind of home décor!

Bamboo Blinds for a Sliding Glass Door.

Natural Light Filtering Bamboo Blinds in Bedroom

Image: homebnc.com

Bamboo blinds are a lovely addition to any earthy bedroom. You can filter in some natural light with your choice of window covering, which should resonate with the overall design and feel of your room. In this sophisticated yet simply natural bedroom, an old-world rug coupled with wood elements creates a pleasing aesthetic for modern minimalist who want cozy atmosphere from their home office or guestroom alike!

The bamboo blinds’ texture is carried throughout the room, especially in the plant base and bed. A fresh coat of white paint makes these earthy wood tones really pop on this design that also includes an all-white duvet.

mirror in bedroom with bamboo decoration

bamboo decoration ideas 5

Image: ideasdecor24.com

I know you’re already excited for the day when your bedroom no longer smells like a locker room. It won’t be long now! Why not cheer up this dreary space with something that will make it more enjoyable to look at? Try out our new bamboo mirror, handcrafted in Indonesia and shipped straight here from across the world.


A simple way to decorate your bathroom is with a bamboo blanket ladder


Image: woohome.com

Bamboo is a sustainable material that can be used to make ladders for drying towels or blankets in your bathroom. Once the ladder has been assembled, simply hang it on two hooks and you’re set!

Complete bamboo bed

Custom tortoise shell bamboo bed in the tropical bedroom

Image: decoist.com

A bamboo bed is a great way to get an environmentally friendly and comfortable night’s sleep. It will support your weight and feel soft just like memory foam so you won’t be sore when you wake up, but it also has firmness that can help keep joints in alignment while providing good pressure relief for those who suffer from back pain or other aches-and-pains.

Bamboo beds are known as one of the most sustainable natural materials available today because they don’t require any fertilizers or pesticides during their growth process (not even organic ones). They’re hypoallergenic which means no dust mites lurking around waiting to attack! Plus, they absorb moisture well without feeling clammy against skin.

Royal bamboo stairs


Image: homeartmania.com

Bamboo is a natural resource that can be used in many ways, including as flooring and for interior design. One of the most popular uses is bamboo stairs; they are an elegant way to decorate any type of home or apartment!

Bamboo has been around since prehistoric times, so it’s no surprise that people have found new creative ways to use this ancient material. Take indoor stair designs: while you might not want them outdoors because rain will damage their appearance, inside your house these types of floors provide unique beauty without being too rough on your feet when walking up steps.

They also make good sound absorption due to how dense its strands are–a great feature if you’re creating a space with lots going on like children playing upstairs.

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