Alternative To Closet Door Ideas

Alternative To Closet Door Ideas. In a bedroom, the closet is the most important storage space. This is where you store your clothes and shoes, so it should be both attractive and practical.

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In reality, replacing your closet doors is the simplest strategy to increase your closet space. There are several different closet doors available for you to select from, far exceeding a simple swing door in terms of variety.

Below, we’ve gathered a few of the coolest closet door alternatives to consider. These closet door options will certainly add some originality to your space, whether you’re looking for something a little more modern and practical or you’re interested in a more casual, retro-inspired look.

Pocket Doors


If you’re adding doors to your closet, these doors are a fantastic option since they’ll save some floor space.

They’re especially popular closet door alternatives because the doors can readily slide into the wall when they need to be opened, making them ideal for tight spaces.

Pocket doors are difficult to install, and homeowners frequently have to pay a professional to do the work, increasing the final cost of the door.

For others, especially those who can’t afford a luxury walk-in closet, having a door that moves out of the way is worth it.

French Doors


Instantly raise the entire room’s appearance by adding a pair of French doors that open out like regular doors to your closet. Just make sure there is enough space for the outward door swing to fit.

Paint Lovely Etc.’s footsteps in an attention-grabbing hue to add more pizzazz and visual appeal. Follow in Carrie’s footsteps. Add swanky door pulls and matching drapes to finish the scenery.

Bi-fold closet doors


You’ll adore bi-fold doors if you’re looking for some tiny closet ideas that’ll give you complete access to your wardrobe.

They’re comprised of two tiny panels that open out into each other as you unfold them, preventing large areas of clothing from being blocked off.

They’ll bring a unique touch to your wall, while at the same time leaving enough space for you to walk through. You may also personalize them by painting them easily.



Curtains are a good option if you’re looking for something a little different than the norm for your closet’s door.

Curtains will be able to perform precisely what you want. They’ll keep your clothes hidden from prying eyes, and they’ll usually look fine.

You’ll always have quick access to your wardrobe’s contents, and you’ll be able to discover curtains that suit your unique sense of style.

Curtains have so many possibilities that it’s difficult to imagine them all. Curtains will help you enhance the overall look of your space.

Curtains come in a variety of colors, so you’ll have no trouble picking out the perfect one for your home. You can get a terrific closet door alternative by just taking the time to choose out the perfect curtains for your space.


Curtain installation is a breeze. The curtains will be simple to put up and they will look terrific on the whole. You won’t have to go through much effort. You’ll be able to choose between a number of great color combinations. So it’s simply a convenient closet door alternative to consider about, since this will always give you quick access to the closet.


Others believe that opening a curtain instead of a door is unnatural. Depending on how you have your furnishings arranged, it may not match in with the atmosphere of your room.

This option will work best for the majority of individuals. You may alter the curtains to their greatest potential, too.

Folding screens are multi-purpose alternatives


Covering a closet without doors is impossible. That is not the only thing we may do. In reality, the decorating landscape provides us with useful applications that we may implement in various professions.

A folding screen is an example of this. To conceal areas of various sizes, these are a succession of sheets connected by hinges that are pushed into an accordion.

If we decide to stop using them as closet doors, we may always give it another decorative function; they may be utilized as bedroom closet doors or a fake wall.

They’re frequently utilized as dressing room walls and other objects in Asia, where their origins are.

Space Saver


The traditional pocket door is an alternative to the modern sliding door. In this well-appointed bedroom, a glass pocket door makes excellent use of space and stands out.

Traditional Hinged Swinging Door


A simple hinged swinging door or double doors are common in reach-in closets in many traditional homes. By installing hooks, organizers, or racks to the back of the door, you may expand the storage capacity of your closet.

On the other hand, you can’t put anything in the way of a regular swinging hinged door. This may cause a traffic bottleneck in confined areas.

Louvered Doors


Louvered doors are another classic and multipurpose closet door design. Louvered doors add texture to a room and provide circulation throughout the closet while still concealing your belongings, as seen by the horizontal slats on the door that look like shutters.

This door is a timeless option for your home’s design, with multiple styles such as bifold, hinges, and more. To give this traditional design a contemporary feel, add sleek squared handles.

Barn-Style Closet Door Idea


For years, people have been installing DIY closet doors. Barn doors are the hottest interior design trend right now, with barn doors making their way into homes.

These huge doors may be purchased individually or in pairs. They slide across a vast track that hangs above the entrance.

This sort of door requires a large amount of space to operate. You should be able to shift the door away from the entrance sufficiently to allow complete access.

This means that the door must be able to move in front of a large enough blank wall space. This area is required on both sides of your closet if you have two entrances.

Use natural wood for the track and black or iron hardware for a classic barn door effect. Pick a door with planks and diagonal cross beams that matches the style of barn doors.

These The Best Rustic Bedroom Ideas will appeal to you if you prefer the rustic style in your bedroom.

You may raise your barn door and choose a design with a panel design if your home is more contemporary. With the hardware, you may experiment with different colors and finishes.

You may alternatively go for something sleek and streamlined in lieu of the traditional handle.

Accordion Closet Doors


Accordion doors are fantastic for use as portable room dividers in addition to being lightweight. They’re also a good option for closet doors that aren’t hinged, bifold, or sliding.

Because their hinged panels, which slide on a track, resemble the bellows of an accordion, these doors are called accordion doors. This kind of door has the major benefit of being small and taking up minimal room, making it ideal for a little hallway closet, linen closet, or pantry.

Wooden Doors


A wood slatted door might be the ideal closet door alternative for you if you want something one-of-a-kind and beautiful. “I recommend installing a wood slatted door that’ll add more texture to your bedroom,” says Robert Johnson, Founder of Sawinery.

With a variety of colors, you can pick from several designs. I can assure you that it can match any existing style in your bedroom as a woodworker who worked on several similar projects.



The items inside a closet can be accessed without opening a door thanks to beads.

For any homeowner who wants to insert a burst of color and texture to his or her space without forfeiting the secret storage that a closet provides, this is an simple solution. Beads, like other options, come with a few downsides.

When attempting to extract something from the closet, they might be difficult to hold out of the way. They can also be noisy, which is another problem.

Room Dividers


A lightweight room divider may be used in place of your closet door, which should be removed completely. To avoid taking up too much room whether it’s open or closed, choose a tiny design like this Amaryllis from Oh Oh Deco one.

Small flats with limited closet space may benefit from decorative screens, as a simple clothing rack may be used to create one.

Bypass closet doors


Do you want to try out ideas for closets that don’t include swinging open doors? Do away with closet doors. They are a popular option for smaller spaces because their hardware enables each door to slide in front of the other on any section of the course, without swinging outward.

Swinging Doors


Swing doors may provide some fun closet door options. From time to time, these doors are also known as cafe or saloon doors.

They’ll stretch outwards, barely covering your clothes area. If you decide to utilize them, they may provide a really appealing touch to your bedroom.

The fact that these doors make accessing your closet simple is one of the most appealing features. Whenever you need to grab some clothes, simply swing them open. And you can look forward to the fact that these doors will shut on their own.

These swinging doors, like the ones shown here, come with a mechanism that keeps them open so you can use them both ways.


Swinging doors should be reasonably priced, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice too much. The doors are extremely cost-effective and appear to be very nice, as illustrated. It will be an option that won’t take up a lot of your time because it isn’t too difficult to install. In no time at all, you’ll be able to prepare yourself.


This kind of door is stunning to look at, but it’s not for everyone. In certain situations, it might appear unnatural or unsuitable.

Some people don’t like that it only covers a small portion of the closet area. To make the most of these door types, you’ll have to appreciate their idiosyncrasies.

Use glass doors for modern designs


Walk-in closets are enhanced by glass doors. Glass is a versatile construction material that can be used in a variety of styles. While it can be made opaque using the correct treatments, it is not just transparent. If it’s ground or if a frame employs multiple layers, for example.

When working with glass doors, we have the option of changing the frame to wood or metal, which are two other options.

Back to Basics


Bi-fold doors are often viewed as antiquated and only one step above the dreadful accordion door, so they are not the most popular option.

Simple doors, on the other hand, are both cost effective and space saving. The doors in this lovely dressing area, which are painted white and have a gorgeous floral pattern around them, appear to be anything but dated.